20+ Enchanting Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Ideas to Copy Now

There’s no doubt that the farmhouse decorating style is loved by tons of homeowners. They never fail to make each room inside your house look and feel admirable.

The combination of rustic, vintage, and earthy elements is the main key to creating a farmhouse living room that you can actually create all by yourself. This type of decor also won’t cost you a lot if you have some vintage items in hand.

In this article, we share with you dozens of rustic farmhouse living room ideas which will totally inspire you to bring one to your very own living room. They are so easy to copy even without any help from an expert at all!

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Warmly Neutral Rustic

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 1
Source: mustlovejunk.blogspot.com

The combination of grey walls and white vintage sofas in this living room creates a relaxing neutral overall look. It fits very well for you who prefer a simple decorating style.

Then, an old white window with a distressed finish becomes the main focal point of the decor which is enough to give a farmhouse touch around.  An antique side table with some candles inside a glass cloche complements the door very well. To give more pattern, throw pillows with catchy cases complete sofas.

Neutral Decorative Look

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 2
Source: blesserhouse.com

This living room also uses a combination of neutral shades as the main colors of the decor. The walls, sofas, and rug create a harmonious nuance while the white ceiling, cupboard, and table brighten up the look.

Of course, the coffee table catches most of the attention with its shabby-chic design. The patterned curtains, throw pillows, and some decor items on the table make the room look more attractive.

Brightly Rustic Sunroom

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 3
Source: lizmarieblog.com

Though this living room is quite small, the surrounding glass window and all-white look create a brighter and wider impression which is so inspiring to try. The all-white L-shaped sofa becomes the main seating area of the room which complements the walls beautifully.

The jute rug and rattan baskets then give chic texture and warm hues to the decor. To make the room feel fresher, some succulents are placed on top of the distressed white table and a greeneries wreath decorates one side of the windows.

Warm Stylish Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 4
Source: beesnburlap.com

Beige colorized the walls around this living room while a brown leather sectional becomes the main seating area. Those elements create a warm ambiance that looks so elegant. The wood flooring and indoor plants give natural texture and color to the decor beautifully.

To brighten up the room, white is chosen as the second main color of the room. The surrounding windows then help to make the room feel airy even when it’s not really that spacious.

Elegant Navy Nuance

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 5
Source: hellofarmhouse.com

If those rustic farmhouse living room decors with neutral shades don’t really suit your taste, then this idea should be added to your top list. The walls are painted navy which matches well with the couch, creating a more distinctive farmhouse overall look.

To keep the rustic vibe, wood flooring and burlap curtains complete the decor. Then, of course, that vintage coffee table is a simple yet eye-catching focal point that makes the decor look uniquely gorgeous.

Grey Brown Combo

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 6
Source: livingspaces.com

It seems that the combination of grey and brown never fails to make every room in your house look mesmerizing. Here, grey paints all sides of the room, and white colorized the ceiling which creates a bright neutral overall look. The wood flooring and light brown sofas decorate the room to give a warmer touch.

This is a nice inspiration for you who have a spacious living room but would like to keep things simple.

Unique Farmhouse Table

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 7
Source: lovegrowswild.com

What’s unique about this decor is its round coffee table with a milk jug as the leg. Of course, this instantly becomes the main focal point that catches everyone’s attention. If you are handy enough, you can even create this kind of table all by yourself at home. The size of the table and its round tabletop makes it perfect for a living room with limited size.

The jute rug, white sofas, and drawers complement the table in a very harmonious way.

Simple Rustic Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 8
Source: cherishedbliss.com

Here, the centerpiece of the room is placed in the TV section. A rustic ladder works as a storage station that you can use to store some throw blankets, towels, or other linens conveniently. The design of the ladder, of course, gives a unique touch to the room which fits you who love farmhouse decorating style.

The antiquely designed TV console looks so gorgeous, complementing the decor of the room very well. A greeneries wreath attached to an old white window is hung above the TV in a very simple yet stylish way.

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Modern Farmhouse Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 9
Source: tarynwhiteaker.com

If you want to decorate your small living room with a farmhouse style that looks a little bit modern, this idea is a good inspiration for you. The keys which give a farmhouse nuance around the room are the wood wall art and vintage wood coffee table. They look stunning with the use of a plain grey couch as the main sitting area.

Then, a chic rug with a geometric pattern in monochrome enhances the attractiveness of the decor in a modern way.

Simple Chic Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 10
Source: little-brick-house.blogspot.com

A chevron wood art decorates one side of the walls in this stylish rustic farmhouse living room that you can copy right away. You can create this kind of wall art by yourself out of wood pallets if you have some woodworking skills.

To make the room look way more farmhouse, the vintage brown sofas, rustic wood coffee tables, vintage white cupboards, and washed rugs decorate the room perfectly.

