8+ Adorable Coffee Themed Kitchen Curtains Under $40

Are you bored with your tired kitchen curtains? Do you ever think to replace it? Have you found coffee themed curtains kitchen before?

Not only several small accessories that can be used to make your kitchen feel like a brand new room. Give more attention to some big items is important too. How about to replace your tired curtains kitchen? Some people think that the kitchen curtains is an ordinary thing which is not too important to be updated.  You will find various curtains that can lift up the look of your room.

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The coffee themed curtains kitchen is a thing nowadays. Not only because of that color and theme which is blowing up, but also the cute style is the number one aspect which makes it adored by many homeowners. Doing a research, to the store or online source to find the perfect coffee themed kitchen curtains that suit your needs.

Try to make a comforting visual impact in your kitchen by applying these gorgeous curtains this week. You don’t need to buy an expensive one to have an adorable one, because of we here we have some affordable and lovely curtains kitchen for you to buy.

8 Adorable Coffee Themed Kitchen Curtains Under $40.00

 Cuppa Joe Embellished Cottage Topper by Achim Home Furnishing  (Price: $10.97)

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Credit: Amazon

Coffee themed is always become everyone’s favorite, just like this beautiful coffee themed curtain that has an inspiration from the cups of coffee. A cream and espresso colors on that coffee curtain look so adorable, giving a nice kitchen decoration once you set this up. It is so good to be mix and match with a neutral wall like tan, gray, or white. Each set of this 58 x 0.1 x 36 inches coffee curtain comes with a pair of well-tailored tiers, and also one tailored topper. You can bring this coffee curtain home just by spending $10.97.

Material100 percent polyester
Dimension58″ x 0.1″ x 36″
Weight12.6 ounces
Design Small coffee cups  with flower cutouts
ManufacturerAchim Home Furnishings
Item includesA tier pair and the topper

Coffee Complete 36 Tier & Swag Set by The Curtain Shop (Price: $12.17)

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Credit: Amazon

This adorable coffee themed curtains kitchen has a soft tone color and simple style. Not too much detail of color combination and pictures on it, it makes this lovely curtain is suitable and good to be hanged with the plain walls. Also, can support your furniture kitchen because of its neutral color brush. The material of this coffee curtain is thin enough, and make the sun ray slightly can go through this curtain, and it looks like a refraction. You can get this coffee complete 36 tear and swag in $12.17.

Material100 percent polyester
Dimension8 x 7.5 x 1.3 inches
Weight6.4 ounces
Design Great antique style
ManufacturerThe curtain shop
Item includesA tier pair and the topper

 Coffee Curtain with Embroidered Gold Floral Kitchen Fancy Linen (Price: $14.99)

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Credit: Amazon

The next gorgeous coffee curtain comes with the embroidered gold floral kitchen. The dark espresso color nuance dominated all the appearance of this beautiful product, which is absolutely nicer if you put that curtain with the neutral or white background walls. The striking gold art floral decorations on this coffee curtain creates such an antique touch to its appearance. The cool and neat silver or white lines exist to add some nice look to that coffee curtain. Add a classy dimension to your kitchen by bringing this sweet curtain at $14.99.

Material100 percent polyester
Dimension9 x 5 x 1 inches
Weight6.4 ounces
Design Classic dark brown
ManufacturerFancy linen
Item includesA tier pair and the topper

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Cappuccino Three Piece Tier and Swag Set By Regal Home Collections (Price: $15.40)

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Credit: Amazon

It’s time to break your busy day with a cup of coffee, and the sensation of having coffee in your kitchen will be more comfortable with this printed three piece tier and swag curtain set. The colorful decoration on a white color curtain makes the look of this one is so cheerful. This coffee themed curtain kitchen is perfect to start to boost your day. With this good machine washable fabric, it is absolutely easy to care because of its 100 percent Polyester material. The set includes one swag and two tears.
Material100 percent polyester
Dimension36 x 54 x 1 inches
Weight1.1 pounds
Design Fantastic coffee cups
ManufacturerRegal home collections
Item includesA tier pair and the topper

