25+ Most Attractive Eclectic Bathroom Decoration Ideas To Steal

Eclectic decorating style has grabbed everyone’s attention today. Its uniqueness which combines various styles in one decor always successfully makes a room look so mesmerizing in a very distinctive way.

When you are talking about eclectic decor you have to leave all the rules to match the colors, patterns, textures, time periods or other elements to decorate a room. It has no boundary, you can mix ad match different stuff to create an eclectic decoration.

Some home experts say that with eclectic decor, you have to think out of the box. You can’t have the perspective that you have to use the same colors or give the particular pattern to style up the room. It’a free decorating style in which you can explore with many things.

However, you still have to be careful, you may ed up having a messy room with a an unattractive overall look and uninviting atmosphere. Therefore, you will need some inspirations to create a nice eclectic decoration.

Applying such look to your bathroom is absolutely a good idea. You can make your bathroom as unique as possible and, of course, amaze all the coming guests. Since bathroom is commonly built with small or medium dimensions, so you won’t find it really hard to decorate it with eclectic style.

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Here, we have picked tons of mesmerizing eclectic bathroom ideas that you can add to your inspiration list. You can use them as the ultimate reference when you are about to bring the style to your very own bathroom.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of best eclectic bathroom ideas!

Best Eclectic Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Earthy Decorative Moroccan

eclectic bathroom 1
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A very exquisite bathroom which combines the Moroccan vibe with some catchy patterns. The window panel with Moroccan curve in gold finish is obviously an attention grabber of the room. The wall is covered with subway tile and surprisingly combined with  marble tile in similar color, creating a unique overall look that everyone will love.

Ethnic Farmhouse

eclectic bathroom 2
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The use of subway tile will give a chic farmhouse touch in an instant. Here, such tile is used to cover a half part of the walls and the hexagon tile as the flooring complements it. A huge ethnic area rug then adds another style which makes the decor look more distinctive.

Contemporary Moroccan

eclectic bathroom 3
  • 937


The walls of this eclectic bathroom are covered with the black hexagon tile which gives a very stunning modern overall look. Then, the Moroccan tile flooring in BW finish adds a more decorative and traditional touch gorgeously. To give a more colorful nuance, the vanity with natural rustic finish and gold hardware is made as the main focal point of the room.

Freshly Decorative

eclectic bathroom 4
  • 937


This eclectic bathroom has a very inviting vibe with it surprising mixture of color and pattern. The wall combines matte green and beadboard accent with the marble texture which sparks a very chic look. The striped black and white flooring then enhances the attractiveness of the room’s decor and make it look more modern.

Vibrant and Dazzling

eclectic bathroom 5
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A huge mirror covers almost one side of the wall which makes this eclectic bathroom look so stunning. The mirror matches very well with the chrome finish of the bathtub.

Furthermore, the green and blue Moroccan flooring then gives a decoratively vibrant touch. Thanks to its white dominant color which balances the nuance of the room perfectly.

Colorful in Rustic

eclectic bathroom 0
  • 937


The diamond pattern tile and rustic colorful patchwork tile decorates the wall of this eclectic bathroom which makes it look beautiful in a more distinctive way. The vanity with the similar look to the wall creates a nicely harmonious look. It has a very captivating vibe which fots for you who love a more classic decor.

Earthy Decorative

eclectic bathroom 6
  • 937


Here, the Moroccan tile, wood, and subway tile are combined which create a uniquely attractive overall look. Though the room has a very decorative nuance, white as its main color neutralizes and brightens it up gorgeously.

Elegantly Neutral

eclectic bathroom 7
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For you who want to have an eclectic bathroom with a more masculine nuance, this inspiration can be a good reference for you. The black subway tiles cover all sides of the wall which is combined with BW geometric tile.

Such combination creates a decorative nuance. but doesn’t make it look too intimidating. The vanity with rustic wood cabinet and white marble countertop gives another color touch and still keeps the simplicity of the decor.

Rustic Decorative

eclectic bathroom 8
  • 937


The wood plank wall in white makes this eclectic bathroom look brightly decorative. Its BW geometric flooring then complements the wall in a very catchy way.

The twin vanity with rustic wood cabinet and concrete top become a unique focal point. It looks so vibrant inside a room with neutral main color.

Bluish Nuance

eclectic bathroom 9
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The main factor which makes this eclectic bathroom look so amazing is its blue geometric wall. It uniquely gives a colorful and decorative touch to the room’s decor.

Then, white colorizes the almost all the element of the room to make it look as bright as possible. Some wood touch also decorates the room which gives a warmer hue.

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Elegantly Dark

eclectic bathroom 10
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Grey and black are combined in this eclectic bathroom which creates an elegant gloomy vibe. The detail in wall’s accent and bathtub as the focal point give the decor a nice classic touch while the contemporary lighting fixtures adds a more modern nuance.

