How to Raise Free Chlorine in Pool Tutorial with Only 4 Quick Steps

Every pool owner must be familiar with the term ‘chlorine’ since it’s one of the most important chemicals that you have to add to the water. The main job of chlorine is to kill the harmful contaminants so you can swim around the pool with hygiene water safely.

There are actually three types of chlorine in your pool water which are; free chlorine, combined chlorine, and total chlorine. Each one of them has to be maintained properly (in other words, should be in an ideal range) in order to keep the water safe to use for everyone.

So, what is the difference between each type of chlorine of your pool water? Well, here’s the short explanation:

  • Free Chlorine –  This is actually the one that works in sanitizing the pool. The word ‘free’ refers to the purity of the chlorine itself which hasn’t been combined with the contaminants. It’s the active chlorine that kills bacteria, algae, and other harmful things around the pool.
  • Combined Chlorine – As the name suggests, this type of chlorine has been combined with other contaminants. It’s still there in your pool water but has less ability to kill the contaminants.
  • Total Chlorine – It’s not really a ‘type of chlorine’ but it’s the term to refer to the accumulation of free chlorine and combined chlorine.

From the short explanation above, free chlorine is actually the one that you have to keep in the water. When it’s below the ideal range, you have to raise it as soon as possible or you may have an unsafe swimming pool.

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The tutorial on how to raise free chlorine in pool will guide you to solve the problem quickly.

How to Raise Free Chlorine in Pool Tutorial

The effort that we’re going to do to raise the free chlorine in your swimming pool is shocking. Some of you may have known this kind of maintenance process which simply means super-chlorinating the pool or adding chlorine in a more ‘extreme’ way safely.

How to Raise Free Chlorine 1

Prepare these supplies:

  • Pool chlorine shock
  • Pool tester kit
  • Ugly clothes
  • Rubber gloves
  • Eye goggles

Those are the supplies that you have to prepare once you know that the free chlorine of your pool water is below the ideal range.

Get the Shock Ready

When you prepare the chemicals, you have to wear all the protective gear since it may harm your skin and eyes. Also, you may need to wear ugly clothes since the chemical can also damage linens.

  • Pool shocks are available in granular and liquid form, you can choose the one that suits your needs.
  • For the granular shock, commonly, you need to dilute it while the liquid shock can be added to the pool water directly.
  • Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions to find out how to use the shock and the amount that you need for your swimming pool capacity.

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Start Shocking the Pool

After you get the chemicals ready, you can start shocking the pool.

  • Again, you just need to follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to add the shock to the pool water.
  • You may need to evenly add the shock around the edge of your swimming pool or pour it on the area which is close to the circulation jet to spread the chemical to the water.
  • Leave the pool for about 12 hours to let the shock work.

Test the Water

Retest the water after you have let the shock in the water overnight. Instead of the tester strip, water tester kit is more recommended since it can test the amount of free chlorine and give a more accurate result.

  • Use the tester kit to check the amount of free chlorine of your pool water.
  • Balance all the chemical levels if they are not in an ideal range, dig some research for it.
  • When you are sure that the level is ideal, you can enjoy the water back.

Run the Filter

How to Raise Free Chlorine 5

After the shocking process (which kills the harmful contaminants), you need to run the filter to remove them from the pool water. Run the filter of your pool for about 24 hours to finish the step.

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Well, that is the tutorial on How to Raise Free Chlorine that you can follow! Have a nice try then!

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