Mold Removal Bathroom Ceiling | Easiest Tips and DIY Guides

The ceiling is a part of a house which is prone to the growth of mold and mildew. Mold can grow fast from the water leaking of the roof. Mold is unhealthy and disgusting that can be a whole of terror for your home. Furthermore, the mold is unsightly that disturbs the homeowner’s comfort.

The existence of mold can cause the permanent damage to your home, so you have to treat the mold as soon as possible. Especially for a bathroom, this is the dampest room that prone to develop the mold. In fact, the worst mold source in your home is exactly the bathroom.

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Bathroom ceiling can become the mold’s nest to thrive. The bathroom provides the water supplier from the container through the plumbing. Commonly, the plumbing is installed on the roof or the wall. Well, the leaking water can happen whenever as soon as possible in your bathroom.

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When the water leaking occurs, it automatically will drop into the ceiling or wall.   Sooner or later, your ceiling will get such an annoying mold that surely bothers your eyes.

Mold Removal Bathroom Ceiling

mold removal bathroom ceiling
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Certainly, the bathroom with mold seems like unfresh and unhealthy place although it is well-maintained. So, what will you do for mold removal bathroom ceiling? The answer is exactly how you can find the ways to remove the mold, right?

Well, it is our time to share you how to get mold removal bathroom ceiling effectively. Make sure that you follow the instruction to get the best result as well. We show the simple and easy steps that absolutely you can do it well.

The Tools You Will Need:

  1. Old Cloth
  2. Gloves
  3. Mask and Goggles
  4. Ladder
  5. Mold Remover
  6. Damp Cloth
  7. Scraper
  8. A Scouring Sponge
  9. Paint
  10. Paint Brush

The Steps Of Mold Removal Bathroom Ceiling:

Eliminating the Mold Sources

The first way that you have to do is checking the mold sources. The mold habitually comes from plumbing leaks that flow the water through the roof. Well, if you find the water is dropping through the roof, don’t waste the time to repair it immediately.

Indeed, you can’t remove the mold on the ceiling before you repair the mold sources as well. Finally, the mold will return quickly if you do not repair the roof yet.

The Ventilation Is Provided

Sometimes, the bathroom will develop the mold growth because there is not provided ventilation. The moist bathroom ceiling enables the mold to grow as fast as possible. Well, you have to install the fan or extractors to remove the moist.

If you do not sustain to set the bathroom fan, make sure that you have the proper window to stabilize the air circulation.

Allow the Additional Natural Light

Commonly, the mold prefers growing in the dark conditions, keeping the room stay bright by opening the window or additional natural light. Actually, the sunlight will avoid the growth of mold colonies on the ceiling. If you can not supply the natural light, you have to add the bathroom fan or heater.

Looking Up the Insulation

If your bathroom does not have the proper insulation, this can be the cause of mold growth, especially on the ceiling. The cold or hot water delivers a higher humidity level to your bathroom.

When the cold ceiling meets the humid air, automatically, it contributes the condensation to appear the mold. Of course, the insulation functions as a barrier to block the warm air meet the cold air as well. Furthermore, the insulation can be improved the bathroom space to proper temperature with a great air-conditioning system.

Checking the Mold Colonies On The Other Side of Ceiling

Indeed, you can easily determine when the ceiling starts to show the indication of the mold growth. That’s possible that hundreds of mold colonies grow on the other side of the ceiling too. Before you remove the mold on the ceiling, make sure that you already clean a lot of colony on the other side. It will simply prevent the mold not to grow back.

Placing the Dehumidifier

As you know, a dehumidifier is an effective and efficient device to reduce the humidity in the bathroom. That totally has the ability to remove the damp and wet space that contributes the mold and mildew growth.

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Keep the Shower Door Opens

It is a good habit for you if you let the shower door open after showering. Then, turn the fan on for 15 minutes to soak away the water vapor. Those ways actually allow removing the humidity to contribute the mold growth.

Hang Up the Towel in Outside the Bathroom

The wet towel can cause the humidity level growing up as well. After taking shower, hanging up the towel in the other room is a much wiser thought That is a good way to keep the humidity at a minimum level.

