How to Create a Hotel Vibe in Your Home

If you’re sick of your home after spending much more time in it than usual over the past year due to the global pandemic, you probably wish you could escape to a hotel. If this isn’t something you can do anytime soon, though, don’t fret. Instead, why not look at upgrading your property in certain areas to make it look and feel more luxurious, like the boutique hotel you wish you could be at?

Refreshing your home can make it feel newer and more exciting and even add value to it if you want to set it up for sale at some point. Get the luxury accommodation vibe today by following these steps.

Pare Things Back

Firstly, concentrate on paring things back. Picture the top hotels you’ve stayed at over the years, and you’re sure to note how they always tend to showcase an uncluttered, purposeful way of decorating spaces. You’ll get more of a luxury accommodation feel in your home, then, if you follow suit and declutter. Get rid of as much “stuff” as you can and pare back furnishings so each room only has what it needs for style and function, without lots of extraneous items.

Rather than having smaller furniture products everywhere, it pays to use fewer but larger pieces, as hotels do. Choose goods that will help to give a room a dramatic look while adding comfort at the same time. For example, buy a king-size bed for your master suite plus a decent sofa and dining table for your living areas with clean lines and striking features.

Upgrade Your Mattress

One of the factors we tend to remember about a hotel stay is if we had a good sleep or not. Luxury accommodation providers invest in supportive mattresses that are comfortable and promote excellent rest. They’re often made of breathable and natural fibers and designed not to make it noticeable when one person rolls over or gets up.

If you haven’t upgraded your bed in a decade or more or if you never purchased the right kind of style for your size or sleeping position, it’s time to think about a replacement mattress. Test contenders before you purchase, and see if you can get a returns policy that allows you to obtain a refund or credit on the mattress if it doesn’t suit you well once you’ve tried sleeping on it for a few nights.

Buy Quality New Bedding

If you want to create a hotel vibe, also buy beautiful, soft, breathable bedding to snuggle into. You’ll never get that on-vacation feeling if your comforter or sheets look threadbare or if the design style you see when you walk in the room is outdated.

Shop for products made from the highest thread count you can afford. Bedrooms are havens for dust mites and other allergens, too, so choosing natural, hypoallergenic fabrics can make a positive difference to your health. Consider affordable, sustainable bedding to help the planet and yourself. These days earth-friendly products are easy to find and not hard on the wallet.

Set Up Helpful Mood Lighting

Pay attention to lighting. This element helps create atmosphere in your home, through form and function. Luxury hotels set the mood with proper lighting by providing multiple options to use at different times, and you can follow their lead. Install aesthetically pleasing overhead lighting such as lamps, chandeliers, and sconces.

Plus, add dimmer switches to make it easier to develop a romantic or cozy feel in spaces. Incorporate direct lighting, too, via desk lamps or bathroom lights to provide illumination in areas where you need to see clearly.

Swap Out Old Glassware for Cool, Sexy Pieces

Another option is buying new glassware. When you drink at hotels, especially the on-site bars, you’re sure to notice that you receive beverages in sexy glassware that looks cool and feels nice to hold and sip from. You can do the same thing at home and elevate your next cocktail night, dinner party, or romantic interlude by serving up drinks in beautifully designed pieces.

Stick with a Monochrome Palette

There’s the occasional boutique hotel that exhibits flair with lots of color. However, most luxury abodes tend to keep shades simple and stick with a monochrome palette. This look is timeless and sophisticated and suits many different tastes and architectural styles.

You can still add splashes of color with accessories such as pillows and art, but rein in wall and floor choices and large furniture pieces to monochrome hues to achieve a calming hotel vibe.

Some other ideas to create a luxe accommodation look in your property include adding more mirrors, considering scent (e.g., through candles and fresh flowers), and bringing in opulent textures such as velvet, silk, and wool. Before you know it, your home will have such a relaxing vibe that you won’t want to leave!



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