Brew Coffee Shop Theme Microfiber 3 Piece Kitchen Curtain Set By No. 918 (Price: $21.99)

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Credit: Wayfair

This cute coffee curtain is a lovely decoration for your kitchen. The coffee pictures on this curtain just like the beautiful ornaments that can beautify your kitchen. So, to hang this curtain on in your room will naturally add some coffee atmosphere effects for your life. The creamy background colors look so fresh to the eyes and can give us the inspiration to face the day.This curtain set includes 1 valance and also two nice tier curtains. The rod pocket header of this beautiful curtain is easy to hang and look stylish. Moreover, the machine washable make you easy to care and clean this beautiful curtain.

MaterialPolyester (Microfiber)
Dimension36” H x 54” W
Weight0.33 lb
Design Fantastic coffee cups
ManufacturerRegal home collections
Item includes1 valance and 2 tiers curtains

Embrace Cornice 50″ Curtain Valance By RLF Home (Price: $32.77)

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Credit: Wayfair

The coffee curtain is not always a curtain with coffee picture or borders. This special one only has rich and natural espresso color that can give a relaxing atmosphere to the room. It looks so simple and not has too many decorations like the previous one and that simple thing that makes this curtain really gorgeous. The valance has the cool patterns with the lovely curved edges, and made for a continental and standard rod use. Make sure to measure our window to determine how many items of this curtain that you need to order.  And we really recommended you to use a vacuum or spot clean for dust.

MaterialCotton blend; Linen; Polyester
Dimension17” H x 50” W
Weight272 lb
Design Tailored
ManufacturerRLF Home

White Cup and Coffee Beans on Dark Background with Letters Breakfast Classic Artwork, White Brown By Ambesonne (Price: $34.90)

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Credit: Amazon

For coffee lovers, here is coming, this curtain totally represents your personality. There is a big different thing when you open and close your window curtain if you have this one.  A big delicious coffee cup picture with letters decoration showing off at that time when you close and cover the window with this. This classic artwork is printed in the two panels curtain. Most people prefer to have this because of this god mix between white and dark brown colors. Even it has a dark color but it is not making your room getting dark. because of a good vibrant color and thin cloth of polyester that refracting the ray. You can bring this home in $34.90, it is so worth to buy.

Dimension13.7 x 10 x 1.1 inches
Weight10.7 ounces
Design Simple Cappuccino
Item Includes2 panels inside

Coffee Cup and Steam Pattern Made of Cups Beans Leaves Lettering Modern Art Print Green Black (Price: $34.95)

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Credit: Amazon

This one of a kind kitchen curtain that will help you to transform your lovely room into a private sanctuary. The double sweet coffee pictures on the neutral white background are incredible. This Ambesonne curtain is made from a high quality of 100 percent polyester and it is tight woven. It’s recommended to use this curtain in your kitchen, dorm rooms, and kids room. This curtain style makes it easy to match with any windows in your home.  Not only about its beautiful vibrant color, the curtain also brings 3D effect like a real experience to your window. Do not be afraid of the sun ray that can go through the cloth, because it is not too thick nor thin. It can be a good and special gift for friends or family.

Dimension14 x 10.5 x 0.4 inches
Weight7.2 ounces
Design Green black coffee
Item Includes2 panels inside

Tips To Choose The Right Kitchen Curtain

  • Choose the Right Pattern

    With various design available, you can always choose the kitchen curtain based on your needs. However, choosing the one with the full pattern will make your kitchen more alive, while the plain bright curtain is more suitable for a small kitchen. Consider picking the curtain with a geometric or asymmetrical pattern to enhance the look of your kitchen.

  • Concern Your Privacy

    Choose cafe curtain, fabric roller shades, or you can try a woven material to allow the ray go through the fabric, yet still, provides privacy in your kitchen. You can go with a simple swag if the privacy is not important for you.

  • Consider the Right Size

    You really need to consider the right size curtain that perfect to your windows. Make and create the balance appearance is important to show the personalized effect in your lovely kitchen. Because a beautiful kitchen will not seem so good if it does not use to the right size.

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