How To Set Up An Access Control System In Your Garage

A garage is essential to your home, especially if you own a vehicle. You want to protect it from external weather conditions and theft. This article is focused on the theft-related aspect of your garage. At times, a door alone is not enough to provide you with the security you need. 

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Suppose there’s been an increase in car theft in your neighborhood, and burglars are breaking into garages. Because of this, you’d want to revamp your garage’s security system. You might also need the upgrade if you hold several expensive vehicles in your garage. Their expensive nature makes your home prone to possible theft. But how exactly will you revamp your garage security?

Setting up an access control system is something you should consider. As the name suggests, it’ll control access to your garage. So, how will you set it up? This article gives a guide to follow. Read on.

Know The Types of Access Control Systems

Many access control systems are available, and you must choose the ideal one for your garage. You must know what’s available to make an informed choice.

These systems range from card readers to key fobs, keypads, biometrics, and many others. Each of these operates differently and requires different accessories. For instance, with biometrics, you can opt for one that requires a fingerprint, facial recognition, or retinal screening. 

Under each option, please find out the advantages and disadvantages. Proceed to make a choice depending on the security level you require, budget, and ease of use of the system. With others, you might need to choose based on the number of users of the system. Consider consulting vendors like Door Systems or a similar company to get the detailed information you need to decide appropriately.

Know Any Related Regulations

Regulations exist to govern how the public goes about their operations. In most states, codes and regulations are implemented for the installation of access control systems, especially in commercial buildings. The question is: Are there also laws restricting the use of the system in your particular residential setup? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to this, so consider visiting your municipal council offices for the specific answer. Depending on what you find, adhere accordingly. For instance, you might find that your garage door system needs to comply with certain fire codes in your region, even with access control systems in place.

Work With A Professional

Setting up a biometric or keypad system requires expertise. The system needs wiring and connection to various systems in your home to function. Should you do the wiring incorrectly, your access control system won’t work.

It’d help to work with a professional for the setup. Be sure they have experience in the job. Their portfolio and years in business should help you gauge their experience. 

Add And Train The Users

Once the professional has set up the system in your garage, it’s time to add users to the system. In this case, these are your family members, preferably the older ones. If you have younger children, refrain from adding them to the system. They may not yet be responsible enough to ensure they lock your garage doors. They might also share the access details like passcodes with friends, reducing your garage security.

After setting up the users, you should train them to use the access control system accordingly. Training them will ensure they use the tool as they should and provide them with the necessary information to operate it—for instance, the number of trials they have to key in the correct code for access. Once again, avoid training your children about these for their own safety and yours. Consider telling them not to touch the system.

Practice Maintenance

Like any other investment in your home, you must maintain your chosen access control system. It’s the only way it’ll serve you for many years without issues. 

In this case, the system’s maintenance should go hand-in-hand with your garage door’s maintenance. If your door is damaged, there’s a likelihood that the access control system won’t work as well. 

Consider performing tasks like oiling your garage door hinges, removing any debris stuck, and dusting your biometric system, among others. It’d help to work with the vendor from whom you bought the access control system. Most will offer after-sale services like repairs and maintenance under a warranty or for a fee.


An access control system in your garage will help protect your vehicle and other belongings. The discussion above shows how to set up this system in your home. Consider adopting the tips as you secure and utilize the technology. It’d also help to read the system’s manual carefully for more insight into its use and care.

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