How To Keep Cats Off Kitchen Counters | Simple Tips And Guides

Cats are the adorable and cute little animals to pet. They are tame and have a sweet behavior that makes us really happy around them. However, cats mostly don’t do what you say to them. They live happily and do many things they want in any room in your house.

Some of them love to know new things around, with their curious feelings, they always try to lick, touch, and even smell everything they do not know. Moreover, if there is a thing that has a strong smell, so cats will search for it.

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Unfortunately, cats love to climb. This little member of the family really likes to jump on the kitchen counter to find out what happens there.

Are you struggling to stop your cats from jumping on the kitchen counter? Are you looking for the solutions in this case? here some tips and guides to solve the problem that caused by our cute and sweet cats. There are many ways that we can do to avoid our cats to jump on or stay on the kitchen counter without annoying or hurting our cute cats. You can find some tips and guides to keep your cats off kitchen counters below.

How To Keep Cats Off Kitchen Counters

Use The Sticky Tape As A Training Tool

We can try to use double-sided sticky tapes in the kitchen counter areas where your cat tends to jump. Actually, when the cat’s feet step on the double sticky tape, they will naturally go away from that area. They do not like a sticky floor because it is a quite hard for them to clean it by licking it with their tongue.

We can mount that double-sided sticky tape in a kind of placement. If your cat walks over that sticky tapes, they will feel shocked and go back. Then, you can easily remove it if you want to use that kitchen counters.

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You have to always be sure to move or replace the mat when you are done with every activity in your kitchen. In this way, you can also add a ‘stay away’ trap by rigging up an air blaster (with motion-activated). If your cat jumps onto the kitchen counter, they will get a little air blast and it makes them stay away and go back to jump down from that counter.

Use The Aluminum Foil

The next way of how to keep cats off kitchen counters is by using the aluminum foil. Does it work well? You can try to use that aluminum foil by placing them on the kitchen counters or on the spot where your cat mostly jump onto.

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The cats actually do not like to step or walk on the aluminum foil because when they walking in that place, it creates a rustling sound that they really hate. Maybe it is quite hard to place that aluminum foil on the spot where your cat jumps on, so you can use a little sticky tape to help, and it is easier because you can remove it anytime you want.

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Use The Motion Activated Pet Deterrent

This product is ssstCat, the cats scared of this one It comes with a small battery inside that can detect any motion and it releases an air whenever your cat approaches. But you have to know that this is not harmful, it is still safe for your lovely kitchen.

The best part of this product is it can work consistency, so, if your cat jumps on again to the kitchen counter it works again to make them back every single time. Finally, he will never and even stop to approach it anymore.

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Use Tin Cans Filled With Dry Beans

The next tips and guides of how to keep cats off kitchen counters, you can try to use tin cans that filled with dry beans. This technique involves the filling process of a tin can with some peas, beans or you can try with the similar things, you have to place it on the edge of your kitchen counter.

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How does it work? This idea is actually about shocking your cats and makes it away from the counter. When your cat jumps on exactly to the spot where you put the can with beans inside, he will knock that can and that noise sound will scare him.

But, in the reality, it is quite hard to do because you really have to make more can trap in a good spot, so your cat will definitely knock that over. Maybe in some cases, he will come back to the kitchen counter after it happens in a few minute later.

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Use The Citrus Fruit Peels

Do you like eating lemon or orange? You have to know that the peels of that fruits really can help you to make your cat never go and jump onto the kitchen counter. It is a perfect cat deterrent. But unfortunately, the citrus dry quickly and it will become ineffective, it usually gets dry within two till five hours.

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Stop Placing Your Foods on The Kitchen Counter

For people who have cats in their home, keeping the foods on the kitchen counter for a long period of time is not a good idea. It can make your cats need feel curious and wonder want to check out what is on that counter. You really have to try to keep it away from that, because it will be a habitual behavior that makes your cats understand about that (about where the food is usually placed).

In most cases, the remain of foods left on the worktop, and the cat may be interested also in other things such as the running tap water, the view of the outside, or maybe your plants on the counters.

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