How To Brighten Your Space With Colorful Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Often, people look into brightening spaces that have little or no access to natural light. Examples include pantries, small kitchens, and even tight home offices. But the thing is that even rooms with adequate lighting can still feel a bit too dull. The light might be there, yet the room still doesn’t feel bright enough. Are you facing such an issue in your home? Let’s look at how you change this using floral pattern wallpaper:

How To Use Floral Pattern Wallpaper

When peelable wallpaper first hit the market, people were not completely sold on the idea. After all, how could this wallpaper adhere to the walls without paste? They had little faith in the adhesive on the wallpaper backings. But that was decades ago when this concept was still new. Now, people have seen the wallpaper adhere to walls for ten to fifteen years while maintaining its sheen.

It’s no longer a question of how long it will last but rather how well it meshes with the home. If you’re going to have something plastered on your wall for a decade, it might as well be the best choice. That’s why floral patterns are such an excellent choice- they transform your space into a calming haven by incorporating natural patterns. Ensure that you use bright-colored wallpaper as only then can you achieve more brightness. Examples of colors include orange, yellow, pink, white, and others that dramatically brighten up spaces. Avoid dull and dark colors as these will only make the room feel much darker.

Now, here’s how you can put them to the best use:

To Add Depth

Rather than using the floral patterns as the main standpoint in the room, why not use them as a complement? Suppose your space has a yellow color scheme. Instead of using a floral pattern that uses different colors, you can use a patterned yellow wallpaper. The result? – the room will acquire a new depth and seem to be beaming with character. That way, you do not interrupt the flow in the room and only add to it. For optimal effects, couple the yellow wallpaper with yellow paint on the boards and walls for some unison.

To Enhance a Vintage Look

Even as we progress towards modern designs, we cannot help but borrow from the past for some inspiration. If you’re moving towards a more rustic vibe, floral patterns could work in your favor. They are ideal for adding character into a room and impart a striking effect to the space. Moreover, coupling the patterns with natural elements in the room creates seamlessness that helps everything fall into place. Look up floral patterns that give off rustic vibes when looking for a paper that can work with this concept.

To Frame Room Sections

Are you trying to compartmentalize specific areas in the room? Perhaps you want to designate a space for dining in an open-plan living room. Or you want to focus attention on the fireplace. Whatever the concept is, floral patterns can get you there. All you need is to line the dedicated space with wallpaper which creates just enough contrast to create a visual appeal. Then complement the wallpaper with elements that add rather than take away from it. When room sections are apparent, the space feels much brighter.

To Match Furniture and Accessories

Have you ever walked into a room where everything seemed to be in place? – That happens when you take the time to see how every element blends into the space. An easy way to do this is by choosing patterns that complement each other. Take a room with brown and white furnishings, for example. What floral patterns can you introduce to match these while brightening up the space? You want to create just enough contrast to keep people’s eyes glued to the patterns without overwhelming the room. Can you come up with any ideas?

To Designate Reading Nooks

Every room needs a focal space that creates interest in the rest of the room. For example, creating a reading nook in a room might be what you need to make the room feel much brighter. It also creates a sense of intrigue and tricks the eyes into thinking that the room is much bigger. To achieve this, use wallpaper with bright yet contrasting colors to those in the main room. Then add a bookshelf, line up some books and magazines, and add some throw pillows and a comfortable seat. Just like that, you will have perfected the illusion of grandeur.

To Create Art

Floral patterns are quite striking and might be what you need to create art in the home. Rather than investing a ton of cash in art pieces, why not frame a floral pattern wallpaper? It works great for anyone on a budget as you can cover a small section using only one roll. Choose a pattern that matches the décor in the room, frame it, and hang it! Just like that, the room will suddenly seem to have developed character overnight. Oh, and it will also seem much brighter!

To Create an Accent Wall

Have you ever walked into a room and could not stop staring at one of its walls? Thanks to their eye-catchy aesthetics, accent walls have become quite the popular option. You need to use floral patterns on only one wall, making it the focal wall. Avoid using competing colors on the other walls and in the room. Instead, add colors, accessories, and fittings that tie to the accent wall to create unison.

When working with patterns, you must consider the size of the room. Using patterns on all the walls in a small room can make it feel much smaller than it is, making people feel claustrophobic. So, in this case, you would be much better off using the patterns on a single wall or for framing. But with larger rooms, you can play about with the patterns, ensuring that you do not create a busy look. It takes some thought to achieve the perfect balance of contrast, but the results will be worth it once you do. Have fun!

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