Bedroom 101: How to Choose Bedroom Wallpaper for Chic Vibe

Decorating your bedroom with wallpaper is never a bad idea. It’s a more creative way to make your bedroom look more admirable and feel comfortable at the same time.

How to Choose Bedroom Wallpaper

However, choosing the wallpaper for your bedroom can be quite tricky. If you are not careful enough, you may end up purchasing a wallpaper that overwhelms the nuance around and disrupt your relaxing time.

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To help you to find the best wallpaper for your beloved bedroom, we share with you a simple guide that you can keep in mind. Check out a quick guide on how to choose bedroom wallpaper for chic and cozy decor.

How to Choose Bedroom Wallpaper

How to Choose Bedroom Wallpaper 1

Hold on to the relaxing vibe

When it comes to the bedroom, the atmosphere that you’d like to achieve is definitely the relaxing one. Therefore, choosing a wallpaper that creates a relaxing atmosphere is always a wiser idea rather to buy the one which spread an intimidating feel.

It doesn’t mean that your option is limited to the plain wallpaper with calm color. You can go with patterned ones but keep in mind to choose the easy pattern (like small-scale prints) with soft color.

Take a look around

To create a beautifully harmonious look, pick a wallpaper that complements other elements of the room. For a striking nuance, you can match the wallpaper with the bedsheet. But, if you want to make it less obvious, simply choose a wallpaper that flows gorgeously with those cute décor items or pieces of furniture.

Refer to the size of the room

If you have a small bedroom, it would be better if you just decorate one side of the walls instead of four of them. It’s to avoid a stuffy nuance if you cover all sides of the wall with the wallpaper, especially when it comes with striking color and pattern.

Consider the installation

Today, you can find a lot of wallpapers with ‘paste the wall’ feature. This kind of wallpaper can be installed all by yourself without any helps from a pro. You just need to simply hang the wallpaper on the pasted wall without any process to soak it or pasting the table.

Try it on

There are two ways that you can do before purchasing wallpaper. It’s actually an important step so you won’t end up getting the bad one.

If you are looking at the wallpapers online, there are a lot of websites that have some inspiring ideas of how each wallpaper will look when it’s installed in a bedroom. It can be a useful reference before you check out your desired wallpapers from your shopping carts.

For those who prefer to go for an offline hunt, you can order some samples of the wallpaper. Hang the samples on the desired walls until you get the one that perfectly fits your beloved bedroom.

Happy decorating your beloved bedroom with gorgeous wallpaper now!

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