20+ DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas That You Can Create Easily

Minimalist small bathrooms is a trend today. A lot of homeowners tend to make their bathroom as compact as possible to fit their minimalist house and provides more comfort.

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas
Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

However, it’s not easy to have ample storage stations when you have a limited space. You can’t really bring a lot of furniture around since you may make the room feel cramped. Moreover, the pieces of furniture which are specifically designed for small bathroom can be quite expensive to buy.

But no worries, there are a lot of creative DIYers who succesfully turn easily-available and cheap materials into useful storage stations that can fit a bathroom with limited space very well. Plus, the steps to get the job done are so easy that you can try right now in your home. Therefore, there’s no need to spend a lot to enhance the beauty and comfort of your small bathroom.

Just keep scrolling to check out a bunch of superbly inspiring DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas that will totally blow your mind!

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

Rustic Spa Tray

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 1
Source: topshelfdiy.com

Complete the feature of your bathtub with this gorgeous spa tray which is made of reclaimed lumber and scrap wood. The design allows you to put some candles, a book, a glass of wine, and other spa essentials.

The materials that you need to prepare for this project are easily available around and so affordable to buy. To create this inspiring spa tray, you should have some kind of woodworking skill since you need to build the tray structure from scratch.

Floating Wood Crates

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 2
Source: soulstyle.ca

This project shows a very effortless way to enhance the storage station without any need to buy additional pieces of furniture. The wood crates painted in white decorate one side of the wall that you can use to store your daily items.

The open design of the shelves provides very convenient access so you can grab your stuff quickly. You can get the wood crates like this very cheaply or even for free if you are lucky enough!

Unique Basket Arrangement

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 3
Source: practicallyfunctional.com

Plastic baskets are always useful when it comes to maximizing the storage stations inside your bathroom. However, you may not really have a lot of space to place them on the countertops or flooring.

In this project, the woven baskets are turned into floating storage stations with the help of towel bars and chains. You can decorate the empty wall above your toilet with this superbly creative DIY bathroom storage ideas, for sure.

Stylish Rustic Storage

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 4
Source: ichdesigner.com

You can copy this stylist storage by using wood planks attached to sturdy rubbers. The design fits really well for you who want to add a rustic touch to your bathroom’s overall look.

To attach some small plastic baskets or tissue boxes, you’re gonna need to add S hooks to the wood planks. Since the storage is hung on the wall, it’s a very inspiring solution for you who have a small bathroom with limited space.

Floating plastic bins

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 5
Source: realhouselife.blogspot.com/

This idea shows a very effortless and cheap way to create floating storage inside your bathroom. All you need to prepare are some plastic bins and suction cups. Then, voila! You will have convenient storage stations that don’t take up space on any surfaces.

To get the job done, you will spend as little as around $2 to $3 only! You can hang as many baskets as you need.

Rustic Ladder Storage

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 6
Source: averageinspired.com

Ladder has become one of the most popular solutions to make your small bathroom feel cozy with enough storage stations around. Here, the ladder is made of lumber in simple construction that you can create all by yourself at home without any need for serious carpenter skills.

To maximize the ladder’s functionality, some wire baskets complete it which allows you to store your shampoo, hand soap, conditioners, and other bathroom essentials. The combination of the rustic finish of the ladder and the vintage design of the basket makes it fit really well for you who love farmhouse decorating style.

Floating Turnbuckle Shelves

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 13
Source: lollyjane.com

The space above the toilet can really become a great source to provide ample storage stations to store your bathroom essentials. Here, a beautiful floating shelf with turnbuckle hooks gives a chic farmhouse decor that flows well with the decorating style of the room.

You just need to go to a nearby hardware store and grab some materials like turnbuckle hooks, wood boards, and bolts. They are so easy to get and quite affordable to buy. You will have a nice floating shelf by spending less!

Elegant Floating Baskets

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 7
Source: simplydiy2.blogspot.com

Another inspiring idea that uses woven baskets and towel bars to add to your top list. The size of the baskets allows you to store some hand towels and bathroom supplies that you can access conveniently. You can use as simple as craft ribbons to attach the woven baskets to the bars.

Of course, this is a good storage station to fill the empty space above your toilet.

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Hanging Wired Baskets

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 8
Source: projectnursery.com

Just like the picture shows, you will need to basically attach some wired baskets to the walls and the job is done. This project simply uses three wired baskets to become floating shelves that you can really try right away. The shelves are sturdy enough to handle some bathroom linens neatly.

See? there are a lot of ways that you can find to solve the challenges to provide enough storage inside a bathroom with limited space.

Assorted Floating Storage

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 9
Source: cleanclearandclutter-free.blogspot.com

If floating one type of storage sounds boring to you, then this project is definitely worth trying. Some wire baskets and plastic containers are attached to the rails, allowing you to store various bathroom essentials or even decor items there.

This project will not cost you a lot. You just need to spend around $7 with easy steps that you can do without any helps from a pro.

