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It’s surely safe to say that a mirror is a must-have element to every bathroom decor. You can’t say that you have a comfortable bathroom when there’s no mirror around. 

How to Choose Bathroom Mirror

The mirror is a part of the bathroom’s decor which makes it have two jobs at the same time which are functionality and aesthetics. A bathroom doesn’t feel like a bathroom when you don’t include at least a mirror in your list of decor items.

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Refer to this consideration, you may find it difficult to find the perfect mirror to decorate your bathroom. Some factors like type, style, and size of the mirror should be kept in mind so you won’t end up having the one that tends to ruin the overall look of your bathroom.

To help you to make the right decision in choosing a bathroom mirror that really suits you, take a look at some steps below that we have compiled!

How to Choose Bathroom Mirror

How to Choose Bathroom Mirror 1

As mentioned above, there are various aspects that you have to consider when choosing a bathroom mirror, Remember, a mirror is both the main focal point of the decor and the main feature of the room, so it has to be able to deal with both jobs properly.

Harmonize It

The very first step to do is to refer to the decorating style of your bathroom. For instance, if you have a bathroom with a minimalist decorating style, the one with a clean-lined design is the best option. Harmonize the mirror with other decor elements like color, pattern, and texture around to room to create an adorable overall look.

Choose the type

In general, there are three types of bathroom mirrors which include:

  • Vanity Mirrors – This is the most popular option which simply means a mirror that is hung above the vanity or basin area. It can be a big large mirror or twin set.
  • Free-hung Mirrors – There are three types of bathroom mirrors that hung independently which are framed, ledge, and frameless. They come in various designs that can suit your bathroom decorating style.
  • Free-standing Mirrors – A standing mirror in a bathroom mostly come in a full-body design. It will become the main focal point of the room instantly.

Pick the shape

Some popular shapes of bathroom mirrors are square, rectangular, round, oval, and ornate. Round and oval mirrors are perfect for you who have a small bathroom while the square ones are perfect for one with ample space. If you want to go with a more distinctive one, you can go with the ornate mirrors.

Determine the size

The last step to take is to make sure the size of the mirror fits well with your bathroom. First, make sure that the proportions of the mirror is properly managed. Then, refer to how you want to use the mirror, is it only for grooming? Try your clothes on? The size of the mirror should be able to provide the function that you want to get.

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