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Bedroom 101: How to Choose Full-Length Mirror on a Budget

By Edward •  Updated: 11/30/21 •  3 min read

Full-length mirrors become so popular today. It’s safe to say that full-length mirrors are inseparable from modern bedroom décor.

How to Choose Full-Length Mirror

Besides enhancing the attractiveness of your bedroom décor, full-length mirrors also provide great function daily. They will help you to get ready every day before going out or trying your outfit from head to toe.

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In this article, we have compiled some steps that you can consider to choose the best full-length mirrors for your bedroom. Just keep scrolling to find a quick guide on how to choose full length mirror!

How to Choose Full Length Mirror on a Budget

Determine the Size

The size of the mirror should be the first thing to keep in mind. There are factors to choose the perfect size which is right for you which are referring to how you would like to use the mirror and the space available in your bedroom. If you want to have the one which reflects your body from head to toe, you need to choose the tall one (also refers to your height) but try to find the one which is not too wide if you have a bedroom with limited space.

The most popular sizes are around 43” x 13” and 68” x 32”. You can still find a lot of options that can suit your needs and taste.

Choose the Frame Material

When it comes to the frame of a full-length mirror, there are several options available which include solid wood, particleboard, aluminum, plastic, and high-quality metal. To choose the right one, refers to your budget, the existing decorative style of your bedroom, and your willingness to maintain the frame regularly.

If you have a limited budget, you can go with plastics and particle board since they are typically inexpensive but they are not really durable. The best options are solid wood and metal frame that you can keep in mind when you have an extra budget.

Pick the Style

The full-length mirrors are not only designed in a rectangular shape, but they only come in rounded or oval shapes – which is considered more expensive. If you prefer a full-length mirror that looks more distinctive, you can find the ones with ornate and patterns on their frames.

Select the Mounting Option

There are several mounting options that are quite popular such as:

Check Your Budget

Once you have some options in mind, it’s to even narrow them down by referring to your budget. The price of the full-length mirrors is mainly determined by the size, frame materials, and mirror quality. No worries, you can always find abundant products which are offered at various prices.