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It’s finally the time when you realize that you literally need a shoe rack to keep your beloved shoes organized. You can’t just throw them away in your hallway which is, frankly, quite disgusting.

A brief guide below will show you How to Choose the Right Shoe Rack that perfectly suits your needs.

How to Choose the Right Shoe Rack

How to Choose the Right Shoe Rack

Choose the right size

The very first consideration in choosing a shoe rack is to determine the right size. You need to refer to the spot where you’d like to place the rack. Check how much space is available that you can use to place it properly.

Your shoe rack shouldn’t dominate the room since it may create a cluttered vibe. The rule of thumb is that the rack should take not more than one-third of the entire wall. If you have limited space, choosing a compact shoe rack is always a wise idea.

Choose the right storage

Actually, it still relates to the size of the shoe rack that you need to choose. Now, you should check how many shoes you have. The rack will go to waste if it couldn’t accommodate your beloved shoes, of course.

The right storage should be able to display the shoes neatly and the ideal distance between one pair of shoes is around 5 cm. If you have limited space with tons of shoes. consider choosing a vertical shoe rack that won’t take too much space around.

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Choose the right design

Your shoe rack is also part of your home decor which can be one of the main focal points of the room. A gorgeous shoe rack will work both as a convenient storage station and a piece of art.  It should also be able to enhance the beauty of the room.

The safest idea is to match the shoe rack with the existing decorating style of your home. For instance, if you have a minimalist home, a shoe rack with a clean-lined design in neutral tones will be a good match.

Further, you can find a shoe rack with a built-in bench, so you can have a sitting area and storage station all at once. It’s also a good trick to decorate a home with limited space.

Choose the right type

In general, there are two types of shoe racks which are the ones that come with open or closed shelves. It mainly determines the accessibility that you will get.

A closed shoe rack may not be really convenient to access but it keeps your shoes from dust while the open shoe rack offers easier access. The choice depends on your taste and needs.

Choose the right material

When it comes to shoe racks, the most popular material is wood since it’s more versatile than other materials. Other options that you will find in the market are metal and plastic shoe racks. Each material has its own plus and minus points.

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