Simple 6 Tips On How to Unlock a Bedroom Door

No one wants to get locked in any room including their own houses because we know that it will be a hassle to figure out how to get out. Especially, if we don’t have anything to use to unlock the door because there will always be moments where we forget to put the key, lose it, break it, or other reasons. Just like a house in general, a bedroom especially is a place where you start and end daily activities.

Being locked out of the bedroom means that you can’t have full access to it which will block the whole needs. In this article, we have a few tips that you can do to unlock a bedroom door by using items you can easily find in your house. However, please note that these tips work best when you’re not in a hurry since it may take a while, especially if you’re alone and none to help.

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Stay on this page and keep reading to get more tips on how to unlock a bedroom door!


Identify the Door Lock Type

How to Unlock a Bedroom Door 1

In general, there are two types of locks that are used for interior doors. The easiest way to find the lock type is by looking at the slot or hole that is located outside the doorknob.

  • Push-in type: this type has a button in the knob to lock the door from the inside. The key point that you can spot from this lock type is it usually has a small hole with a diameter about 1/4-inch outside the knob.
  • Twist-button type: it works by turning right or left to function with a small slot about half an inch in length and 1/8-inch wide.

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Pins or Paper Clips

How to Unlock a Bedroom Door 2

This method is another simple way to unlock a door because you will only need hairpins, heavy-duty paperclips, or other stiff bits of wire. The steps are quite easy:

  • Bend the clip or pin apart to make a long and straight piece of metal.
  • If the lock is a push-button type, insert it directly into the hole until you feel some resistance, then push.
  • For a twisting type, you have to insert the pin into the keyhole and twist the knob while wiggling the pin at the same time until it catches on something, then apply pressure. To open a twist-lock, you should sweep the item both clockwise and counter-clockwise until the lock releases.
  • If you hear a click sound, it means that the door is already unlocked.

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Cards or Butter Knife

How to Unlock a Bedroom Door 3

Before using this tip, please make sure that you use non-confidential cards like a grocery membership, loyalty, library, and stiff business cards. As long as it’s stiff enough to slide on the door’s gap and not too soft.

  • Start from above the door handle by sliding the card into the gap between the frame and the door.
  • Tilt it towards the knob and bend it to slide.
  • Lean on the door while wiggling the card back and forth until the door unlocks.
  • You can also refer to these steps if you will use a knife but please be careful when using this tool. We would recommend using a butter knife, spreader, or something that doesn’t have a sharp blade.

Small Screwdriver

How to Unlock a Bedroom Door 4

This method works on doors with “privacy handles,” locked by pushing a button in the door handle. Grab a small screwdriver from your warehouse and you’re ready to do the job. What you will need to do is:

  • Look for a tiny hole in the doorknob.
  • Push an eyeglasses screwdriver, a paper clip hammered flat, or a very small butter knife into this hole.
  • Push it straight through as far as you can.
  • Turn or twist it until it catches a groove and the lock clicks open.

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Remove the Knob

How to Unlock a Bedroom Door 5

This step can probably be your last option to open the locked door by removing the knob. For some people, it can be too “extreme” to damage the knob but you don’t have other choices to do.

  • For privacy doors, the knob is held by two screws that are visible outside.
  • Use a screwdriver to undo these screws.
  • Once the screws are removed, place the screwdriver into the lock of the door handle and twist it gently to release the lock.
  • Apply some pressure to the knob by pulling on the screws.
  • The screws might be hidden behind a decorative collar in some cases. If this is the case, remove them first by inserting a clip into the small hole of the collar or gently pry the collar with a flathead screwdriver.

Call a Professional/Locksmith

How to Unlock a Bedroom Door 6

If the steps above are not working or not available within your reach, then you have no more choice than to contact the nearest locksmith. Of course, we would recommend this option if you’re not sure about something or afraid of breaking the whole door. We know that doing so will only make you spend more on renovating the door and probably the wall around it.

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No one wants to have this experience of being locked out of their own bedrooms either because they lost the key, broke it, or forget where they put it on. Well, it’s absolutely not a good experience but you can take it as little happening in life. We hope that these tips on how to unlock a bedroom door by using simple items can help you to take precautions just in case you face this. Of course, we hope it won’t happen to anyone!

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