Floating ladder shelves

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 10
Source: www.ana-white.com

For those who want to have ladder storage but don’t really have spacious flooring space, this idea will solve the problem. Here, a shelf in a ladder design is attached to the towel rail which enhances the beauty and comfort of your tiny bathroom. The rustic look of the shelf is good to complement the earthy or farmhouse decorating style.

Colorful Toy Storage

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 11
Source: naturalsoapmom.com

The scattered toys around your bathroom will turn everything into a complete mess. This DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas shows a very cheap solution to deal with the problem.

As you can see, some colorful baskets are attached to each other by simply using curtain rings. Once you have set the baskets together, hang them onto a towel bar. Don’t install the baskets too high, so the kids can store their toys by themselves.

Sleek Floating Shelves

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 12
Source: .turningithome.com

These sleek floating shelves will complement your minimalist bathroom very well. Here, the wood boards are simply stained and attached to the brackets to become the open storage stations.

To enhance comfort, you can place a woven basket so things can be organized neatly. You can increase or reduce the number of wood boards by referring to the bathroom items that you’d like to display.

Chic Magnetic Board

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 14
Source: laurathoughts81.blogspot.com

If you don’t have enough space on your countertop to place some makeup or your vanity doesn’t come with a countertop at all, this project is a good choice to try. Here, a metal board with a wood frame is used to stick various kinds of makeup which is so inspiring to copy.

You will need to glue the magnets to the back of the makeup’s packaging and then put them on the metal board. In no time, you can have space-saving storage to keep your makeup in one place neatly.

White Mason Jars

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 15
Source: masonjarcraftslove.com

Do you have some unused mason jars that just sit inside your kitchen cabinet? grab them now and paint with one-step paint just like this idea shows.

The jars look so beautiful with their white distressed style that will brighten up your bathroom uniquely. They work really well to handle toothbrushes, makeup brushes, and cotton balls.

Earthy Rope Basket

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 16
Source: twoityourself.com

This bathroom storage is not actually a rope basket, but it’s a wired trash can that you can get as cheap as $1. With some creative touches, the trash becomes a storage station that looks so gorgeous.

You just have to wrap the trash can with some ropes (you are so lucky if you have some leftovers in your garage!) and your very own beautiful basket is done! The use of rope makes it fit really well for you who have a bathroom with an earthy decorating style.

For sure, you will need to spend more to buy a similar basket that carries the same function anyway.

Wood Bathtub Caddy

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 17
Source: myuncommonsliceofsuburbia.com

Another inspiring project for you who are looking for a convenient storage station to complete your relaxing time. This elegant bathtub caddy is made of scrap wood that you can create all by yourself at home.

The caddy is spacious enough to deal with your relaxation companions like a glass of champagne, aromatic candle, book, and hand towels. Make sure that you build a caddy that fits really well with the width of your bathtub.

Sleek Vanity Tray

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 18
Source: homeyohmy.com

Complete the storage organization in your countertop with this sleek vanity try which is, surprisingly easy to create at home. You can make a similar tray by using the wood board or even pallets then attach some wood blocks for the feet.

Paint the tray to match the color of your vanity. It’s definitely an easy project to make your bathroom look beautifully neat.

Chubby Nook Shelf

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 19
Source: keepingitsimplecrafts.com

That awkward nook in the corner of your bathroom can actually become another storage station to store a lot of bathroom essentials. This DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas shows the floating shelves made of wood are installed inside a bathroom nook which enhances its functionality in an instant.

Each shelf is painted white which perfectly brightens up the space which can be quite gloomy without any additions.

Floating Jar Shelf

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas 20
Source: omfydwelling.com

Instead of just placing the mason jars on the countertop, why not floating them to save more space around your tiny bathroom? This project shows some mason jars are attached to a woodboard to keep some make up brushes, cotton balls, and other daily essentials.

The design look so chic which is good to complement a bathroom with farmhouse decorating style. You can place this inspiring mason jar shelf on top of your sink to help you get prepared quickly without any hassle.

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Hanging Plastic Baskets

Even if you are not a home decor expert, you can totally create this effortless bathroom storage all by yourself at home.

Prepare these supplies:

  • Plastic baskets with holes, pick the one that suits the size of your bathroom
  • Plastic hooks with sturdy pins

Follow the steps below:

  • Measure the width of the baskets to preporly position two hooks to hang the baskets.
  • Attach the hooks to the walls where you’d like install the baskets on by using a hammer.
  • Attach the baskets to the hooks and try to store some shampoo bottles, hand soap, body lotion, and other bathroom stuff.
  • Makse sure that the baskets are sturdy enough to handle them and don’t feel wobbly.

Thin Wood Storage

In this project, you will be guided to create a minimalist wood tower that you can use to store toilet rolls and clean towels. As the name suggests, the shelf is designed in a tower design which can fit the remaining space in your small bathroom. The rustic look of the shelf will give a warm earthy toich to the decor of the room beautifully.

Of course, the steps involve some wood cutting, you may need some woodworking skills and sharp tools to get the job done.

So those are some DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas that you can try at home now!

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