20+ Enchanting DIY Christmas Porch Decor Ideas For You

For sure, you can’t skip decorating the porch when Christmas is about to come. A well-decorated porch will tell everyone that you are ready to welcome the festive season.

DIY Christmas Porch Decor
Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

You don’t really have to hire a pro to decorate your porch with Christmas nuance. The job is not that difficult so you can get everything done all by yourself. Moreover, there are also a lot of everyday items that you can use as the main materials to create some gorgeous decor items.

In this article, we share with you tons of DIY Christmas porch decor ideas created by some creative homeowners that will totally amaze you. They are so easy to copy at home without costing you a lot. Of course, there’s no need to ask for any help from a professional home designer.

DIY Christmas Porch Decor Ideas

Simple Farmhouse Style

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 1
Source: lovegrowswild.com

If you want to have a simple Christmas porch decor, this idea can be a good inspiration to consider. Here, two small Christmas trees on the wood box planters are placed in front of the front door beautifully. A pine wreath with a burlap ribbon is hung on the door to complement the trees.

Then, some candle lanterns and additional greeneries in the galvanized bucket complete the decor. Those decor items complement the farmhouse-style home very well.

Neutral Farmhouse Style

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 2
Source: mostlovelythings.com

Here, some galvanized drum-style planters become the main focal points of the decor that hold those greeneries. They match harmoniously with the wood flooring in a grey finish.

The combination of those decor items with the exterior walls with exposed brick texture in white creates an elegant neutral overall look that fits you who don’t really go with festive vibrant decorating style. Thanks to those greeneries, a wreath, and a rug that pop up some gorgeous colors around naturally.

Fun Festive Decor

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 3
Source: robbrestyle.com

Decorating your house this Christmas with your kids absolutely sounds fun and they would love to have the porch look like this! Some fun decor items like a wood deer figure and vintage basket with greeneries are stacked on the rustic side table which looks really fun.

On the floor, some wood boxes painted in distressed white and red tartan containers with greeneries and colorful string lights even enhance the attractiveness of the area. This is surely a cost-friendly DIY Christmas porch decor that is worth trying.

Catchy Wagon Decor

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 4
Source: postcardsfromtheridge.com

Here, a vintage wagon in red works as the storage to keep small Christmas trees and other greeneries, giving a unique holiday nuance around the porch. The rustic designs of the planters match really well with the exposed style of the exterior walls.

Of course, this is an easy DIY Christmas porch decor that you can try without costing a lot of time and cost at all.

Catchy Neutral Decor

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 5
Source: livingoncloudnine9.com

Though this porch is colorized with white and grey, it looks so elegant with the various textures around it. When the festive season comes, some decor items which include twin small Christmas trees on gorgeous great planters, glass candle lanterns with black frames, a signboard, and a festive wreath.

The natural colors from trees and flowers make the space look more colorful. They work really well to enhance the beauty of the porch in a very effortless way.

Simple Attractive Decor

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 6
Source: creeklinehouse.com

A pedestal planter with festive plantations and decor items is the main focal point of this idea. A rustic ladder with a red tartan scarf, chic wood stool, galvanized buckets, and Christmas boxes beautify the flooring which complements the planter perfectly.

The white wood plank wall is decorated with Christmas socks, leaves, and wall art to create a more festive nuance.

Earthy DIY Decor

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 7
Source: digsdigss.blogspot.hu

A tall wood sign welcomes you enchantingly on this beautiful porch. It gives a Christmas touch around in an instant. You can create a similar decor item all by yourself if you love vintage decorating style.

To complete the decor, a garland decorates the door, sled, and paper brown packages are placed on the red-painted wood flooring.

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Cozy Festive Decor

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 8
Source: biggerthanthethreeofus.com

A beautiful vintage chair in white becomes the cozy seating area on this rustic porch. the chair is decorated with a red tartan throw blanket, buffalo plaid throw pillow, and pine garland which enhances its attractiveness for this festive season.

A medium-sized Christmas tree with string lights is placed on the corner to enhance the festive nuance around. A red decor item next to the Christmas tree gives a bolder pop-up color to the decor.

Easy Beautiful Decor

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 9
Source: decorandthedog.net

Not one, but three pine wreaths with Christmas decor items and a huge red ribbon decorate the white door which instantly becomes the centerpiece of the porch. Twin Christmas trees on elegant pedestal planters even make the area look way more attractive. In the corner, a tall rustic sled finishes the look in a vintage way.

When the light is on at night, this Christmas porch decor still looks stunning which is so inspiring to copy.

Striking Natural Decor

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 10
Source: omestoriesatoz.com

If you are looking for a superbly distinctive DIY Christmas porch decor, this one is a good inspiration to add to your top list. Natural pine garlands decorate the pillars and rails of this all-white porch which will surely turn everyone’s head passing by your house,

The balls and candle lanterns decorate the stairs, brightening the area when night comes.

Rustic Ball Lantern

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 13
Source: turkrazzi.com

Lighting up the lanterns with some candles or lamps may sound quite boring, and this idea shows how to create a more creative idea to try. Here, a glass lantern with a plastic frame is filled with colorful Christmas balls which makes a unique decor item to beautify your porch. To make the lanterns look more attractive, some greeneries and polka dot ribbons decorate their top.

