How To Choose a Bean Bag that Suits Your Personal Needs Best

For you who are planning on adding additional seating space, a bean bag is definitely a nice option to consider. They don’t only provide more space but also give another chic touch to the decor of the room.

How To Choose a Bean Bag

A bean bag is good to complete a living room, bedroom, or any room as you desire. They are made of various materials and designed in various styles.

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In this article, we have compiled some steps that you can keep in mind in choosing the best bean bag that suits you best. Just keep scrolling to check out our guide How To Choose a Bean Bag below!

How To Choose a Bean Bag

How To Choose a Bean Bag 1

Choose the Shape

The first step that you can do to narrow down your choice is to determine what shapes of bean bags that you want. There are some popular options that you can consider which include:

  • Round – It’s surely everyone’s favorite which is perfect for you who want a bean bag for additional seating space.
  • Square – This one is commonly designed like a living room or couch which comes with arms and backrest.
  • Rectangular – For you who want to use the bean bag for napping, a long rectangular one is worth considering.
  • Gaming – Of course, a gaming bean bag is specifically designed in an ergonomic shape to provide extra comfort for hours.

Choose the Size

The next consideration is the size which should properly fit your body. It basically depends on who will use the bean bag chair regularly.

  • Kids – The bean bags with 110 to 120 inches diameter are good options for kids around 4’2”.
  • Teens – For teens to adults around 5’2”, you can choose bean bags from 130 to 140 inches.
  • Adults – The comfortable option is the bean bags with a range of 150 to 160 inches in circumference.

Choose the filling

The filling of bean bags is varied and each material has its pros and cons. These are some popular options:

  • EPS Beads (Expanded polystyrene) – It’s a lightweight material that can retain its form easily but is non-biodegradable.
  • EEP Beads (Expanded polypropylene) – It’s considered as the most durable material which can back to its original shape quickly but is quite heavy to move here and there.
  • Compressed Foam – It provides great comfort for your back and neck but can lose its strength quickly.

Choose the Fabric

Besides the filling, the fabric of the bean bags also determines their comfort. The choice depends on how you would use it and where to place it.

  • Vinyl – This is a cheap material that is quite easy to maintain and available in a wide range of colors.
  • Cotton – It’s also an affordable option with great comfortability but is quite difficult to maintain.
  • Leather – For you who have more budget, a leather bean bag is a good option that looks so stylish.
  • Microsuede – Another luxury option is the ones that come with microsuede which looks aesthetically appealing and feels so cozy.
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