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If you’re going through your list of college supplies and double-checking each item on the checklist, the number of things you’ll require for the next year could seem overwhelming. We get it. To make packing as simple as possible, we’ve put the essential items to take to college, from a comfortable cotton comforter and a fashionable backpack to an electric toothbrush. We’ve covered all the points. Once you’ve checked everything off your list, relax, knowing that all your college necessities are covered.

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If you’re in a dorm across the city or the country, a sturdy suitcase can serve two purposes. It can help you transport the clothes you’ve brought to your new residence and can also be used for subsequent trips or even a semester abroad.

If you anticipate lots of trips on the weekend and quick journeys home, consider a larger carry-on.

Comfortable Bed Sheets

We suggest packing at least two sets of sheets to take to college. So that when one set gets washed, you’ll have another sheet to lay onto your mattress. To make the chore of washing laundry an enjoyable experience, you can purchase a sheet set with a solid or white shade you’re fond of and a different set with an up-and-coming pattern, such as this grid in black and white. If you choose solid-colored comforters that you don’t ever tire of, a splash of pattern beneath will add some interest to your room’s design.

Pillows and Pillowcases

If you’re living in a dorm, you’ll likely need to bring your pillow. Consider how many pillows you usually use and whether you prefer a more fluffy or a softer pillow. Make sure there are enough pillowcases for each pillow you bring.

Mattress Protector

In all honesty, the mattress protector isn’t the most attractive item you’ll carry to school. It’s nevertheless an item that is important. A mattress protector with a waterproof zipper provides an effective barrier against dust mites and other allergens. Even in a new residence, it will allow you to relax, knowing that you’re protected from bed bugs and dust mites. Tips: make sure to determine the mattress size the dorm has so that you get a perfect size.

Eco-Friendly Sandwich Bags

Avoid plastic bags with a single use to store sandwiches and snacks. Opt for bags that can be reused for a lifetime. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe, so they’re simple to wash and make warming food in it.

Plenty of Notebooks

In the beginning, you should try to buy more notebooks than you’ll need. Also, opt for notebooks that cover multiple subjects, so you don’t get into the circumstance of picking the wrong notebook when you go to class. Either way, you can visit https://studycrumb.com/buy-essay and they will handle all of the homework for you, with no notebooks needed! 

To better understand how you’ll be prepared for the semester, bring notebooks with five subjects. 

Paper Notes

To record reminders or messages to your roommate or make notes while reading your books, you’ll likely require a bag of more than two (or three) paper notes. The vibrant colors will draw your attention, regardless of whether you put a note on the fridge or slip one inside your textbook.

A Reusable Cup

Keep yourself hydrated with straw cups of 26 ounces that keep your water, iced tea, or your preferred smoothie cool. The straw makes drinking enjoyable, and the machine-washable design is ecologically friendly. You’ll want to bring this one with you to class, soccer practice, the library, movie marathons, and everywhere you go.

Electric Toothbrush

With all the late-night snacks and endless dining hall meals to come in the future, you’ll have to increase your brushing routine. This is where an electric toothbrush is a must. The vibrations can help eliminate food particles and plaque, while the timer ensures that you’re doing your best to brush thoroughly.

A Cohesive Desk Set

You’re likely to be spending much of your sitting at your workstation. You should spice it up with a coordinated color desk set. Are you looking to make your desk look tidy? Include trays and bins to organize your erasers and papers. Your desk is much more relaxing with supplies in your preferred color. It is easier to study in such an environment. Free college essay examples will make it even easier for you! 

Skincare + Carry Case

Before heading off to dorms, make sure you stock up on products for your skin that you know are effective for you. It’s also a good idea to get a fashionable but sturdy bag that will keep everything in it.

Reusable Food Containers

Even if you dine in the dining room most days, there are leftovers or snacks you’ll need to keep in the mini-fridge for your dorm. Containers with snap-and-lock lids stop leaks, and the glass is oven safe, making reheating easy.

Laundry Bag

To keep dirty laundry in a safe place and move it to your laundry room or the laundromat, you’ll need a durable bag to store your laundry in. Mesh bags are affordable and light but surprisingly sturdy at the same.

Extra-Sticky Lint Rollers

Even if you are planning to dress in sweatpants and T-shirts throughout the coming calendar year, a lint roll can still be useful if you need to remove any fuzziness from your pants that were washed along with your towels.

In addition to de-linting your clothes, you can also try a simple cleaning trick by gliding the sticky roller across the top of your counter or desk to remove dust.

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