15+ Most Loveable Easy DIY His And Hers Bathroom Set Ideas To Try

Decorating a bathroom with something catchy is, of course, a must for every homeowner. It will make the room look and feel so inviting to enjoy.

His And Hers Bathroom Set

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There are lots of themes that you can choose to give a stylish touch to your bathroom. Some homeowners are willing to go with the unique decor like safari or even movie-inspired decors, but the others just go with simply adorable stuff.

Each theme will create particular nuance to the overall look of the bathroom. All depends on your taste, to choose what kind of decor that fits your bathroom well.

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One of the simple yet admirable decors that you can pick to decorate your bathroom is theA�His And Hers Bathroom Set. Such stuff will create a chic catchy look to the room in a very comforting way.

His And Hers Bathroom Set 16

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For sure, you can always purchaseA�His And Hers Bathroom Set products which are available in some marketplaces. But the designs sometimes don’t suit your taste and sold with quite expensive price tags.

So, creating one yourself obviously sound much fun to do since you can design your own work and use very cheap materials. With just a little bit of creativity, you can have a mesmerizingA�His And Hers Bathroom Set to beautify your bathroom decor.

Luckily for you, there are dozens of inspiring ideas of His And Hers Bathroom Set that will surprise you. They are created by many creative DIYers which are totally worth to copy.

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Here, we have picked some admirableA�His And Hers Bathroom Set ideas that you can use as an ultimate reference for your bathroom decorating project.

Enjoy then!

DIYA�His And Hers Bathroom Set Ideas

Wood Pallet Towel Hanger

His And Hers Bathroom Set 1-min

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Used shipping pallet has long known to be the most adored material for many DIY projects. It’s easily available and very cheap, even, you can get it for free.

ThisA�His And Hers Bathroom Set is made of such material which obviously very easy and cheap to make. It looks so adorable to create a catchy rustic look to your bathroom decor.

In-Frame Towel Hanger

His And Hers Bathroom Set 2-min

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Another adorable towel hanger to include in your DIY His And Hers Bathroom Set inspiration list. It’s actually a simple wooden towel hanger which is surrounded by the wooden frame with His and Hers 3D wall decal.

Since it’s designed in a quite large size and takes up lots of space of your bathroom wall, this towel hanger will become a gorgeous focal point of the room.

Shabby Chic Towel Hanger

His And Hers Bathroom Set 3-min

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This one is a beautifulA�His And Hers Bathroom Set that’ll fit your shabby chic taste. The frames in adorable classic design with white finish are chosen as the accent of the towel hanger.

You can use a used picture or mirror frame to create such towel hanger that will definitely enhance the beauty of your bathroom decor.

His And Hers Bathroom Wall Art

His And Hers Bathroom Set 4-min

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A wall art can always be a nice accent to bring another style to a room’s decor. It can be the simplest way to decorate your bathroom yet give such an attractive touch to the room’s overall look.

This wall art will give a chic touch to a bathroom decor attractively with its unique print. Its black and white design fits very well for a minimalist bathroom too.

If you just want to purchase this gorgeous bathroom all art, it’s offered on Etsy with $15.49 price tag.

Black and White Towel Hanger

His And Hers Bathroom Set 5-min

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If you are looking for a more decorative towel hanger, this one can be one of your favorite choices. The wooden towel hanger with the black and white finish and decorative pattern which look so chic.

It will a nice pair of white bathrooms or neutralize the atmosphere for the vibrant ones.

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Bathroom Hanging Vases

His And Hers Bathroom Set 6-min

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This one will beautifully give a unique touch to your bathroom decor with its distinctive design. A floating vase with male and female design to hang the bathroom houseplants gorgeously.

You can create this DIYA�His and Hers bathroom set by using foam board or wood at home.

Bathroom Hanging Garden

His And Hers Bathroom Set 7-min

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The superbly catchyA�His and Hers bathroom set to create a distinctively natural touch to your bathroom decor. It will bring the style of your bathroom to a whole new level perfectly.

His and Hers Crown Towel Hanger

His And Hers Bathroom Set 8-min

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For you who are looking for a glam accessories to decorate your bathroom wall, this one can be a great idea to try. A tower hanger with king and queen accent to create a His and Hers look gorgeously.

Its gray finish is so admirable which makes it become so luxurious. So, if you have kind of fake crowns, you can use them for yourA�His And Hers bathroom set.

Rectangular Towel Hanger

His And Hers Bathroom Set 9-min

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Another catchyA�His and Hers bathroom set with a shabby chic style to give an attractive look to your bathroom decor. The design is quite simple and, of course, easy to make but it looks so beautiful.

You can make this kind of towel hanger by using a used frame and two vintage hooks. Notice how the finish looks so mesmerizing with its chalky style.

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Mustache and Lips Bathroom Wall Art

His And Hers Bathroom Set 10-min

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The unique wall art to give a catchy look to your bathroom decor with its painting. You can place it on top of your vanity with the dual mirror to make a more inviting atmosphere.

This chic bathroom wall art is also available on Etsy with $27.99.

Rustic Towel Hanger

His And Hers Bathroom Set 12-min
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The adorableA�His and Hers bathroom set for you who want to add a gorgeous rustic touch to your bathroom decor. It’s a towel hanger with board design which is finished in turquoise with rustic style.

This towel hanger can also become a beautiful match for a coastal bathroom decor.

His and Hers Toothbrush Holder

His And Hers Bathroom Set 13-min

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This one is actually a floating rack which you can use to put your toothbrush holder. The rack is equipped with a steel ring to secure the tumbler.

The combination of steel and wood of this His and Hers bathroom set create a rustic and industrial look which is perfect for every bathroom style.

Classic Towel Hanger

His And Hers Bathroom Set 14-min

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A simply adorable towel hanger with a nice shape in BW look which is so inspiring to copy. It’s made of wood and metal hook, so you can easily try to make one by yourself.

You can see how the finish still lets the wood grain pops up beautifully to create a naturally rustic style,

Wood Slice Towel Hanger

His And Hers Bathroom Set 15-min

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This towel hanger will give a unique natural touch to your bathroom decor with its design. It’s a made of small wood log cut and a black steel hook, such combination makes it look elegantly rustic.

His And Hers Bathroom Set pinterest

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So those are some inspiring DIY His And Hers Bathroom Set Idea that you can try to build at home. They are so easy to make and will not cost you a lot of money, but the result is absolutely surprising.

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Your first job is choosing the right one which fits the overall look of your bathroom to create a nice harmonious nuance. Happy decorating your bathroom then!

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