How to Choose Bed Frame That Suits Your Beloved Room

The right bed frame is not only about the look, but it also has to provide great comfort for you so you can have a good rest every single night. Moreover, since it’s a quite big investment, you need to find the one that can last for a long time.

How to Choose Bed Frame

Here, we have compiled some steps that you can refer to that will help you to find the best one. Just keep scrolling to check out our guide on How to Choose Bed Frame below.

How to Choose Bed Frame

How to Choose Bed Frame 1

Refer to the Size of Mattress

If you already have your favorite mattress in your possession or at least got one in your mind, it would be easier to determine the size of the bed frame that suits you best. A double bed frame fits well for a full-size mattress, a queen-size bed frame for a queen-size mattress, and so on.

Another consideration is to refer to the size of your bedroom. The space around should perfectly fit the size of the bedroom. Though the bedding is the main focal point of the room, you still need to spare some space for other pieces of furniture and décor items.

Choose a Platform Bed or Box Spring

Today, a lot of homeowners prefer to buy platform beds since it only needs a mattress without a box spring. It’s a very good option for you who have a limited budget. If you’d like to have a higher bed, there are some platform beds that can accommodate a box spring as well.

The choice actually depends on your personal preference. Bot options have plus and minus points, so you may want to do a little bit of research to determine which one is right for you.

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Pick a Chic Style

As mentioned before, bedding is the main focal point of the room which makes it important for you to find the one that looks attractive. Up until today, it seems that the wood bed frame is still the most popular since it’s available both for you who love classic or modern decorating styles.

You can also consider other options like metal or wrought iron bed frames. It’s always a wiser idea for you to match the bed frame with other décor items and pieces of furniture to create a harmonious overall look.

Think About the Height and Bulkiness

If you prefer to have a bed frame with some additional features like a canopy, you might want to carefully measure the height of the room. Don’t let the room feel cramped by the existence of your bed frame with extra features.

Further, a bed frame that comes with a huge headboard also requires a huge space. Keep in mind that it can be quite difficult to install if you have a bedroom with a small entrance.

Consider Extra Features

Some bed frames are designed with built-in storage which is perfect for you who have limited space. You just need to simply open the mattress and you will find hidden space to store your stuff neatly.

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