A Quick Guide on How to Choose Bedroom Curtains in a Budget

Curtain is a nice addition to every home décor which doesn’t only work to beautify the room but also provides great privacy. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to include it in your list of décor items.

How to Choose Bedroom Curtains

For you who have a bedroom with huge windows that face directly to the outside space of your home, of course, adding curtains is a crucial consideration. You don’t want to have some sneaky intruders stalk your activities when you’re inside your room.

For sure, privacy should be the main factor in choosing a bedroom curtain, but as part of the décor, it should be able to enhance the beauty of the room as well. In fact, the curtain is one of the main focal points of the room that draws the most attention, so choosing the ‘bad’ one may break the overall look around instead of making it up.

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It’s so understandable that if you’re kind of struggling to choose the best curtain for your bedroom since there are tons of products available in the market. You will find the ones with sheer to opaque style which is made of various kinds of fabric.

How to Choose Bedroom Curtains

How to Choose Bedroom Curtains 1

Since privacy is the priority, a bedroom curtain should be able to block the view from an outside perspective to your bedroom, this point is mainly determined by the material. Then, the color and pattern of the curtain have to complement other décor items around.

Check out a simple guide on how to choose bedroom curtains below that will ease you to pick the best one!


When it comes to privacy, there are two different curtain types to consider which are the one that still allows sunlight to come to the room or provides total blackout. Commonly, curtains that are made of lightweight fabric can block the outside view while still allowing the natural light to come through.


While today the choice curtain materials are kind of limitless, some best-selling options include cotton, polyester, velvet, and silk. To determine this, you need to refer to your willingness to maintain the curtains. Synthetic fabrics are the best choice for you who are not willing enough to do a lot of maintenance while natural materials like silk and wool need to be taken care of on a regular basis.

Color and pattern

The easiest tip is to coordinate the curtain with other elements of the décor. To create a harmonious overall look. You can match the curtain with the bedding since they are the items that dominate the décor. However, if the décor of the room is already decorative enough, consider choosing the curtain with a neutral tone to avoid an overwhelming vibe.


The last step is to choose the curtain length that fits well for your bedroom sizes. Typically, you will find three types of length which are apron, floor, and puddle. Apron length hangs quite far from the flooring, floor length almost touches the floor, and puddle length is like a train that is spilled onto the floor.

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