Kitchen 101: How to Choose Kitchen Faucet on a Budget

It’s safe to say that the kitchen faucet is the star of your kitchen. You tend to interact the most with faucets which makes it one of the busiest parts of the kitchen.

How to Choose Kitchen Faucet

That’s why it’s essential to pick the one which has a good quality so it can provide the proper function for your daily activity. You need to buy a faucet that has great durability and reliability.

Further, a faucet should also add another style to the overall look of the kitchen. It’s a part of the décor that adds another touch to the room’s nuance.

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Here, we share with you guide on how to choose kitchen faucet that will help you to find the best one.

How to Choose Kitchen Faucet

How to Choose Kitchen Faucet 1

Mounting option

In general, there are two types of mounting options when it comes to kitchen faucets which are deck mount and wall-mount. As the name suggests, the wall-mount faucet is installed on the wall and hangs over your sink while the deck-mount one is attached to the countertop of the sink.

For you who prefer to choose the deck-mount faucets, you have to refer to the number of holes in the sink. It would ease the installation process since you don’t need to drill additional holes which can cost quite a lot.

Handles type

The most popular faucet handle is the one that comes with one handle or two. The two-handle faucets allow you to mix hot and cold water while you need to adjust the water temperature with the one-handle faucets.

If you are willing to spend more, there are other options that are more sophisticated. The hands-free faucets come with the technology that allows you to turn the water on by touch or motion. They might be offered at an expensive price but provide you with more convenience.

How you use the sink

The way you use your kitchen sink can also become a factor to determine in choosing the faucet. For instance, a faucet with a high-arc design is a good option for you who tend to wash huge stuff like bulky pans or even bath your baby.

Faucet finish

The easiest way to pick the faucet finish which is right for you is to match it with the cabinet. It’s a simple way to create a beautifully harmonious look.

Another way is to flow it with the existing decorative style of the kitchen like if you have a farmhouse kitchen décor, a bronze kitchen faucet can be a good idea.

Installation and operation option

You can choose two types of faucet installations which are top-mount and bottom-mount. You need to attach the top-mount faucet through the piece of the faucet from the counter’s underneath while the bottom-mount ones are attached to the top of the piece of the faucet.

The types of faucet operations include ceramic disc, ball valve, cartridge, and compression valve. Each type doesn’t have anything to do with the function of the faucet but it only affects the way it would be repaired.

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