10+ Stunning & Gorgeous Bathroom Vanity with Makeup Station Ideas

Certainly, we will spend hours and hours in seeking for the most gorgeous bathroom vanity. This is the most important stuff that many women love to have in their bathroom. The existence of vanity surely delivers the inviting look to your bathroom by its design and style.

The homeowners also set the vanity in their bathroom to get its main function which is as the storage feature in the room. It works very well in providing the storage to put your toiletries and accessories inside neatly.

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Today, lots of vanity products offer the built-in makeup station to allow the women to get dressed up easily.  In fact, makeup is the most important activity that certainly many people do. For that reason, the bathroom vanity with makeup station should exist in your own bathroom.

Placing the bathroom vanity with makeup station in your bathroom surely needs some consideration. You have to pick the one which looks most appropriate to match with your bathroom design. The appearance of vanity also has to deliver a new attractive atmosphere to your bathroom.

If you are planning to place the one in your bathroom, it is your turn to look for the enticing one that probably perfect in your bathroom. Here, we have some bathroom vanity with makeup station ideas that you have to choose.

Bathroom Vanity with Makeup Station Ideas

Breezy Brentwood Vanity with Makeup Station

The first vanity with makeup station on our list comes from Jill Wolf Interior Design that totally delivers a super adorable look to your bathroom. Coming with white clean lines finish, the vanity will create such the beautiful view once you place it in one of your bathroom’s corners.

The spacious makeup station is available on this vanity countertops for your convenience. To get a more attractive appearance, you can also apply the catchy wallpaper around.

Glamorous Bathroom Makeup Vanity

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: HGTV

The combination of silver textured countertops, dazzling white finish, and gorgeous accents of this glamorous bathroom makeup vanity is absolutely brilliant.  The stand-up mirror eases you to put on some makeup anytime you need to.

The space on this vanity offers a great area to store your makeup and toiletries. The vanity generates a feeling of elegance that is particularly enhanced by an antique mirror.

Marble Top Makeup Vanity

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: Decor Pad

By placing this vanity in your bathroom, you will get a feeling of luxury when you dress up. How come? With the availability of makeup station, that totally makes you easy in getting yourself up in.

Its clean lines finish and the elegant white surface is totally adorable with the stunning tri-fold mirror that gives you a clear reflection for your convenient. Furthermore, you can also put the flower on the counter top to deliver the smell of rose flowers.

Extensive Bathroom Makeup Station

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: Hue Journal

If you have a bigger bathroom and want to add a huge storage space, this vanity is surely a great idea. The available makeup station in the center allows you to dress up easily after bathing.

This vanity design obviously allows some people to get dressed up at the same time.

Natural Functionality Bathroom Makeup Vanity

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: HGTV

Complete your bathroom with this vanity to amaze all the coming guests. This vanity with spacious makeup area will totally enhance your bathroom’s overall look.

The stunning huge mirror completes its magnificent design and provides you ease to put on some makeup. The extra low counter ensures you to get various seating options.

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White Makeup Vanity

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: Decor Pad

Beautify your bathroom corner by placing this cute vanity. It comes in an adorable small and slight size that certainly won’t waste your bathroom space.

With the glossy white finish, this vanity will easily become a focal point of your bathroom. Decorated with ivory beadboard and sliding pockets door, it’s totally a worth to have bathroom feature.

Makeup Station with Sink

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: Kitchen Lav

Upgrade your bathroom to look way more fascinating with this makeup vanity with sink. It provides the spacious cabinet, the makeup station, and mirror to give you the complete bathroom stuff.

The cute vintage wall sconce between the mirror adds another mesmerizing touch to the vanity’s overall look. Don’t miss this one to set this in your bathroom.

Multi-Toned Bathroom Makeup Vanity

This one comes with the lovely multi-toned finish to decorate your bathroom. It is designed in a small size that makes it perfect for your narrow bathroom.

The vanity has a small makeup station to store your tools neatly. The small vertical mirror with a catchy wall-mounted sconce are enough to complete the vanity’s style and ease your makeup time.

Thin Bathroom Makeup Vanity

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: Kud Web

Another good option for you who are eager to have the bathroom vanity with makeup station without spending much space. Coming in melted beige finish, it suits to install in any of your bathroom’s layouts.

The spacious makeup station allows you to put your tools as you need conveniently. In addition, you can also put the accessories on the counter.

Unexpected Bathroom Vanity as Makeup Station

The cute small bathroom vanity which works as the ultimate makeup station. It is a nice idea for you who have dozens of makeup stuff in which you can use them anytime at your convenience.

The combination of tan shining countertop and bright white cabinet creates such a beautiful traditional look.

Makeup Vanity Nook Next to Shower

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: Decor Pad

A smart idea to create a convenient bathroom layout. The bathroom vanity with makeup station is placed close to the shower and bath area.

This is such a great bathroom design that looks simply gorgeous for a narrow space. It purposes to keep you focused and make your bathroom look tidy.

Majestic Bathroom Makeup Vanity

This idea gives you the inspiration to place the luxurious vanity with an extra large mirror. With its size, the vanity totally matches for big bathroom space.

The color completely delivers a shining illumination that creates a wide impression to the bathroom. Dressing up your body after bathing while looking at this large will be such a daily impressive experience.

Preppy Polish Vanity

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: BHG

If you want the simple vanity with makeup station, this preppy-polished one is a good option for you. The vanity with sink is perhaps impossible to give the makeup space.

This navy vanity sink with golden knobs and white sink will match easily with all bathroom’s design, especially the smaller one.

Modern Bathroom Makeup Vanity

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: Neurostis

The vanity comes with the large size with makeup station included. It is equipped with a big mirror and lots of storage that allows you to put your needs neatly.

The combination of white shining top with dark brown cabinet is absolutely stunning. It is a nice option for you who want a large bathroom vanity with makeup station.

Travertine Bathroom with Makeup Station Vanity

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: Elle Decor

Gray washed cabinet is a thing for sure, and adapting that color for your bathroom vanity is surely a good thought. This twin vanity looks very adorable with its classic design and finish.

Matched with the brass nickel faucets, the vanity looks way more attractive.

Natural View Makeup Vanity

bathroom vanity with makeup station

Credit: HGTV

The fully wood-constructed vanity which will create a comfy natural atmosphere to your bathroom. When it’s combined with white-textured countertop, the appearance becomes way more admirable.

The makeup station is provided to allow you to get yourself up in front of the vanity’s mirror.

Instant Vanity with Wall-Mounted Mirror

The last bathroom vanity with makeup station on our list comes with a white clean finish that delivers an elegant face to your bathroom. With a natural wood wall-mounted mirror, this vanity looks modern and natural at the same time.

The vanity counter with sink may be impossible to provide the makeup station but its inside will give you a space to put your makeup tools as well. Well, this idea is so perfect for you who have a small bathroom.

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As a result, the bathroom makeup vanity holds a crucial role to increase your bathroom’s look and function. Keep in mind to select the makeup vanity which matches to your bathroom interior as well.

Furthermore, don’t choose the vanity just for its attractive design only, but the durability also must be considered. Of course, the durable material will save your money in maintaining even replacing it just a few years ahead.

So, it is your good time to get the great one to save your makeup stuff neatly and beautifully!

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