25+ Easy and Cheap DIY Santa Ornament Ideas to Try

It’s always a great idea to bring some touches of Santa Clause to your Christmas decoration. They will give a very cute vibe in an instant.

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas
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For sure, you can find some cute Santa figures in the nearby decor stores but they might be pricey and quite boring. You may not be willing enough to spend a lot of money on contemporary decor or have the same one as the neighbors.

Lucky for you, there are some creative homeowners that show how to use simple and cheap materials to create Santa Clause themed decor items. We have compiled the best ones for you on the list of DIY Santa Ornament Ideas for your ultimate reference.

DIY Santa Ornament Ideas

Cute Stuffed Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 1
Source: revistaartesanato.com.br

Flannel is the main material to create this cute Santa Clause doll to complete your Christmas tree’s ornaments. All you need to prepare is some colored felt and filling. Of course, you will not need to spend a lot of money to create this DIY easy Santa ornament ideas that you can get done in no time.

Beach Stones Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 2
Source: happyhooligans.ca

Yes, you can actually use beach stone to add a more decorative touch to your home this festive season? Here, you will need to grab some smooth beach stones as the main materials that you can even get for free if you live close to the shore or river. The next step involves some painting processes that your kids can even help!

Paint Brush Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 3
Source: momdoesreviews.com

If you have some used painted brushes in your garage, turn them into some catchy Santa ornaments by referring to this creative idea. The brushes are decorated with some felts, ribbons, wooden plugs, and stems. This is a very cheap and quick project that will give a distinctive touch to your beloved Christmas tree.

Popsicle Sticks Hat

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 4
Source: buggyandbuddy.com

This one is a very effortless project that you can get done in no time. It’s a Santa Clause hat made of popsicle sticks and cotton balls. You will not need to spend a lot of money to get those materials that you can find in the nearby store easily. The popsicle sticks are painted red and next, you have to stick some cotton balls.

Unique Square Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 5
Source: shop.decoart.com

Another unique Santa Clause ornament that you can try to create all by yourself at home. You can use the square bisque ornament as the main material of the decor item and paint the cute Santa face on it. Therefore,  you will need some drawing skills to get the job done.

Pom Pom Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 6
Source: liagriffith.com

Some cute fluffy Santa heads that will brighten up your Christmas tree. Here, the face is made of white pompom wooden beads, then some hats are made of colorful felt complete the figure. You can easily hang them on the Christmas tree without extra effort and budget.

Easy Sticks Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 7
Source: easypeasyandfun.com

Another easy project that uses popsicle sticks as its main materials. The sticks are stuck horizontally to create the base of the craft. Some easily-available items like felts, cotton balls, and googly eyes then decorate the sticks until you have a cute Santa face to complete the decor of your Christmas tree ornaments.

Foam Gnome Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 8
Source: rufflesandrainboots.com

This creative project shows an alternative way to use foam cones for your Christmas decor. Here, you will not use the foam cone to create small DIY Christmas trees, but you will build a cute gnome out of the material. The other materials that you need to prepare to include:

  1. Craft sticks
  2. Red and black velvet
  3. Faux fur
  4. Wood beds
  5. Dowels

They are so easy to find in the nearby craft stores at very affordable prices.

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Salt Dough Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 9
Source: messylittlemonster.com

If you want to get a little dirty, this DIY Santa ornament ideas should be the one that you add to your top list. The Santa faces are made of salt dough so you will deal with some fun mess that your kids will totally love as well. To create the salt dough, you just have to mix plain flour, salt, and water and you can form it into any shape you love!

Wine Cork Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 10
Source: happyhooligans.ca

This idea shows how to create catchy Santa heads made of wine corks that you have kept all this time in the trash bin. The steps to get the job done include:

  1. Paint half of the wine crocks with red paint.
  2. Decorate the half-painted wine crocks with googly eyes, cotton balls, pom pom, and metal thread.
  3. Once you are done, hang the Santa heads on your Christmas tree.

It’s a very cheap DIY project to complete your beloved Christmas decor that will not cost you a lot at all.

Yarn Santa Head

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 11
Source: cindyderosier.com

For those who decorate their home with a more rustic overall look this festive season, this Santa ornament will totally suit the style. The head is made of a red and white yard that wraps cardboard tubes. There’s no complicated step involved in this project since you need to glue everything effortlessly in no time.

Paper Santa Puppet

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 12
Source: attachmentmummy.com

Adding this paper puppet to your Christmas decor will give a more playful nuance around. The kids can play with the puppet so they won’t get bored staying in the living room when you celebrate the holiday.

The materials that you need to gather include:

  1. Craft papers in red, cream, black, and yellow.
  2. White embossed paper.
  3. Popsicle sticks.

They are so easy to find at the nearby bookstore which are sold so cheaply.

Pretty Crochet Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 13
Source: goldenlucycrafts.com

Looking for something pretty to beautify your Christmas tree? This project is one that you can’t miss. If you look closer, you can see that the Santa Claus head is made of stacked heart-shaped crochets. The combination of red and pink of the ornament fits really well to add a girly touch to your Christmas tree decoration.

