Bedroom 101: How to Choose Headboard for Chic and Cozy Decor

A headboard will instantly bring the style of your bedroom décor to a whole new level. It works to complement your bedroom which later creates a stunning focal point inside.

How to Choose Headboard

But, you must be quite careful in choosing the headboard that you will add to your bedroom décor. Some of them may look so attractive to buy, but they may not be durable to last overtimes.

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To help you out, we have compiled some steps that you can refer to our guide on How to Choose Headboard below.

How to Choose Headboard

How to Choose Headboard 1

Determine the Function

Though the main function of headboards is to give a more aesthetic appeal, there are the ones that also work as storage stations. It’s a very good option for you who don’t have more available space to add other storage around the room.

Some headboards also simply can provide a spot for you to rest your neck and back. In this case, you should choose the ones which are specifically designed to relax your body while you’re watching TV or reading some books.

Determine the Function

Once you have decided whether you want a headboard that both serve the functional and aesthetic purpose or just one, let’s continue by determining the right size that suits you. Of course, the size of a headboard should properly match the size of your bed so you can get a nice overall look.

The available space around the bed area is also another consideration that you need to keep in mind. If you have limited space, choosing a larger headboard is definitely not a good idea. The point is, don’t let the headboard overcrowds your bedroom.

Determine the Size

The easy way to choose the design of a headboard is to refer to the look of your bed. It has to beautifully complement the bed to create a harmonious overall look.

For you who have a bedroom with a lot of décor items that tend to create a classic nuance, you can choose a headboard that comes with a curvy side and tufted accent. If you decorate your bedroom with a minimalist decorating style, a headboard that comes with clean-lined detail and neutral color is a great option.

Determine the Materials

There are some popular materials when it comes to the headboards which are:

  • Upholstered – This type of headboard is covered with linen, leather, velvet, and others.  They also come with padding to provide comfort when you lean against them.
  • Wood – For you who love traditional stuff, a wood headboard is a good one. They are stained and painted to make them more adorable and durable.
  • Metal – The common metals which are used include wrought iron, brushed steel, brass, and other metals. They are available to decorate both traditional and modern bedrooms.
  • Wicker or Natural Fiber – This type of headboard will give a gorgeous texture to the overall look of your bedroom. It’s good to beautify a bedroom with coastal, cottage, and farmhouse styles.
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