Beautiful and Solid Ecostone Fence Panels from SimTek Fence

It is nearly impossible to have a house without installing any fence as the protection. The fence is such an obligatory property’s addition for every responsible homeowner. It is also called the icon of a good house.

The fence has two primary specialties which are providing security and privacy and creating a boundary between neighbors. So it’s very important to have a talk with your neighbors or homeowners association before deciding the proper fence to install. A good fence should provide benefits both for the homeowners and his surroundings.

Nowadays, there are so many fence designs which you can choose from every fencing material. It is because, besides those two main functions, fence also works well to enhance the property’s style and value. So you have to make sure that your fence should also amaze all the coming guests.

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credit: SimTek Fence

Some homeowners may choose more sophisticated fence style, but the one which still adapts the sense of Mother Nature is always the winner. The beauty of woods and stones are always perfect to match with the backyard’s surrounding. The natural fencing style is the everlasting choice to protect your property.

However, choosing the natural material for fencing sometimes costing you many risks. For example, the wood fence may experience rot and decay, so it costs you tricky maintenance, and stone fences can be so complicated for the installation.

As the solution, vinyl fence is made to resemble the appearance of natural material like wood and stone. You can still get the beauty of nature by choosing vinyl fence without worrying its durability and installation. There are various designs which you can choose to match with your outdoor space’s style.

One of the beautiful artificial natural fences that you can choose is the Ecostone fence from SimTek Fence. This faux stone fence offers great durability and fascinating style at the same time.


Ecostone Fence


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credit: SimTek Fence


The rocky style of Ecostone fence will surely make your home looks like a magnificent castle. The look resembles the texture of granite, creates such a natural hilly nuance to your outdoor space. With this fence design, you will be provided an excellent privacy and security.


As has been discussed above, that the PVC fence is designed to resemble the appearance of natural material with much better durability. If the real stone fence can experience crack and chip over the years, with this simulated stone fence, you will not face those problems. The fence will always look beautiful with its UV stabilization which keeps the color looks vibrant for a lifetime.


Due to its durability, the Ecostone fence is more like ‘install and forget’ home addition which means you will not have to do any tricky regular maintenance. There is ni need of painting or staining because it won’t fade, warp, bow, or crack.


This decorative fence can be installed by professionals or DIYers. The written instructor provided by the manufacturer is clear and can be followed conveniently. Be sure that the fence is installed properly to create a well-finished wall.

Price and Warranty

The warranty of Ecostone Fence from SimTek Fence is 25-year, and the MSRP for 6 feet system is $39.50/linear foot includes shipping and handling.

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