Introduction to Modern Interior Design

Modern design continues to dominate the decorating scene much as it did throughout the 20th century. There is a wide range of things that are included in modern design, making it easy to incorporate this decorating style into any home.

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Synthetic Materials

Natural materials are often a part of mid-century decorating schemes instead of modern design. Instead of wooden furniture or large wooden tables, most people that prefer modern design have glass and steel furniture with clean lines.

Straight Lines

Straight lines are often seen throughout homes with a modern theme. Clean lines are seen in furniture, and even on rugs. For example, the modern rugs that are seen in our San Francisco store.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are ideal for any home that has a modern decorating scheme. These floor plans allow plenty of room for various design ideas. They truly encompass modern decor as they are open, provide ample space for the entire family, and are not cluttered.

Some consider these plans to be of a contemporary design. It’s important to remember that an open space can fall into two design categories.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric designs remain popular in both modern residential design and businesses. When a company is working to design business furniture or a color scheme, it’s often done with geometric designs to appear both professional and modern.

There are a wide range of ways to include shapes in your home. A hexagon accent piece is a great conversation starter. Geometric rugs add a touch of modern personality to any room! Paintings are another great idea.

Plain Living Spaces

One of the elements of design that is seen repeatedly in modern decorating is the absence of clutter and large pieces of furniture. Instead, the design process tends to focus on natural light and open spaces.

Design styles like this one often involve looking at a developed room design so that you can consider every aspect of the room before remodeling. Minimalistic spaces, including outdoor spaces, create a modern appeal.

Green Design

If you have an eye for design, consider using more greenery and neutral colors. This design idea works wonderfully in both a residential setting or an office space. Beautiful spaces with a minimalistic design and plants will create a modern haven.

Utilize Color Theory

This is one of the easiest ways to determine which colors complement one another. When looking at a color wheel, choose one color that will be approximately 60% of the room. Then, choose a coordinating color that is close to it on the color wheel for another 30% of the room. The last 10% will be used for an accent color. For a more dramatic effect, opt for a color on the opposite side of the color wheel. This is one of the fundamental concepts of interior design.

Look At Modern Buildings

Modern architecture can teach you a great deal about modernist design. The stark lines and clean cut corners are seen repeatedly in modernist design. Even light sources inside buildings coordinate perfectly with the rest of the design.

In Conclusion

When learning about modern interior design, consider every aspect of design. Look at the colors, shapes, and patterns that are frequently used. Minimalism is one of the most important things to remember when incorporating this type of design into your home.

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