How to Choose Sofa Cover to Make Up Your Room

Adding slipcovers to complete your sofa or couch is definitely a good idea. It works really well to cover the unsightly stains without having to replace the furniture or simply to create a new look.

How to Choose Sofa Cover

In other words, a slipcover is a budget solution for you to make your sofa look and feel inviting all the time. But, you have to keep in mind that they are not supposed to solve the problem when your sofa is falling apart.

Check out our quick guide on how to choose sofa cover that will help you to get the best one.

How to Choose Sofa Cover

Pick a design

In general, sofa slipcovers come in two designs which are loose and precisely tailored. It mainly depends on your existing decorating style to choose which style that suits your needs very well. The rule of thumb is a loose slipcover is good to give a more casual touch while a tailored one suits well for a formal decor.

Learn the weight

Don’t always think that all fabrics are good to work as slipcovers and the heavy one is not suitable at all. Fabrics like velvet and chenille are some examples that will not fit the shape of your sofa properly. Choosing medium-weight fabrics is always a wise idea since they can adapt the structure of the furniture very well.

However, if you have an extra budget, you can a custom-made slipcover made of any type of fabric even the heavy ones.

Get the woven one

The main reason why you should get a slipcover that is tightly woven is that you can get a clean look. It covers the sofa so tight that the original surface will not be shown. However, if you want to have a more see-through effect, this rule doesn’t apply to you.

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Choose the style

There are some points that you can consider in choosing the style of sofa slipcovers, which are:

  1. Texture – This element doesn’t only determine the look of a sofa slipcover but the feel as well. Denim, twill, and damask are some fabrics with nice textures that you can always have in mind.
  2. Details – Some popular details of sofa slipcover are welting, fringes, braids, and buttons which will surely enhance its attractiveness. You can always choose the one which flows beautifully with the overall look of the room.
  3. Shape – Of course, you should choose a shape of slipcover that fits the shape of the sofa. Make sure that the fabric doesn’t cover the hard part of the sofa since it may fool the coming guests, slipcover works to cover the soft part of the furniture.

Choose the length

The ideal length of a slipcover is the one that covers the legs of the sofa instead of touching the floor. For you who have a sofa with an exposed wood frame, it’s always a better idea to keep the bottom part exposed. If you want to get a fully-covered look, you can get the job done by placing a skirt on the sofa cover.

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