Catchy Decorative Mantel

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 11
Source: worthingcourtblog.com

Of course, the mantel always becomes the main focal point of every living room so why don’t you just simply decorate it with some farmhouse stuff? In this idea, a vintage window panel works as the backdrop of the greeneries wreath which looks uniquely beautiful. Then, an antique lantern, vintage vase, and other decor items enhance the attractiveness around.

Even with those decor items, the mantel still looks stunning with its all-white style, so it doesn’t lose its shine.

Bright Vibrant Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 12
Source: thequaintsanctuary.com

This living room looks so bright with the choice of an all-white look on the pieces of furniture and walls. Everything is painted in white which also creates a wider impression even when the room is not that big.

A brown rug with a floral pattern covers the floor which gives a vibrant warm touch. The rattan baskets scattered around the room don’t only work as quick storage stations but also make the decor look more textured. The faux pumpkins on the coffee table then create a nice fall vibe inside.

Earthy Rustic Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 13
Source: gatheredky.com

The slate stone fireplace is the main focal point of this living room. It gives an elegant texture that looks striking with the color palette of the room.

Light beige colorizes the walls with a bright sectional as the main sitting area, creating a warm nuance that will make everyone love to stay around for hours. The rustic drawer also catches the most attention here to make the decor look more rustic, complementing the dark wood flooring really well.

Cozy Rustic Style

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 14
Source: lizmarieblog.com

Forget about the sofas and sectionals when a day bed can provide more comfort just like this idea shows. The design looks gorgeous with its rustic vintage style covered with white linens and throw pillows which, of course, invites everyone to enjoy it at the same time.

The white rug and striped round ottoman even brighten up the room in a very attractive way. Those indoor plants and wood elements give earthy tones and texture naturally.

Decorative Farmhouse Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 15
Source: lizmarieblog.com

White is the main color of this living room which colorizes the walls and ceiling. Instead of making it plain, the ceiling is made of wood planks which give a nice decorative touch without overwhelming the vibe. It also makes a good choice for you who want to add a more coastal style to your farmhouse decor.

The wall is decorated with a chalkboard with a gallery of framed pictures on top of it and unique wall art that looks so enchanting.

Bright Warm Mantel

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 16
Source: laurathoughts81.blogspot.com

This all-white fireplace looks so admirable with wood and brick decoration. Two wood panels with an old white window and a cotton wreath in the middle decorate the top. Then, the exposed brick construction of the fireplace complements them very well.

This is a good inspiration for you who want to have a simple rustic mantle for your minimalist living room.

Assorted Rustic Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 17
Source: laurathoughts81.blogspot.com

In this mudroom, a big wood wall art looks totally striking which, of course, will make your beloved living room looks so farmhouse. A greeneries wreath is attached to the wall art which gives a natural pop-up color and texture.

Then, white ladder storage and bench don’t only add a more stylish touch to the room but also maximize the storage station around. They complement the white walls very well yet still keep the rustic nuance with their distressed finish.

Chic Rustic Corner

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 18
Source: laurathoughts81.blogspot.com

If you prefer to just decorate a corner of your living room with farmhouse style, then this idea is a good inspiration for you. Here, wall art made of vintage mesh window and an antique clock makes the corner of the room look unique with a farmhouse around. Of course, you can create this kind of decor item all by yourself at home.

A vintage dresser with a distressed beige finish is decorated with some vintage items. You can go to the local flea market to copy this adorable farmhouse living room decor.

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How to Create a Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Those rustic farmhouse living room ideas are totally inspiring and you can adapt the style to your very own space right away. To even help you to bring the farmhouse style to your very own living room, we share some quick tips below which are worth considering.

  • Choose soft shades

The reason why choosing soft shades as the main color of a farmhouse living room is that you will bring some textures and patterns around. Soft shades like grey, beige, sage, or even white will let your farmhouse elements pop up perfectly.

Besides, muted shades also create a relaxing nuance which will make your rustic farmhouse living room look adorable and feel comfortable at the same time.

  • Give key factor

Farmhouse decorating style has its own signature character, so you have to make sure that you add some. It doesn’t mean that you have to place a lot of elements here and there around the room, but one simple character can be enough.

For instance, an exposed brick mantel or wood plank wall is enough to characterize your living room decor with a farmhouse style. If you prefer to only use one or two key factors, make sure that you turn them into the main focal points inside.

  • Add natural materials

Most farmhouse living rooms never skip adding natural materials to their decors. Greeneries, wood accents, and slat stones are some popular options that will never fail to enhance the beauty of a farmhouse living room. They will give natural color and texture while freshening up the air of the room at the same time.

One thing to keep in mind is to make each natural materials complement the others to create a harmonious overall look.

  • Keep it simple

It can be tempting to bring tons of stuff to your living room until you realize that you can’t stand staying inside for a long time. That’s why always keep things as simple as possible, especially when your living room is not that big. You can’t have a farmhouse living room that feels cramped, can you?

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