How to Choose Patio Umbrella on a Budget | Ultimate Buying Guide

Adding an umbrella to your patio definitely sounds like an exhilarating idea. Of course, the function of a patio umbrella is to protect you from excessive sun exposure, so you can have a way more comfortable relaxing time in your outdoor living space.

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Hat and sunscreen may not be sufficient enough to serve everyone when those friends or family members enjoy your patio. With the existence of an umbrella around, they will be protected from harmful sun rays. 

There are tons of patio umbrellas that you can find in the market, online or offline. They are mainly differed by design, material, and features. You can always buy the one that really suits your needs and taste.

However, with abundant options available, you may find it confusing to pick the right one and end up purchasing the wrong one. Some umbrellas may look really attractive to beautify your patio, but they may be made of poor materials which are not really durable overtimes.

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Here, we have compiled some steps that you can keep in mind when you are planning on adding an exhilarating umbrella to your beloved patio. Just keep scrolling to find our ultimate guide on how to choose patio umbrella that will totally help you!

How to Choose Patio Umbrella

How to Choose Patio Umbrella

There are several factors that determine which outdoor umbrella suits your patio best. The overall look of your home, outdoor surrounding, budget, and personal taste are some key points. 

Pick a Design

The first step is to pick the design of the umbrella. In general, there are two types of patio umbrella designs which are center pole and offset umbrella (cantilever patio umbrella). To determine which design is best, refer to space availability, furniture layout, and how you would use your patio. Additional considerations are your own personal taste and decorating style that you have applied.

Learn the Materials

When it comes to the materials, it’s divided into two parts which are pole and shade. The poles are mainly made of wood, metal, and fiberglass while the shades are made of acrylic fabric, polyester fabric, and polyolefin fabric. Do some research to find out the pros and cons of each quality then decide what’s best for you.

Choose Size and Shape

The key to determining this point is to keep the space around your patio balanced. Though the umbrella might be the main focal point of your outdoor space, do not let it overpower the space available. The umbrella which is enough to shade your dearest outdoor furniture set is the good one.

Determine the Base

There are two types of patio umbrella bases which are mobile and fixed. As the names suggest, the mobile base can be moved here and there while the fixed one is not portable at all which is best for a super large umbrella.

Additional Features

If you want to go extra, there are some additional features to complete your patio umbrella like lighting, speakers, protective cover, and heaters.

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