Bathroom 101: How to Choose Vanity Lights That Suit You Best

You might not really think that choosing bathroom vanity lights actually need some considerations. When in fact, you can’t just buy some random lighting fixtures and install them around your vanity area.

How to Choose Vanity Lights

Some factors like the number of lights, design, and other features should be put into account so you can have vanity lights that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. You may end up purchasing the ones which don’t really suit your needs and taste.

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In this article, we share with you a simple guide that you can use as a reference when you are planning to install some lights around your vanity area. Just keep scrolling to check out our How to Choose Vanity Lights below!

How to Choose Vanity Lights

How to Choose Vanity Lights 1

How Many Lights

The number of lighting that you need actually depends on the size of your vanity. For instance, a pair of wall sconces is enough for a single-sink vanity with small to medium dimensions. For you who have a wider sconce, you can choose a set of lighting fixtures that contains 3 to 4 pieces.

The rule of thumb recommended by the American Lighting Association is you need to set 28 to 30 inches distance between one sconce to another. To ensure you get a good reflection, install the sconces about 60 to 70 inches from the flooring.

Pick the Style

As part of bathroom décor, wall sconces should also give a more attractive touch around and you will find tons of sconces which are designed in various styles. You can always refer to your very own personal taste to choose a design of vanity light.

You can consider purchasing vanity sconces that flow beautifully with the decorating style of your bathroom. For instance, the geometric-shaped sconces will fit stylishly with a modern bathroom.

Level of Light

To measure the level of light that you need, lumens measurement is mainly used. By knowing this, you can be sure whether you will get adequate light around your vanity area or not.

The proper amount of lumens as advised by the American Lighting Association is around 1,600 lumens, so if you want to install two sconces, each of them should have 800 lumens.

Consider Safety

As the bathroom environment can be wet all around, you might want to consider the safety of your vanity light. Some sconces have been specified with a wet rating to suit the wet environment of the bathroom that is important if the area of your vanity gets lots of water splashes.

Other Factors

Some additional features that may need your attention are the lighting type that the lights come with. Mostly, the modern vanity lights use LED since it’s considered energy-efficient, durable, and reliable at the same time.

In addition, installing vanity lights can be quite a dangerous job to do due to the wet environment around. That being said, hiring some pros is always a wiser consideration.

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