Is It Worth It To Get An Air Purifier For Viruses And Bacteria?  

We all know that air purifiers can work like magic for combating viruses and bacteria in our homes. But look closely and tell, does that genuinely work? During the COVID-19 situation, people consistently switch to these intelligent machines to help us keep any harmful viruses and bacteria at bay. It helps ensure that families have a safe experience all the time. But not all air purifiers can work that way. Only a few air purifiers are  actually excellent at their job, the ones installed by Clover Services is one of them.

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In a recent survey, several people were asked if having an air purifier in their homes genuinely helps keep the germs at bay. You will be stunned to learn that they said that it only works to a certain extent. Air purifiers are inbuilt with various smart detectors that help trap the viruses and bacteria in them. However, killing them is not always possible. Apart from this, only a small amount of germs can be trapped inside the cleaners, as trapping all the germs is a challenge for many.

Keeping up the general hygiene practices like washing your hands, cleaning up the surfaces, and maintaining good ventilation inside the home can help keep these germs away for a long time. But we cannot avoid the need for air purifiers that work potentially and save us during this challenging time.

Select A Potential Air Purifier As Per Your Preference

Patients who have asthma must look out for air purifiers with TRUE HEPA filters. They should also try to prevent using Ozone based purifiers as far as possible.

If you are facing issues of low immunity, TRUE HEPA filters are the stop solution for you. However, If you also have a dialysis problem, make sure you install an air purifier that ensures the best quality. Also, do not forget to check if it has TRUE HEPA filters in it.

We all often wonder how to kill allergens around us. Although allergens do not always bring severe results, they can be detrimental in the near future. That is why you must always look for TRUE HEPA filters technology to avoid this. Since they eliminate 100% of allergens, they can be all you need.

Those who own pets at home may also be more susceptible to viruses and bacteria than others. That is why they must make sure to have a potential air purifier that promotes a strong pre-filter. Such a thing helps prevent breathing in pet hair and cleans the environment in no time for you.

Individuals working in the construction industry are also continuously exposed to viruses and bacteria. In addition, the dirt and debris that come out of these industries can quickly make them sick. That is why they must always try and use air purifiers whenever possible. Using air purifiers with pre-filters can help them to maintain better health and wellness. Also, it is significant to replace the pre-filters regularly.

If you live in an industrial area, it is significant for you to have an air purifier that fosters activated carbon filters. Such a thing removes odour from the air in no time. So, you can always make the most of it without any hindrance.

What Are The Levels And Types Of Filters In Air Purifiers?

1.     Pre-filters

These may be present in the form of non-woven polyester or foam. Such things help get rid of particles that mainly consist of pet hair. This occurs before the next stage of filtration. So, it can help to ensure health and safety signs in need.

2.     True HEPA

We have been talking about this for a long time, but what is it anyway? Well, the complete form of HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air filters that come in handy when you wish to get rid of allergens, mainly animal skin, mold spores, and debris. These filters can help eliminate nearly 99.9% of particles that can be as minute as 0.3 microns. However, make sure that if you use filters containing them, they require to be replaced regularly.

3.     UV Filters

UV filters combined with the power of HEPA filters can work like magic to make sure that the air you are breathing is clean and safe. You will often find hospitals and other wellness centers using such filters. You are also likely to see them in daycare schools and kitchens. Since they can help reduce the risk of airborne infections exponentially, you need not think twice before using them.

4.     Activated Carbon Filters

These may be implemented with other filters as per the requirement. These are built to help absorb gases and different odors and neutralize fumes, chemicals, and smoke on time.

5.     Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) Filter

These implement titanium dioxide-coated metal plates. The plates may be used along with UV light, which helps in the oxidation and physical breakdown of chemicals. Such a thing happens during the filtration process.

6.     Charged Media Filters

Using particle filtration with an electrostatic charge filter can help reduce as tiny as 0.1 microns. That is why you need to replace them consistently if you want them to work correctly at all times. So, you have to maintain caution when dealing with them on a timely basis. You cannot forget about them and expect them to work correctly.

What About The Warranty And Customer Service?

Generally, air purifiers require changing nearly every 12 to 18 months. So, you have to be regular at that without any failure. Also, you need to bear in mind that the after-sale service works like magic. This will help make the replacement process convenient, flexible, and also as easy as it gets. Apart from this, it would help if you remembered that your air purifier is quite an investment. That is why you need to know how to maintain them properly. If you face any issue with them, call upon your HVAC assistants on time. They can help you prevent any harm before it is too late. So, why keep waiting? Start today.

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