It’s surely an inspiring idea for you who want to have a colorful farmhouse decorating style for your porch this Christmas.

Unique Rustic Snowman

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 12
Source: deavita.com

For you who want to add an everlasting snowman to your porch decoration, this idea can be a good reference for you. Wood pallets are the main materials that are used to build the medium-sized snowman on this porch.

Some items decorate the pallet snowman which makes it look more realistic. Of course, this one single decor item will catch everyone’s attention and if you are handy enough, you can build your very own pallet snowman all by yourself at home.

A festive wreath that consists of greeneries, big socks, and ribbon decorates the door to complement the snowman.

Rustic Glam Decor

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 14
Source: ribbonsandglue.com

Who knows that a ladder can also beautify your porch in this effective season? In this idea, some DIY decor items are displayed on a rustic ladder. The items include a glittery deer figure, pinecone, greeneries garland, and some other items. Of course, it’s a good DIY Christmas porch decor for you who love farmhouse decorating style.

Next to the ladder, a festive Christmas tree is placed to complete the decor.

Cute Rustic Decor

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 15
Source: thekimsixfix.com

A wood decor item with a deer glittery stencil decorates a corner of this small porch which you can try all by yourself without costing you a lot. A rustic pinecone garland is also added to the pallet which matches it very well.

Some smaller decor items like red lanterns, a log, galvanized bucket with pinecones, a sled, and greeneries are ‘scattered’ on the flooring, giving a more festive touch to the overlook of the decor. Furthermore, striking pine garlands also hung on the door area.

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Modern Minimalist Wreath

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 16
Source: dominvrt.si

Those wreaths which are made of greeneries may not really suit your need, and this idea is an alternative that you can consider. You will simply need some Christmas balls to create this wreath in a more neutral look which fits well for you who decorate your home with a modern minimalist look.

Here’s what you need to do to create this elegant wreath:

  1. Prepare a wreath base made of any kind of material and wrap it with brown twine.
  2. Spray paint your Christmas balls in silver and wrap some of them with grey, white, beige, and brown twines.
  3. Decorate the wreath with some Christmas ornaments
  4. as you wish and hang it on your front door.

Painted Log Santa

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 17
Source: diddlium.com

Are you looking for a DIY Christmas decor project that you can get done with your kids? Don’t skip this one! This idea shows how to create Santa-themed decor te out of some logs which your kids will surely love to create.

You just have to cut the logs and paint the top with Santa’s face and you will have unique decor items to decorate your porch. This is not only an easy DIY project but also very cost-friendly.

Chic Rustic Display

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 18
Source: lizmarieblog.com

Another inspiring DIY Christmas porch decor for you who love neutral shades and prefer to keep everything simple. Here, grey and white are the main colors of the porch, but its wood wall makes it look more attractive by giving a nice texture.

The wreath is attached to a white signboard with bold red fonts and is complemented by galvanized buckets with birch, small pine, and a medium-sized Christmas tree. A wagon and a rustic sled are even added to the display gorgeously.

Festive Catchy Signboard

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 19
Source: 320sycamoreblog.com

Displaying a big signboard to decorate your porch this Christmas is never a bad idea just as this project shows. A tall signboard made of a panel door is the main focal point of the porch which looks so catchy. The color mixture and wreath in the center of the signboard are enough to tell everyone that is porch is so ready for the festive season.

On the flooring, elegant candle lanterns on the sled uniquely add a more attractive touch alongside the big Christmas tree.

Stacked Christmas Boxes

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 20
Source: theseasonalhome.com

This one is a very effortless and inexpensive project that you can get done in no time. All you need to prepare are some recycled boxes and brown paper to create the boxes. Then, decorate the stacked boxes with ribbons, faux greeneries garland, string lights, and other Christmas decor items.

Place the stacked boxes that you have decorated in the corner of your porch or in front of the door, and you will have festive nuance effortlessly.

Cozy Bright Decor

DIY Christmas Porch Decor 21
Source: mygorgeouslife.com

This idea shows an inspiring way to decorate the seating area on your porch this Christmas. The decor is focusing on adding more light and warmth sources, so some candle lanterns with crystal clear glasses surround the pieces of furniture which surely invites everyone to snuggle in.

A dry tree with lightened branches is also placed next to the loveseat to give a more decorative touch. Greeneries garland then pops some color naturally among the neutral shades of the area.

Simple Festive Decor

Who needs any help when you can decorate your beloved porch all by yourself completely to welcome Santa? This video shows a beautiful DIY Christmas porch decor that you can get done all alone.

Prepare these supplies:

  • Tall signboard
  • Faux greeneries garland
  • Mix of Christmas-themed greeneries
  • Galvanized buckets or planters
  • Potting soil
  • Birch
  • Wreath frame
  • Ribbon

Follow these steps:

  1. Place a long signboard with Christmas words in the corner of your porch.
  2. Decorate the pillars with faux greeneries garland and string lights as you wish.
  3. Fill a galvanized bucket or planter with soil and plant some mix of greeneries until it fills the whole space.
  4. Cut the birch into some pieces carefully and place them between the greeneries and if you have another empty planter, fill it with the remaining pieces of birch.
  5. Now, it’s time to create your own wreath by wrapping the frame with garland and string lights. Add some ribbon that will work to hang the wreath on the window or door.
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