Realizing the Signs of Mold

mold removal bathroom ceiling
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Commonly, the mold can be green, black, brown or orange. The other indicators that may appear including the fading paint, black streaks, discoloration and strong musty smell. Those things assure you that you hace to take some actions ASAP.

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Using a Ladder to Reach the Mold

To remove the mold, certainly, you need a safe way to get rid of it. You can use a footstool or stepladder for standing on. The one with anti-slip rubber is the best ladder for you to prevent unwelcome slipping accident. Indeed, you can apply the non-slip mat to place underneath if your bathroom floor is slippery.

Examine the Mold

If your mold breaks your ceiling paint, removing the paint using a scraper is a must for you. Just wiping the mold using a damp microfiber cloth is not enough. The paint can be a substance to provide the remaining of mold. By using the scraper, you can certainly clean up the paint and mold at once.

Prepare the Gloves, Mask, and Goggles

Before you determine to execute the mold removal bathroom ceiling, make sure that you use the gloves to protect your hand from cleaning agent. Wearing an old cloth is recommended to clean the mold much easier. You can throw the cloth after removing the mold without washing it before. Using the goggles and mask to prevent the remover sprays onto your eyes.

Remove Mold Quickly with Mold Remover

mold removal bathroom ceiling
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Now, it is your time to remove the mold on the ceiling immediately. By using the mold ceiling remover that you can make by yourself or buy in your local market, you are absolutely ready in removing the mold.

Removing the mold is the best way to prevent the further damage to your property. The remover also keeps away the mold to not grow back.

Spray the Remover On the Ceiling

If you make the remover by yourself, fill it into the spray bottle. Then, spray it directly on the ceiling, leave it for 15 minutes. Be careful when spraying it, make sure the remover to not drop on you.

Scrub the Mold Using a Scouring Sponge

After the remover sprayed, now, you have to scrub the mold using a scouring sponge. It’s to complete to clean up the mold effectively and efficiently. Continue the spraying and scrubbing steps for about three times to get the best result.

Let Ceiling to Dry

Allow the ceiling to get dry by turning the fan on or opening the window. The warm air totally allows the ceiling to dry quickly.

Sand Down the Ceiling

If you are planning to repaint the ceiling, you definitely have to sand down the ceiling. The sanding is entirely needed to provide the great base for a new paint. Indeed, without sanding down the ceiling, the new paint will not match with the old paint as well.

Repaint the Ceiling          

The last way that you have to do is repaint the ceiling with a waterproof paint. This kind of paint prevents the mold and mildew from growing back. Make sure that you follow the right instructions.

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mold removal bathroom ceiling
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There are multiple choices for mold removal bathroom ceiling. The most general way is a composite of 1/4 cup vinegar, 2 tablespoons borax and 2 cups hot water. Those materials are famous efficient substance to drive away the mold.

  • Vinegar can be sprayed onto the ceiling directly without combining with other substance. It is well-known a mild acid that enables to kill 82% of mold colonies.
  • Borax is a natural cleaning agent with low toxicity and effectively soak away the fungicide and mold odor.
  • Baking Soda can absorb the moisture from the air to keep the mold away. If you want to kill the mold, just pour 1 cup water to 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is an antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal that safe substance to remove the stains. You can spray 3% hydrogen peroxide on the mold directly.
  • Bleach is an efficient remover to kill the mold and any stains. If you want to use the bleach, just combine 1 tbsp of bleach to 10 tbsps of water as well.
  • Ammonia is a harsh and toxic chemical which should be mixed with bleach. It can be used on the hard surface but will not work on the porous one. You can use ammonia in a one to one ratio with water for cleaning use.
  • Tea Tree Oil is very natural mold removal bathroom ceiling that is very safe for the bathroom construction. The last remover for mold removal bathroom ceiling on our list is sold at an expensive price but really effective as antibacterial and antifungal. Just mix 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil with 1 cup of water and spray it onto the ceiling to drive away the mold colony.

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