25 Most Surprising 5X8 Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Ultimate Inspiration

As the trend of long narrow bathroom keeps being popular, it must be tempting to have one. The reason why it becomes everyone’s favorite is that the smaller bathroom is more effective and efficient in benefiting the space in your home sweet home.

Today, you can find lots of mesmerizing small bathroom ideas which look so inspiring to copy. They perfectly blend all the elements which make a small bathroom become comfortable and admirable at the same time.

Therefore, we have picked the best 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas which are so worth to include in your inspiration list. You can copy the decoration, fixture options, and color combination of those ideas to make your very own beloved small bathroom.

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So, let’s just keep scrolling to check our best picks for the 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas!

5X8 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Build a Catchy Area

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 1-min

It may be true that making a small bathroom look too festive since it can make the room uninviting. Therefore, you can build a particular area with a more decorative touch like the shower area.

Opt for an All-White

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 2-min

White is always the best option to colorize a small bathroom to make it feel brighter and wider. In this 5×8 bathroom ideas, and all-white decoration is chosen and the decorative BW flooring is chosen to give it a more decorative touch.

Plenty of Mirrors

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 3-min

As mirrors can create a wider impression for a small room, placing some inside sounds like a great way to make it feel comfortable. This 5×8 bathroom ideas has lots of mirror around the room which makes doesn’t look stuffy with its decorative overall look.

Fresh Earthy Touch

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 4-min

Giving the touch of nature to a small bathroom can be a simple way to make it feel fresher. You can choose a bathroom vanity or shelvings with the rustic wood finish.

Pick a Particular Style

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 5-min

Whether it’s farmhouse, nautical, or industrial, you can always choose one particular style to decorate a tiny bathroom. In fact, a small space can maximally spark out the vibe that a decor style has.

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Mix it With Neutral Shade

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 6-min

The neutral colors are the friendliest option to combine with most other colors. Furthermore, it creates a soothing atmosphere which will definitely make your bathroom feels more enjoyable.

Statement Flooring

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 7-min

Here, a chevron flooring simply decorates a room with an all-white overall look which makes it one of the best 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas. The flooring is surely a good element to be made as a statement of a small bathroom.

Choose Various Flooring Styles

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 8-min

This 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas beautifully combine various kinds of flooring styles yet in the similar neutral finish. The white subway tile, BW mosaic tile, and rustic grey tile are mixed together, creating a nicely harmonious look.

Maximize the Storage

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 9-min

One of the most annoying problems that you will face when you deal with a small bathroom is the storage. Therefore, you have to maximally use the space available around the room, installing some floating storages can be a good idea to try.

Optimize One Side of the Room

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 10-min

When you have a narrow bathroom, you don’t always have to decorate the 4 sides of the wall since it may or may not give a good impact to its decoration. So, you can just optimally place some decor items on one side of the room for a better and easier alternative.

Front-Facing Shower Area

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 11-min

The beautiful 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas with the front-facing shower area with a glass door. By choosing this kind of shower design, the bathroom looks much wider.

Glossy Cabinet

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 12-min

For a cleaner and sleeker look, the glossy cabinet can be a good addition that you can choose. Such cabinet becomes one of the main focal points in this 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas which makes it so tempting to copy.

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Baseless Vanity

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 13-min

The vanity without cabinet can make a small bathroom feels much wider. In this 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas, the floating shelves are used to neatly arrange the toiletries instead of a cubby cabinet.

Colorize it Naturally

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 14-min

Another gorgeous 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas with a single harmonious look that you can steal. The room is fully covered by the stunning marble tile which makes it look luxurious in a very natural way.

Decoratively White

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 15-min

You can easily make a small bathroom look decorative yet bright by covering the wall with white decorative tile. The various tile patterns in this 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas create an attractive decor with an all-white style.

Build a Big Window

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 16-min

A big window will let the natural light to come through optimally which makes it look brighter. Moreover, it also allows the sightseeing to the outdoor surrounding which gives a fresher nuance comfortably.

Simple Shower Area

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 17-min

This 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas is an alternative for you who prefer a much simpler small bathroom layout. The doorless shower area is chosen which effectively saves the space around the room.

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Place A Mirror Close to the Window

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 18-min

By this way, you will have a cozy make-up area with the maximum natural light from outside. Therefore, you will not need any additional lighting fixtures which may take lots of space.

Hang a Chandelier

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 19-min

A single chandelier can give a bathroom a particular character that will amaze everyone. In thus 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas, a gold chandelier with crystal beads gives a more luxurious vibe which matches well with the decoration of the room.

Make it Festive

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 20-min

If you want to make your tiny bathroom look attractively festive, you have to make it right. A decorative wallpaper with a soft tone can be the best option to try.

Moreover, don’t forget to maximally lighten up the room, a big window and mirror will do this job perfectly.

Try a Ladder Storage

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 21

Yeap, this kind of storage is indeed designed to provide an additional storage when you have a limited space around. You can either buy the fabricated one or build by yourself easily by using some cheap materials.

Install Vertical Light Bar

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 23-min

This 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas shows an easy way to make the makeup area feels as convenient as possible in a very effective way. Two light bars are installed in the sides of the mirror which are enough to help you to get ready every single day.

Benefit the Toilet Area

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas 24-min

Simply hang some wood boards above the toilet for the extra storage in your tiny bathroom. You can use them to store toiletries and even decorative items.

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5X8 Bathroom Remodel Ideas-min

So those are some inspiring 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas that you can use as the reference to improving your very own bathroom. The way they combine the colors, decor items, bathroom fixtures, and accessories are so inspiring to steal.

Choose the best idea that suits your taste and need then apply its overall look to your bathroom. Keep in mind to always create a nice harmonious decoration to make the bathroom look and feel so inviting for everyone.

It’s always a good idea to build a narrow bathroom instead of the big one. The thing is, you just have to make it as comfortable as possible by properly decorating it.

Well, happy remodeling your long narrow bathroom now!

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