How to Decorate a Small Bathroom | 5 Simple Steps to Follow

The consequence of every small minimalist home will have is that every single room inside should be built as compact as possible from the living room to the kitchen. They have to suit the limited space inside yet still provide daily comfort for you.

how to decorate small bathroom

However, it’s surely not easy to decorate small rooms. The space inside may not really allow you to bring a lot of stuff around or you will end up having a messy living space.

The color, patterns, and textures of the decor should complement each other beautifully even if the space is limited. They have to work together to create an inviting look and atmosphere.

Bathroom is part of the house that you will enter every single day, so decorating it as perfect as possible is a must, even if it’s a tiny one. An ideal bathroom is not about the look, but it should be a sanctuary where you get refreshed every single day.

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In this article, we’ll walk you through some steps on how to decorate a small bathroom that you can follow easily without any hassles and costing you a lot.

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How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

Follow each step below to turn your tiny bathroom into a restful nook!

Choose neutral tones

how to decorate small bathroom 1

The first step is to colorize the four sides of the wall with a neutral tone like white or grey. A neutral tone is always a wise choice for tiny rooms since they can create an airy atmosphere and bright overall look.

Hang and float the storage stations

how to decorate small bathroom 2

Instead of choosing a free-standing vanity, consider installing the hanging shelf onto the walls. They can provide enough storage to keep your bathroom stuff in place without taking a lot of space.

Install oversized mirror

how to decorate small bathroom 3

A big mirror can reflect ample lights that make your tiny bathroom look bigger. It gives an illusion that the room has more space than it actually does.

Let the light in

how to decorate small bathroom 4

If you happen to have a bathroom that faces the outdoor space, install a window with a clean-lined design to naturally brighten it up. It can make the room feel more spacious.

Spice it up

how to decorate small bathroom 5

The last step is to give some attractive touches to your small bathroom, there are some options to consider, such as:

  • Play with tiles – There are tons of striking tiles that you can find in the market, so go and play with them. Simply give a small touch by benefiting contrasting tiles like installing them on one side of the wall or using them for your vanity top.
  • Bring some plants – Put a tall plant in the corner of the room or place some cute ones on the vanity. They can enhance the beauty of the room and freshen the atmosphere inside.
  • Pick one main focal point – With a tiny room, you can’t do much. One focal point is enough to make the room look mesmerizing. A catchy shower curtain, wall art, and sconces will never do wrong.
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