Felt Gnome Ornament

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 14
Source: bigfamilyblessings.com

These cute gnomes will totally enhance the attractiveness of your Christmas tree instantly. The main materials that you need to create the gnomes are felt fabric and stuffing. To secure everything together, you can use thread, needle, and fabric glue.

Easy Stick Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 15
Source: onelittleproject.com

It seems that popsicle stick is one of the most favorite materials when it comes to DIY Santa ornament ideas. In this project, you will need to paint every single one of the sticks with red, white, and black paint so you can have a cute Santa figure to decorate your Christmas tree. To complete the face, stick some cotton balls under the eyes.

Plastic Cup Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 16
Source: kidsartncraft.com

Grab some plastic cups to create this cute Santa head that you can try all by yourself at home. You will need to decorate the cup with paper crafts, pompoms, and cotton balls easily. Then, hang the plastic cup Santa ornaments on your Christmas tree to make it look way more decorative.

Besides the Santa figure, you can also create other Christmas figures just like the idea shows!

Chic Santa Balls

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 17
Source: publicdomainpictures.net

Hanging sparkling Christmas balls on your tree may sound quite boring. This one is a Santa Claus ball that is made of colored felt and filling that will never fail to enhance the attractiveness of your Christmas tree in a very unique way. You can create this easy Santa Claus ornament on a budget without any complicated steps.

Unique Thread Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 18
Source: viridea.it

To create these unique Santa heads, you will only need to prepare some white threads, polka-dot fabric, and felts. All you need to do is to fold the fabric until you get Santa’s hat shape and stick the white threads to the hat. Of course, you will not need to worry about dealing with difficult steps here and even your kids can help to get the project done!

Pretty Shell Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 19
Source: downredbuddrive.com

If you have some small shells that you got from the last vacation, refer to this idea to create unique Christmas ornaments. This one is made of a small shell that is painted with acrylic paint and decorated with pompoms and twine. if you have some other materials in hand, you don’t have to spend a penny to create this cute Santa ornament.

Wood Slice Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 20
Source: .thecountrychiccottage.net

As the name suggests, this project uses wood slices as the main material. You will need as quick as 15 minutes to complete the project since you just need to paint the wood slices with craft paints in red, white, and black. To give the face a nose, you just need to stick a red pom pom. Once you have created cute Santa faces, hang them on your beloved Christmas tree!

Gorgeous Santa Ball

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 21

The gorgeous Christmas tree ornaments made of transparent plastic balls filled with red ribbons that you can create without spending a lot of money. Besides red ribbons, you can also use ones in different colors to create a more colorful decoration. This is surely another inspiring project when you think those metallic Christmas balls are quite boring.

Light Bulb Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 22
Source: @bee_happpy

This project shows a creative way to use your old light bulbs as the materials to create unique Santa ornaments. You will need to paint the bulb to draw the Santa faces or snowman figures. The white pompom and thread are then attached to the top of the bulb to make it look more like Christmas ornaments so you can hang them on the tree or walls.

Wood Santa Letters

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 23
Source: stayingclosetohome.com

Those cute Santa faces or figures may not really be what you want to decorate your Christmas trees this festive season. Well, this project can be a good option that you can consider. This one shows how to create Christmas ornaments made of wooden letters.

To make the letters look more Christmas, you need to paint them and decorate them with Santa hat stencils. Of course, this is a very easy and cheap project to try at home!

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Cute Starfish Santa

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 24
Source: craftsbycourtney.com

Another unique DIY Santa ornaments that will work really well to complement your nautical decor. It’s a cute starfish Santa that will give a distinctive decorative touch effortlessly to your beloved Christmas tree. You can either use real dry starfish or fake ones as the main material. Once you get the starfish in hand, just simply paint it red white, and black.

Catchy Santa Pyramids

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 25
Source: ift.tt

Of course, you can’t skip decorating your coffee or side table when you want to bring the Christmas vibe to your living room. These Santa pyramids, of course, will not fail to give some festive touches to those pieces of furniture.

To create this decor item, you will need to prepare triangle-shaped pieces of wood and draw Santa faces on their surfaces. Then, place some cotton balls on top of the pyramid to complete the book.

Cheap Yarn Gnomes

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas 26
Source: slojd-detaljer.se

This easy project is surely worth trying. You will simply need some wooden rings and colored yarns as the only materials to create this Christmas ornament. As you can see, the steps only involve wrapping the wooden rings with yarn and you can get the unique decor item to complete your festive decor.

Cardboard Santa Doll

There’s no need to buy plush Santa dolls that can be quite expensive to decorate your home this Christmas. In this project, you will need to prepare cheap materials that you can find at the local craft stores.

Prepare these materials:

  1. Cardboard or toilet paper roll
  2. Red and white yarn
  3. White fleece
  4. Cream craft paper or fabric
  5. Red and black beads
  6. Glue gun

The steps that you need to do involve wrapping the cardboard or toilet paper roll with yarn and creating the face of the Santa out of yarn, fleece, and beads.

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