Coffee Themed Kitchen Curtains | Coffee Curtain with Embroidered Gold Review

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, it is true. The kitchen is one of the most important places in every building of the house and also always become a favorite spot for us to gather with our family and close friends.

Why is that? It’s because, in the kitchen, we usually cook and also prepare all kinds of family needs, no wonder if the kitchen always gets special attention. Therefore, taking care of the kitchen is a very important job to keep the room feels and looks as comfortable as possible.

If you really like your kitchen, try to give an update or just decor it. There are obviously any ways we can do in decorating the kitchen. We can use large and small objects to give a new touch to our kitchen.

Some people think if decorating the kitchen can take a long time and cost you much. But actually, we can still provide a touch of art and creativity to add comfort in our kitchen easily. You can add or replace some items in your kitchen with a new theme that has a very interesting theme.

Coffee Curtain with Embroidered Gold 2
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You can also create an interesting theme for your kitchen, and some very interesting themes today are the theme of coffee. Placing some coffee-themed decor like the curtain is quite enough to add a bit of cafe atmosphere to the room.

The is Coffee Curtain with Embroidered Gold by Fancy Linen is one of the recommended coffee-themed kitchen curtains that you can buy.  This curtain has dark brown espresso color and a touch of gold floral decoration which looks so mesmerizing.

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The curtain fits perfectly with the coffee theme in your kitchen, you can use it as a decor to make your kitchen more attractive. Here is the review of Coffee Curtain with Embroidered Gold by Fancy Linen for your reference. Check this out!

Coffee Curtain with Embroidered Gold Review

Coffee Curtain with Embroidered Gold
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What are you looking for at first to get a good item for your lovely kitchen? Yes, the design is always the number one reason for you to buy anything. You do not have to worried about this coffee themed kitchen curtain, because of the design of this Coffee Curtain with Embroidered Gold by Fancy Linen looks surely beautiful to enhance the room’s beauty.

You can see that shining beige and brown colors of this beautiful coffee themed kitchen curtain are so fabulous and stunning to the eye. The dark brown of espresso color on this Coffee Curtain with Embroidered Gold by Fancy Linen with the accents and beautiful gold flower details to improve the look of it.

The dimension of its ruffed swag is 60  x38 inch, and the nice two tier of this curtain is 30×36 inch /panel.  It fits the rod pocket with 1 1/2 inch size. The overall dimension of this coffee curtain with embroidered gold 9 x 5 x 1 inches, matches perfectly with standard window size. 


Okay, go to the next thing that you should know about this coffee themed kitchen curtain. The construction of this Coffee curtain with embroidered gold is quite good. It is made of 100% polyester and machine washable. 

Even it has a dark espresso color on almost the surface, but you have to know that it doesn’t make the sun ray really locked. The sun ray still goes through the thin fabric of this curtain.

One thing to consider, it’s quite possible that you get the improper dimension of each part of the curtains. Each side of the curtain has slight different length, which looks awkward.

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The durability of this coffee themed kitchen curtain is reliable, the polyester material of this Coffee curtain with embroidered gold feels soft and durable enough. 


In the maintenance aspect, you do not have to worry because it is machine washable. So, you do not have to be tricky to take care of the curtain. Always, for a suggestion, do not bleach it in washing process if you want to keep the color of this coffee themed kitchen curtain still okay.


For the price, this coffee themed kitchen curtain is not too expensive and run a lot of money in your wallet. You can bring this Coffee Curtain with Embroidered Gold by Fancy Linen home only by spending $14.99. Good price for a good quality curtain.


Overall Dimensions   9 x 5 x 1 inches
Weight   10.1 ounces
Materials   Polyester
 Two tier measures   30×36 inch /panel
 Color   Beige and brown
 Style  Classic coffee

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So, considering its offered price, this product is surely worth to buy. It can decorate your kitchen beautifully with its adorable look. That dimension issue can be such an awareness for you, but as long as you have no problem with it, it surely worth to purchase.

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