The flooring in deep taupe with geometric pattern enhances the attractiveness of this bathroom. It really fits well for you who love a more masculine decor.

Splash of Colors and Patterns

eclectic bathroom 11
  • 937


Here, all sides of the wall are covered with a full-print wallpaper which looks so fascinating with its floral pattern. Surprisingly, the flooring comes with a colorful mosaic geometric flooring is chosen which looks juxtaposing but somehow still manage to look so attractive.

A striking starry crystal chandelier above a sleek modern bathtub glamorize the decor in a very stunning way. Then, s huge tropical indoor plants flow beautifully with the wallpaper of the room and freshens the atmosphere.

Tons of Patterns

eclectic bathroom 12
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Floral. chevron, and natural patterns are mixed in this eclectic bathroom which makes it look distinctively fabulous. Their toned-down colors create a decorative nuance which doesn’t look too intimidating.

All of the bathroom fixtures and furniture match beautifully with the overall look of the room. To create a wider impression, a huge rectangular mirror is installed above the vanity.

Soothing Blue

eclectic bathroom 13
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Pewter is the main color of this eclectic bathroom which creates a gorgeous look with a very soothing atmosphere. Then, the combination of green and blue tile with the white subway tile decorates half of the walls to make it look more decorative.

The catchy flooring with diamond pattern in neutral finish even makes the decor look so unique. The fixtures and furniture then style up the room with a classic touch.

Black and White Chic

eclectic bathroom 14
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For you who love monochromatic decor, this idea is definitely a good reference to copy. The flooring is covered with black hexagonal tile while white subway tile handles the wall. Such combination creates a chic decorative look in a simple monochrome tone.

The teal vanity with wood texture becomes the main focal point which adds another color touch but still keeps the simplicity of the decor. Some golden hardware gives a warmer hue in a very stylish way.

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All-White Nuance

eclectic bathroom 25
  • 937


A brightly beautiful eclectic bathroom which looks so admirable with its pattern combination. The subway tile in random pattern and polkadot flooring in white finish gives the decorative look with a very harmonious nuance.

The decor looks more natural with the wood vanity and indoor plant as its focal points. They make the room feels much fresher.

Go Green

eclectic bathroom 15
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Lots of indoor plants dominate the decor of this eclectic bathroom which creates a unique overall look. The bathtub as the main focal point also comes with a green finish to match those greeneries.

Of course, the fabulous wallpaper with navy background and botanical pattern brings the style of the decor to a whole new level. To balance the nuance, white subway and hexagonal tile takes over the wall and flooring section.

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Monochrome Style

eclectic bathroom 16
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Another mesmerizing eclectic bathroom idea which uses the combination of black and white that you can steal. The white subway tile of the wall and BW geometric tile of the flooring complements each other gorgeously.

The decor is kept simple without any additional colors but those greeneries only. It’s a minimalist decoration but still looks so attractive with its pattern mixture.

Contemporary Rustic

eclectic bathroom 17
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Concrete wall and flooring are quite popular today so it can create such a contemporary nuance inside a room’s decor. Here, such wall and flooring complements a Moroccan tile which makes this bathroom look uniquely beautiful.

Though the bathroom is small, its white off-white concrete element makes it feel inviting enough. Moreover, the glass ceiling and big mirror even brightens it up perfectly.

Neutral and Patchwork

eclectic bathroom 18
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Basically, this is a neutral bathroom with concrete wall and flooring which makes it look neutral with a gorgeous texture. Then, the colorful patchwork tiles decorate some areas which become a very surprising element here.

Modern floating vanity with wood cabinet and marble countertop in brown becomes the focal point here which harmonizes the room’s overall look. This idea can be a good option to decorate a bathroom with neutral look in a very simple and easy way.

Decorative Hexagons

eclectic bathroom 19
  • 937


The hexagon tiles in various patterns and color are the main factor which makes this bathroom look eclectic. The installation of the tile is also quite distinctive which makes it so inspiring to copy.

Neutral tone handles the rest of the bathroom decor to let the hexagonal section look standout. It’s surely a fabulous long narrow bathroom with a unique decor.

Floral Statement

eclectic bathroom 20
  • 937


Here, the floral tile with a more modern pattern looks outstanding inside a bathroom with neutral overall look. Its teal finish give another color touch which style up the decor attractively.

All of the bathroom fixture comes with a sleek design which enhance the modern vibe. Some rustic finish adds another pattern and texture which even makes the room look way more mesmerizing.

Catchy Neutral

25+ Most Attractive Eclectic Bathroom Decoration Ideas To Steal
  • 937


Concrete finish dominates the decor of this bathroom which takes all sides of the wall and flooring. It makes the room look neutral with a very nice earthy texture.

