Getting the Most Out of Your Loft

Have you ever looked at your loft and thought it could be so much more than just a graveyard of cardboard boxes? If you have a decent amount of space and a reasonable budget, there’s no reason why you can’t convert your loft into a liveable area.

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But you don’t need to go full loft conversion if you don’t have the funds. All it might need is a little extra care and attention and a few bespoke loft wardrobes for storage and you could have an ideal spare room with minimal effort that will add genuine value to your home.

Clean it out

While it’s far from the most exciting task, you’ll need to start with having a good and thorough clean-out. This will not only allow you to re-find so many of the things you may have thought you lost years ago and throw out unneeded items but you’ll also realise how much space you have to work with once everything is cleared away.

Of course, cleaning out the loft isn’t quite as straightforward as getting rid of all your unwanted junk. You’ll also want to give it a good dusting and get the vacuum into all the corners and crevices. You will probably end up finding hundreds of dead insects and dozens of bin bags full of dust so expect it to take a while. Once everything looks nice and clean, look for mould and moisture, because if you have mould present, you’ll need to get professionals in before going any further.

 Add storage

Whether it’s repurposing old family drawers, investing in vacuum storage bags to prevent exposure to the elements or adding loft wardrobes, storage will allow you to store everything you need to in one place. Leaving the rest of the floor clear to be transformed into your new living space.

Storage is what the vast majority of people tend to use their lofts for anyway, so there is bound to be a lot of stuff up there you won’t be able to bring yourself to get rid of. Don’t be afraid to get modular with your storage solutions and remember to use the vertical space as much as possible to leave more floor space.

Make it comfortable

Add a couch or a fold-out bed to turn it into an option for overnight guests or a sleepover den if you have children. Throw pillows and blankets can be kept in your new storage and brought out when they’re needed, or kept out to add a more decorative touch.

If you want to commandeer it for yourself as a man cave or craft room, meanwhile, you might also want to invest in some space heaters to keep things toasty in the winter months. In the summer months, meanwhile, heat always rises, so it’s going to be pretty sweaty up there. We’d recommend investing in a nice drinks fridge if you really want to make the most of your loft!

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