Style Tips for Short Women

Being short has its advantages: you can sit and fit in any seat of the car, relatively comfortably; there is a little more leg room on flights; you can fit through small spaces in crowds; you can hide from people you might not want to see; and you can also buy cheaper children’s clothes to wear—to name a few!


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That being said, it can be a bit of a pain to dress if you are short, because many clothes are designed with an average height in mind. This can make certain styles look like they are swallowing you whole, or make a petite body look out of proportion.

It isn’t the end of the world, but if you want to know how to dress a little more “short-friendly” as far as fashion and style goes, this piece is for you.

Stay Away from Oversized (If You Want To)

Not every trend has to be embraced by everyone, especially if you do not feel like you look your best in them. This can be true for shorties who are thinking “bigger is better” when it comes to their clothes. Oversized will always be stylish, but doing it “right for your height” can make a difference to how your outfit looks overall.

Generally, oversized clothing can be drowning for short women; however, there are ways around it if you love the comfort and effortless vibe that accompanies a loose look. If you do want to wear clothing that is a little bigger, then choose one item of clothing to oversize, and keep the rest tailored.

Lengthen the Leg with Flares or Bootcut

Perhaps unsurprisingly, your pants will make a big difference to how you look overall, and if you want to achieve an elongated model look, then bootcut or flared-style pants or jeans are your best bet. These shapes help balance out the leg (creating volume at the bottom) instead of showcasing the abrupt end of your ankles.

Get the Right Fit

Getting the right fit of clothes can make a massive difference on a petite body. While clothes are made with average height in mind, this can often drown shorter bodies. Arms and legs are not as long, and torsos are shorter, making your average size fit strangely on those who are smaller.

Shopping petite is one of the best ways to deal with this issue, as everything has been created with a shorted body type in mind. Be sure to look for petite dresses, jeans, and coats to completely elevate your look where everything is in the right place!

Choose the Right Size Accessories

Statement pieces can be a fun way to elevate your look, but if you are short, then larger pieces can make everything look much smaller on an already petite frame. Look for accessories that are of proportionate size to you, so they do not swallow your whole look.

For example, giant, oversized bags can put you in a shadow, whereas smaller bags can make the look more balanced.

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