The floral tiles in BW finish then decorate the wall behind the vanity, adding another statement which makes this eclectic bathroom look more decorative. Almost all the fixture and furniture come in white finish to keep the simplicity of the decor and brighten it up at the same time.

Brightly Decorative

eclectic bathroom 21
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This one is basically a bathroom with an black and white overall color. Then, the shower area with diamond-pattern tile in BW finish adds another style but still keeps it look harmoniously mesmerizing.

The modern furniture and fixture fill the bathroom which fits well with tits decor. The natural wood finish of the vanity is the only bright color which adds a nice contrast.

Glam Earthy

eclectic bathroom 22
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A fabulous eclectic bathroom which combines various patterns and textures cleverly. They all unite stunningly, creating a distinctive decor which is so tempting to have.

One side of the wall behind the bathtub which the focal point of the room is made in natural concrete finish. The tiles with chic unique pattern in BW finish covers the flooring section. A long contemporary floating vanity warms up the nuance and its gold hardware glamorize the decor.

Calm Colors

eclectic bathroom 23
  • 937


Glossy grey subway tiles elegantly give a nice color touch among those walls with white subway tile. For the flooring, blue floral tile is chosen which makes the room look more colorful without making it look too intimidating.

The pink accessory then cluttered around the room which adds a more stylish color. The vanity with grey stone countertop matches the grey tile gorgeously.

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Eventually, those are some beautiful eclectic bathroom ideas that we have picked just for you. They gorgeously combine all the elements of the room to create a unique decor which doesn’t only look stunning but also feels inviting.

You just have to pick the best idea which really suits your needs and taste then bring the style to your very own bathroom. Keep in mind to determine the existing layout of your bathroom to find out whether the decor fits for you or not.

Choosing eclectic decorating style for your bathroom is always a good option to consider. You will have a bathroom which does’t only look attractive but also has its own uniqueness.

However, it’s not really easy to create an eclectic decoration. Though it’s the most free decorating style, you still have to keep the balance of all the elements involved. You have to be really careful in mixing and matching the color, pattern, texture, and other elements of the decor.

Therefore, those ideas may help you to find an eclectic bathroom decoration which you really love. To even ease you to create a beautiful eclectic bathroom, below we share you some simple tips that you can apply.

Tips to Create an Eclectic Bathroom

  • Neutral as the Main Color

Since you will bring various kinds of pattern, color, finish, and texture in one decor, the possibility that it can look stuffy, messy, or unattractive is huge. For that, you need a shade which can neutralize and balance the nuance.

Grey, white, black or other neutral color will do a very great job in balancing the elements of your decoration. Therefore, you can use them as the background colors to handle the wall, flooring or ceiling.

  • Combine Various Patterns

Indeed, this is the key to create an eclectic decor. You can bring patterns with various look that you love cohesively so you can have a room with a unique character with its own statement.

Remember not to get stuck with one particular pattern since the eclectic bathroom should have its surprising factor. You can always give a juxtaposing visual inside an eclectic bathroom.

  • Add Some Textures

Besides color and patterns, texture also holds such an important role to create an aesthetic appeal of an eclectic decor. For bathroom (where there’s not to many furniture and accessories), you can rely on the vanity, rug, or some decor items.

Choose a vanity with the earthy wood texture even if it’s finished in other colors besides its natural finish. Then, the woven jut rig can also give a chic texture in a very simple way.

  • Unifying Focal Point

Though it’s not the strict rule that you have to apply, choosing a focal point which can unite all the elements of the decor is the best thing to create an eclectic bathroom. For instance you can choose a bathroom vanity with the similar color to the background or a bathtub with the vintage design as the patterns with similar look.

  • Keep all the Stuff

An eclectic decor relies on the combination of patterns, color, finishes, and textures to make it look attractive. Displaying too many unnecessary things inside a room with such decorating style is not a really wise thought since it can make the room look messy.

  • Maximize the Lighting

Lighting is very crucial for an eclectic decor. When you don’t provide enough lighting inside the room, the colors, patterns, and textures of the decor will not be popped up perfectly.

Make sure that beside the main lighting sources, you also install some additions like sconces or vanity light. They will help the room look much brighter, especially during the night. A big mirror can also reflect more light inside your bathroom.

  • Make it Airy

Installing a huge window is a good consideration to make an eclectic bathroom feel comfortable. It will let the air circulate very well and doesn’t make the room feel stuffy.

Therefore, it’s much better if you neatly arrange your bathroom stuff inside the cabinet of the vanity. Let all the patterns, color, finishes, and textures without being annoyed by too many things around the room.

Well, happy decorating your bathroom with the unique eclectic decorating style now!

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