Front Fence Ideas: 21+ Inspirations to Make Attractive Outdoor Look

A fence is the most basic outdoor protection that you have to consider to improve your exterior look. It doesn’t only work to provide security and privacy, but it also has a huge influence on the overall look of your house. As stated by home experts, a fence is one of the most essential parts that every house should have. There are various kinds of styles and materials of a fence that you can find.

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Below we have compiled dozens of front fence ideas that you can try and apply to your own home. There are different styles and materials so make sure you check them all out!

Best Front Fence Ideas

Front Fence Ideas: Modern Wall Fence

Front Fence Ideas: Modern Wall Fence

Let’s start with a modern one for those who love or want to have a modern fence to match their modern house. Instead of using a super tall transparent fence, combining it with a gate and a medium height of wall can be a great example. A dark shade that is used gives a modern and minimalist vibe that also matches perfectly with the outer part of the house.

Front Fence Ideas: Chic Rustic Fence

Front Fence Ideas: Chic Rustic Fence

Another idea from this Victorian-style home by combining rustic exposed brick walls with a metal gate. This idea with a short wall fence is suitable for people who want to want to have simple privacy feature that is also easy to maintain. Not just for the Victorian house, this fence style will also look good for those who have rustic farmhouse design.

Front Fence Ideas: Minimalist Picket Fence

Front Fence Ideas: Minimalist Picket Fence

A picket fence is probably one of the most popular styles that many homeowners choose. It’s so simple and can also be combined with another feature like a metal or iron gate. A picket fence will also blend well with any home design because its main material is mostly wood which can be painted according to your preference.

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Front Yard Fence Ideas 4


Front Yard Fence Ideas 5


Front Yard Fence Ideas 6


Front Yard Fence Ideas 7


Front Yard Fence Ideas 8


Front Yard Fence Ideas 9

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If the ideas above are not enough, don’t worry because we still have some left down below so don’t miss any single of them!

Front Yard Fence Ideas 10


Front Yard Fence Ideas 11


Front Yard Fence Ideas 12


Front Yard Fence Ideas 13


Front Yard Fence Ideas 14


Front Yard Fence Ideas 15

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Front Yard Fence Ideas 16


Front Yard Fence Ideas 17


Front Yard Fence Ideas 18


Front Yard Fence Ideas 19


Front Yard Fence Ideas 20


Front Yard Fence Ideas 21

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The first thing that you want to improve for your outdoor living space is probably on how to make your home looks more attractive. Of course, in this case, a front fence has to work as its function but we can’t also deny that it needs to look as attractive as possible. For some people, making an eye-catching front fence is obligatory because it can make their house looks more outstanding.

If you’re planning to improve the look of your front house, changing a fence can be a good start!

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