The Steps You Can Take to Upgrade Your Bathroom

According to a recent survey, more than half of homeowners in the UK have a room currently in need of decoration, and around one in four are constantly decorated. The same survey found that bathrooms ranked fairly low on the list with regard to how often redecorations are carried out, though.

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Many may be of the opinion that bathrooms are difficult to decorate, owing to the number of crucial features they provide and waterproof requirements of any changes – but there are many simple ways in which you can refresh, even upgrade, your bathroom. Here are just four suggestions:

Upcycle Old Furniture

Upcycling is a trend which has increased in popularity over time, for a number of reasons. Public attitudes regarding sustainability have re-energised many to seek alternative, less-polluting options to redecorating, while cultural trends toward nostalgia have seen more and more people raiding vintage emporiums and charity shops for chic used items. Older bathroom units can be given new life with a little care and attention, while broken tiles can be used for a patchwork effect or for decoration on higher surfaces.

Add a Feature Wall

Feature walls are now a common sight to behold in living spaces, whether in your living room or the wall behind the headboard in the master bedroom. Feature walls are great for drawing the eye, and can have the visual effect of extending a space. They also add mood and intrigue without overwhelming a space, by existing in opposition to neutral-coloured walls. Feature walls can confer exactly the same benefits to bathroom spaces, with application of bathroom paint transforming a space otherwise neutral and utilitarian into one with an identity – a space that’s enjoyable to experience.

Mix Textures

One of the biggest gifts contemporary design aesthetic has received from the modern tradition is that of mixing colours and textures. Maximalist homes make the most of unique and bespoke furniture items, playing colours and materials off each other to create a truly three-dimensional, vibrant space. The bathroom can also benefit from this treatment; try playing bamboo accessories off the clean stainless steel of your faucets, or using mismatched textiles for floor mats and curtains.

Add a Shower Door

Shower curtains represent a simple, low-cost way to influence the way your bathroom looks – but the expense of replacing them can rack up over time, and in partitioning your bathroom can reduce its perceived size significantly. Installing a shower door instead, whether for your shower unit or across your bath, has a number of positive effects on your bathroom: using a transparent or translucent glass means more visible space, as well as the ability to show off your tiling; shower doors are also more watertight, keeping the rest of your bathroom much dryer when you come to use the shower.

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