Handicap Bars for Bathroom | Moen Sage Spot Bar Review

Do you need a useful bathroom accessory to protect your family members from an unwanted accident? Or do you want to provide another accessory to complete your bathroom stuff? Whatever your desire, realizing that plan is absolutely a must for you.

The bathroom can be mentioned as a dangerous place in your house because it is such the dampest place that you always must be careful about. The dampest place is totally vulnerable to cause an undesirable slipping accident. So, it is certainly your task to protect this not to happen.

moen sage spot bar
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Handicap bar is one of the most useful bathroom accessories that you should have in the bathroom. Furthermore, this accessory delivers a plenty of functions that you can use to support some activities in your bathroom. Besides providing the holder to prevent the unwanted slipping, it also can be used to put your towel or cloth as you need.

Therefore, there are so many handicaps bars products available in the market with each plus and minus point. Indeed, they come with a variety of design, material, color even the performance. So, it is your time to determine which one that suits in your bathroom.

Moen is one of the famous brands that expand the high-quality product with gorgeous design, especially, the Moen Sage Spot Bar. This product totally offers the smart design with double bars holder. Certainly, this Moen Sage Spot Bar comes with catchy design and reliable performance.

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Moen Sage Spot Bar Review

moen sage spot bar
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The design of this Moen Sage Spot Bar is simply gorgeous. With elegant and simple design, the handicap will surely enhance the look of your bathroom perfectly. The dimension of this product is 26.38″ actual length which is ergonomic enough to use.

Finished in brushed nickel, this bathroom will match well with any of your bathroom layout both for modern and traditional one. The amazing design of this Moen Sage Spot Bar will perfectly complete your existing decor with its silver radiance.

However, for you who have a narrow bathroom, this handicap bar is not really a good choice for you. The length of the holder is quite long which wastes large space, so it will look quite awkward. Another thing, the distance between each towel holder is not appropriate enough makes you difficult to use it.

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The construction of this Moen Sage Spot Bar is extremely solid and sturdy since it comes with selected aluminum material.With spot resist brushed nickel finish, the handicap bars surely resist the water spots and fingerprints.

Coming with double bars holder, this product doesn’t only deliver a stunning look to your bathroom, but its perfect construction allows you for a comfortable and enjoyable holding.

This Moen Sage Spot Bar also comes with nickel fixture color that well-known as a chemical element with a hard surface. Combine with aluminum as the base construction, the bar absolutely makes you feel impressed while this serviceable accessory is installed in your bathroom.


Talking about the Moen Sage Spot Bar, there’s no doubt about the durability issue. Its aluminum material is capable of resisting the rust and corrosion. Moreover, the sturdy metal mounting of this grab bar absolutely adds the durability of this bathroom accessory.

For that reason, the durability of this Moen Sage Spot Bar is really reliable to give a long lasting performance. The premium material with grand construction ensures that this handicap product is a bathroom accessory to use for over the years.


This Moen Sage Spot Bar comes with a wall-mounted assembly that delivers a quick and handy installation. With the guide template and mounting hardware included in the package, it allows you to assemble this handicap bars handily. For this point, you do not need to ask the professional installer, just read the manual book to get a perfect guide.


The product comes with $39.98 price tag at Lowes. Considering its perfect material construction and the great durability, this Moen Sage Spot bar gives a definitely reasonable price. Therefore, it is quite valuable to have this handicap bars in your bathroom.

As the conclusion, when you are looking for a reliable and adorable handicap bar to install in your bathroom, this Moen Sage Spot Bar is worth to include to your shopping list.

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