Living Room 101: How to Decorate Small Space with Plants

Having a small living room can be tough. You can’t really decorate it as free as you want. The limited space available may not allow you add this and that around.

How to Decorate Small Space with Plants

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some plants to the room to give a more refreshing nuance and natural touch to the décor. With some proper steps, you can beautify a narrow living room with some chic indoor plants.

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Here, we have a quick tutorial on how to decorate small space with plants to help you out!

How to Decorate Small Space with Plants

How to Decorate Small Space with Plants 1

Pick Tall Plant

When it comes to a small living room, choosing indoor plants that grow tall instead of ‘large’ is a wise idea. The bushy plants are not really suitable for the narrow space since they make take a lot of space as they keep growing overtimes. You may need to regularly trim it which doesn’t sound like a thing that you want to do especially if you have lots of jobs to get done.

The best options that you can keep in mind are the Snake Plant and Fiddle Leaf Fig. They can maintain their shapes over time without difficult maintenance.

Group the Plants

Plant grouping is an alternative way for you who want to have a more jungle-like touch to the overall look of your small living room. You just need to use a corner of the room – which hasn’t been taken by those pieces of furniture – to place a group of plants.

Three potted plants are enough to create a small jungle in the room which will surely draw everyone’s attention. You can try to combine one tall plant and two short plants, like a Fiddle Leaf Fig and two Jade Pothos. To create a more attractive look, placing the shorter plants on wood blocks or pot holders is a nice idea.

Beautify the Shelf

When you are done with the flooring, let’s move to some furniture with a wide surface like the shelf or TV console. If you haven’t placed anything on it, you can decorate it with some tiny plants like succulents. They are enough to complement those bigger plants and are considered easy to maintain.

Consider the Wall

Still can’t get enough yet? Well, the wall of the room hasn’t been decorated with some plans, so let’s add some! Decorating the wall of your living room can be done by installing some hanging planters.

To create a dramatic touch, some vines will do a great job. Just let them drape down the wall and it will give a gorgeously distinctive touch in a very natural way.

Feed Them Well

Plants need sunlight to survive, so if you can, put them in the area when the natural light can go through the room. It will surely help them to keep alive. But if your living room doesn’t have windows, you can take the plants out for around 6 hours a day to feed them on daily basis.

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