What Are the Fundamentals of Air Hockey Tables

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Arcades, my apologies – gaming lounges are gradually gaining favor among the young and young at heart. They’re somewhat reminiscent of the arcades from the 70s and 80s that were every kids’ weekend hangout. 

The awesome air hockey tables were among the most popular attractions in these loud, raucous establishments. 

Everybody would have had one of these tables in their home if they could, and now they’re more accessible. Check out a reputed spot for finding the best examples on the market at https://www.watsons.com/games-rec/air-hockey/. The tables range from the most budget-friendly to the highest quality material. 

How you would decide on the right price point would depend on who will be using the table, how much abuse it will withstand, and the level of responsibility and commitment you want to incorporate for the care and upkeep. Let’s look at the tables a bit more in-depth.

What Are The Fundamentals Of Air Hockey Tables

Almost everyone loves air hockey. It can become habit-forming if you’re not careful. The line grows as people wait patiently to take their turn at the table instead of going through the headache of waiting endlessly to try their luck in what turns out to be a far-too-short chance at winning.

Many people turn to purchasing their own table so they can play as often and as long as they choose. 

A priority in selecting an air hockey table for purchase is the construction which plays a significant role in the quality. Options offering solid wood builds are incredibly well-built and durable, unlike the plywood-constructed options. 

One thing to consider when searching for the ideal table is the fact that players will lean on the surface while playing. When leaning on the plywood over an extended period, it can become weak, especially the legs, eventually breaking under the pressure. 

Usually, a gameplay plywood surface is uneven, making smooth play challenging—a priority, whether high quality or the least expensive, will be to consider the maintenance guidelines.

  • The playing field

Generally, the tables created for home use offer plastic or sometimes wooden playfields with a covering of lower-friction vinyl. Models meant for commercial use will offer steel or metal playfields since these can withstand abuses and resist the usual defects and damages seen with standard materials. 

The highest-end fields come consisting of “polycarbonate,” which allows a transparent capacity.

The most extensive area of most playing areas is flat. The most recent model offers curved innovation causing the puck to slide into the center. The rails rebound the puck, with the field then surrounded. These are often plastic, but with a high-end table, the rails are metal.

The motor’s quality is critical for the degree of airflow allotted for gameplay. You want the motor to offer substantial power, but not enough so the equipment overheats or creates significant noise.

  • Guidelines on maintenance for air hockey tables

As a general rule, air hockey tables don’t require mounds of care and upkeep for optimum play. The playfield must be kept in pristine condition by using a soft cloth with a surface cleanser meant to remove grime and dust build-up, something you’ll routinely need to do because accumulations will create friction.

The cleanser should be used sparingly to avoid the potential of clogging the holes. The fan unit needs to be inspected for the build-up of dust because that can create inefficiency with the equipment.

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  • The scoring system

The way the table scores the sets is vital to most players. Each is unique in its system. Some models will perform with digital tracking, registering the individual goals from the start until the game completes. 

Others will work manually with their score tracking. These incorporate a whiteboard. A lot of players like to manually take the scores down so goals that were inadvertently made in error can be ignored. Open for buying tips on getting the right air hockey table for you.

Final Thought

As a general rule, if you’re buying a table strictly for young children’s use, you might believe that it’s better to stick with a model that doesn’t cost as much because kids are tough on their things, and it will get incredible abuse.

That’s precisely the reason to ensure you get the highest quality materials that can withstand the abuses and endure them without falling apart. The durable equipment that can take what a young player dishes out will be able to grow with the child instead of having to be replaced in time for a better model.

Also, when the kids aren’t having fun, adults will be able to play and enjoy the experience since the materials are suited for all ages. You can even enjoy games with the kids. 

It’s the sort of game people will want to play all the time. You probably won’t be able to walk past while doing chores without jumping into a game. It’s that cool.

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