Living Room 101: How to Choose Flower Vases for Airy Gorgeous Décor

Though it may sound classic, adding flowers to the décor of your living room will not be an old-fashioned idea forever. They never fail to give a more colorful touch and airy vibe around the room which everyone will surely fall in love with.

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To beautify the flowers, of course, you will need some vases. They don’t only work to support the flowers and keep them alive, but they also play a role in enhancing the beauty of the room.

That being said, you need to choose vases that work well to handle the flowers technically and decorate the room at the same time. The size, materials, and where you place the vases are some points that you can consider when you are on a hunt for flower vases.

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Check out the quick guide on how to choose flower vases below that will totally help you!

How to Choose Flower Vases

How to Choose Flower Vases

Size Really Matters

When it comes to choosing flower vases for the living room, the first thing to consider is the size. It’s not only about picking the right size of a vase that fits your living room décor but also that can handle the flowers properly.

In general, the length of the stem has to be no more than one and a half up to two times the vases’ height. The neck of the vase is another consideration in which a neck that is too wide may not support the stems that won’t hold the bouquet in place and when it’s too narrow the stems can be damaged.

Refer to the Space

The spots in which you’d like to place the vases also determine which kind of vases that you actually need. Here’s what you can keep in mind:

  • For tall table or table console – A long cylinder-shaped vases can be a good option for this spot since it can balance the height of the furniture. You can add long-stemmed flowers to decorate the vase.
  • For a table with a wide surface – A broad container can complement this spot beautifully and the colorful flowers with long stems like Liliums, Gladioli, and Heliconia are some considerable choices.
  • For small tables – Shorter vases or bowls will do a good job to decorate tables with a small surface. You can consider some flowers with medium stems like hydrangeas, roses, or orchids. Alternatively, floating some cute flowers like gerbera is enough to beautify the vase.

Choose the Right Materials

The materials that build up flower vases are not only about durability but also their overall look. While there are tons of materials that are used to make vases, they can create two main materials that look which are transparent and non-transparent.

For transparent vases, they are mainly made of glass which is good for flowers that look beautiful from the bottom to the top like magnolia branches. If you prefer to hide the stem, opaque flower vases are, of course, the right one for you.

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