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Spider webs can surely ruin the beauty of your home, both around the interior and exterior area. They look so annoying which turns your gorgeous decor into a complete mess.

How to Clean Spider Web

Of course, you can’t let them hang around the ceiling of your living rooms or you will find the webs get bigger in no time. You definitely have to clean them as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

In this article, we share with you the easy ways on How to Clean Spider Web all by yourself quickly and effectively.

How to Clean Spider Web

Using vacuum cleaner

For most homeowners, using a vacuum cleaner to clean spider webs inside your home is the easiest way. You can quickly vacuum the annoying webs in the corner of the rooms. To reach the webs which are mostly built in the upper corners of the room, you can attach the extension to the hose handle.

However, you might need to carefully clean the webs using a vacuum cleaner since you may leave scratches on the walls.

Using pole and sock

If you prefer to get more creative, you can make your very own spider web cleaner. Simply place a thick sock over a long pole or broom handle. The sock can effectively wipe the webs and you may need to clean the sock periodically if you clean a lot of webs.

This method is, of course, the cheapest option which is perfect for you who don’t have other tools in hand.

Using cobweb duster

This is the perfect tool to clean up the annoying spider webs. It comes with hard bristles with a cone-shaped head which is attached to a long pole. They are commonly designed to reach the standard height ceiling which is around 1.2 meters in length. You can easily attach the brush head to a longer pole if you have a higher ceiling.

To clean the duster, you can easily wash the head with a mixture of warm water and detergent. Once it’s dry, it’s ready to clean the webs that you find around your house.

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Using floating balloons

As fun as it sounds, you can use some helium balloons that float around your ceiling to clean those spider webs. The webs will cling to the surface of the balloons as they float. Keep in mind that there are no sharp objects to successfully execute this step.

Using water hose

To clean spider webs in the exterior area of your house, you can use a water hose. It’s a quick and effective way to clean them up. Remove your window treatments if you find some webs on their surface and clean them separately.

Cleaning webs from other surfaces

  • Spider webs can also be found on your curtains, you can just simply launder the linens to clean it up.
  • Use a lint roller or cover your hand with old socks to remove spider webs on other surfaces like lampshades and indoor plants.

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