15+ Gorgeous and Fantastic Tri-Fold Bathroom Mirror Under $300

A mirror becomes something precious in everyone’s life. Without a mirror, you absolutely will not know how you look like to the others. Especially for women, they urgently require the mirror for makeup purpose.

Setting a catchy mirror in your home is certainly a must to create a nice appearance to the room. Before you go outside to work or party, you completely have to get a good-looking appearance. Well, you will feel confident while you hanging out with your friends then.

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Globorank

Using a mirror is usually done by everybody after bathing. Therefore, having a mirror in the bathroom is an essential need for you. Certainly, the existing mirror that you have should deliver something glorious for your bathroom atmosphere.

Nowadays, most of the people prefer to choose white bathroom mirror or tri-fold bathroom mirror to install. Nevertheless, tri-fold mirror has a stunning design and three panels to see your face from any viewing angles. The mirror is actually perfect to be set for every room in your house. The special function of tri-fold mirror can detect unwanted makeup streaks for women.

Well, there are some recommended tri-fold bathroom mirrors under $300. They deliver the best price that probably affordable for you to buy. Let’s check them out!

Tri-Fold Bathroom Mirror Under $300

Howard Elliott Tripoli Mirror ($88.11)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Amazon

The first trifold mirror on our list, it comes from Howard Elliot manufacturer that expands lots of product with high-quality construction. As well as for this tri-fold mirror, that is designed for the hinged vanity mirror. This lovely tri-fold mirror is definitely perfect to set in your bathroom.

With a rectangular shape in the center, the mirror absolutely attracts you to reflect in front of it all the time. Furthermore, each mirror section has a small oblique for enhancing the beauty and modern style of the room. To have this superb product, get order at $88.11.

Style Selections Square Surface Mirrored Particleboard Bathroom Cabinet ($49.00)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Lowes

Set this bright white finish mirror in your bathroom to deliver a magnificent and pretentious look. This mirror is a perfect choice as the complement of the bathroom cabinet. With the wall-mounted feature, you can install the cabinet to be hung on your bathroom wall easily, so, it really won’t waste the bathroom space.

The trifold mirror design provides multiple viewing angles as well. To get this second trifold mirror on our list, let’s purchase this at $49.00.

Jerdon Tri-Fold Lighted Bathroom Makeup Mirror ($53.93)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Ebay

This Jerdon tri-fold bathroom mirror is totally perfect to set in your bathroom. Therefore, this mirror presents a cool and soft touch fluorescent lighting to make your bathroom much brighter.

The white finish construction gives an attractive and sharp look that match to your bathroom decor. This grand product is offered at $53.93 with 1-year limited warranty.

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Terresa LED Lighted Trifold Mirror ($36.99)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Amazon

Enhance your bathroom with this gorgeous tri-fold bathroom mirror. Coming with new generation illumination feature, it offers the natural daylight atmosphere to your bathroom. This lighted mirror is equipped with the micro USB charging cord to deliver a bright lighting to your bathroom.

The package includes main trifold mirror, mirror base, micro USB charging cord, mirror cleaning cloth and 10x round magnifying mirror. With a durable stable stand, it can adjust to any attractive viewing angle.

The product is offered the price at $36.99 that a reasonable price for you, right?

Everly Quinn Trifold Rectangle Mirror ($167.99)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Walmart

If you are eager to have the contemporary mirror, buying this one is a right choice for you. The mirror comes with horizontal orientation with wall-mounted assembly.

Finish with white color, it exactly delivers a graceful and elegant look to your bathroom. For having this, you can order this terrific mirror at $167.99.

Folded Potable Lighted Tri-Fold Mirror for Bathroom ($24.99)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Amazon

Featured with built-in 24 pcs LED lighted, this mirror allows you to reflect in the dark or badly light. You can easily set the brightness by touching sensor switch with long press to get from dim to brighter light.

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For the operation, it uses USB chargeable or battery operated (4 AAA batteries recommended). The three panels deliver a wide-angle viewing with 180-degree swivel rotation. If you want to set this mirror in your bathroom, you have to buy this at $24.99.

Brandt Works LLC Trifold Mirror ($277.02)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Walmart

This handcrafted fabrication product adds the functionality and modern style to your bathroom. With free standing tri-fold mirror, it totally allows you to install and use it easily. Coming with a rectangle shape and sophisticated design, the vanity creates a dramatic interest to your bathroom.

Equipped with wall mounting hardware, absolutely, you get easy in installing the mirror. The vertical orientation serves your reflection clearly. Setting this catchy mirror in your bathroom by spending money for $277.02.

Conair Illumina Collection 3 Panel Lighted Makeup Mirror ($31.99)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Target

This Conair Illumina Mirror comes with 3 panels that let you to get the different attractive viewing angle. The tri-fold construction totally avoids unwanted makeup streaks. Made from premium glass material, the mirror delivers a luxurious appearance to your bathroom.

With adjustable makeup sides, you are easy in carrying this one for travel or storage. The product is offered at an inexpensive price which ist $31.99.

Best Choice Products Tri-Fold Bathroom Mirror ($199.94)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Walmart

Complete your bathroom with this Best Choice Mirror to make your bathroom more impressive. The stylish tri-fold mirror allows you to see your face from multiple angles. This tri-fold mirror with vanity table is equipped with 5 drawers that you can use to store your all accessories.

It includes the matching wooden stool and upholstered to complete the set. Buy this gorgeous tri-fold mirror at $199.94 to set in your lovely bathroom.

Design House Richland Nutmeg Oak Tri Fold Bathroom Mirror ($248.96)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Overstock

Upgrade your space look with this Design House Trifold mirror to make your bathroom more impressive. It is constructed of a rich nutmeg oak wood and premium glass that well-known as water resistant material. This comes with meshing modern and rustic shabby design to deliver a vintage appearance.

The mirror is actually fabricated into the bathroom cabinet so that you can set up the bathroom stuff with two goals at once. This product is offered at $248.96 with 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

3-Way Silver Bathroom Mirror ($24.99)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Allmodern

If you want to have the small tri-fold mirror that you can set on the cabinet, it is a right choice for you. Coming with 8″ H x 0.35″ W x 4.75″ D dimensions, this product certainly, presents a pretty small mirror look that is perfect to complete your stuff in your small bathroom.

Fabricated with plastic frame material, the mirror totally serves for longevity and durability. With the vertical orientation, it provides you to face in front of it clearly. Purchase this top mirror by spending $24.99 to add your bathroom more admirable.

Sima Trifold Vanity Mirror ($224.99)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Wayfair

Coming with foldable mirror panels, it totally enables your to see your face in different angles. The mirror looks wonderful when it’s set on the cabinet or dressing table. It is constructed with two flaps on each side that can be folded easily.

With freestanding assembly, it allows you to get makeup easily whenever you want. Spend your money for $224.99 if you are eager to have this deluxe mirror.

2-piece Bolton Stool with Bathroom Mirror ($238.99)

Add an enticing touch before starting your day with this Bolton Stool mirror. This tri-fold mirror exactly delivers a fun atmosphere with its pine wood construction. The features include one large center drawer and two small drawers that allow you to put your bathroom tools neatly.

Equipped with useful hardware, the mirror can be attached to the vanity or cabinet. Just spend your money for $238.99, you absolutely get this gorgeous product.

Chase Trifold Bathroom Vanity Mirror ($243.99)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Wayfair

This picturesque mirror is really perfect to set on the bathroom vanity or cabinet. Designed with arched silhouette and three-panel features, the mirror delivers an appealing look to your bathroom.

The glass material construction and oil rubbed bronze edge finish of this product will increase your bathroom style. As a result, you can get this product by spending $243.99 with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Blackened Silver Embossed Vintage Style Trifold Mirror ($50.47)

tri-fold bathroom mirror

Credit: Ebay

The last tri-fold mirror on our list, it comes with luxurious silver that attracts the homeowners buy this. This product is made from solid wood and blackened silver metal embossing which look really stunning.

It is really perfect to join with your other decorative bathroom stuff. It is set in the vertical orientation to make you easy to dress up. Spend your money for $50.47 to get this one home.

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As a result, make sure to buy the tri-fold bathroom mirror that matches well with your bathroom interior. Don’t let you set the tri-fold mirror contrasting with other existing bathroom decoration or its overall look.

Now, it is your time to choose the best one for the design and the price as well. Good Luck!

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