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Of course, you don’t want to stay inside a house which is full of dust. There’s no chance that you can do your daily activities comfortably, even you will find it hard to breathe.

How to Have a Dust-free Home

A dust-free home is definitely a drea, for every homeowner. You can touch your wall, floor, and all decor items without any dust mark.

For you who have severe allergy reaction to dust mites, the problem can be much worse. The very least common symptoms are sneezing and watery eyes. The sever cases often involve persistent cough, asthma attack, congestion, and eczema.

In this article, we will walk you through some steps to create a dust-free home all by yourself easily. Just keep scrolling to check out our complete tutorial on How to Have a Dust-free Home.

How to Have a Dust-free Home

How to Have a Dust-free Home 1

Change the bedding weekly

Your mattress, sheets, and pillows are one of the favorite spots for dust mites, so it’s important to change your bedding on a weekly basis. Toss those bedding linens to the machine washing and use them the week after.

Besides the linens, you should also wash the pillows like the real pillow underneath its case. It’s actually not enough if you just wash the cases without the pillows since the dust sites still live inside. Once you have cleaned those pillows, you have to fluff and dry them before using them again.

Tidy up the closet

Just like the bedding linens, your clothes can also create dust. The best way to avoid a dusty home is to keep all your garments in a plastic box. It will, at least, keep the dust inside the container instead of flying around the room.

Declutter the flooring

Those newspapers, books, toys, clothes, or anything that you simply let scatter the flooring is a home for dust. You can’t expect to have a home that is free of dust if your flooring is full of your stuff. Wipe clean those stuff and put them inside a covered storage station.

Keep on vacuuming

As you may have been aware, the carpeting inside your house can be the biggest source of dust that may fly around the room. That’s why a home without carpeted floor is always cleaner since it eliminates a home of dust.

If you can’t avoid having a carpet inside your house, make sure that you always vacuum everything. A vacuum cleaner that comes with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) feature is the best one since it can filter the dust without spreading it into the air.

Don’t use a duster

Instead of using a feathery duster, a damp microfiber cloth to casually remove the dust. Feathery duster doesn’t actually clean the dust around, it just spread the dust to another spot.

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Invest in an air purifier

An air purifier works to filter dust particles which is good for you who suffer from dust allergies or asthma. If you have a large home, you might need to place some units around, which can be so pricey, of course.

Keep in mind that an air purifier doesn’t clean the dust in your home, it only filters the dust article and doesn’t remove the dust mites.

Always place doormat

Doormat is important to catch dust and dirt from the outside before getting inside your house. Place the doormat inside and outside (front and back of the door) which is a good way to keep your house clean.

Always choose the one which comes with bristles on its top. Vacuum and wash the mats on a regular basis to prevent the dust to build up.

Groom your pet

If you have some pets, make sure that you always groom them on a regular basis. They can be another source of dust (a huge one, actually) when their falling dead skin and fur are flying around your house. When you don’t groom your pets regularly, you may find those dead skins and hair build-up.

For cat lovers, it’s better for you to choose a covered litter box to keep the dust inside.

Rarely open the window

Opening a window is good to improve air circulation around, but it actually brings the dust inside. You may find the dust buildup on your windowsills. It’s created by airborne pollutants, mold spores, and pollen. It would be best if you don’t open the window too often, especially in windy days.

Mop, mop, and mop

As mentioned above, using dampened clothes is a good way to remove the dust in your pieces of furniture and decor items. Therefore, damp mopping is also a nice method to remove the dust around your home, for the flooring area.

Keep in into dispose of the dirty water properly when you finish mopping the floor.

Beat the rugs

Another easy way to get a dust-free home is to beat those rugs. Doing this step by using a rattan, wire, and plastic beater is a good idea, even better than vacuuming. Keep in mind to always do this step outside, far from the door and window so the dust won’t get back inside.

Keep the humidity level

The drier your home is, the more dust will get attracted to your house, so keeping the humidity level at the proper level can help to reduce the dust. Investing on humidifier will help you to do so, and getting the one which can occupy the whole is the best option.

Keeping the humidity levels at 40 – 50 percent is ideal to eliminate the dust problem inside your house.

Proper cleaning direction

How do you clean your home regularly? Do you start from the floor then continue all the way up? Stop it, you’ve been doing it wrong.

You should start from the ceiling or any highest surface then continue all the way down. By doing so, you can minimize the chance to miss any dust around.

So, have a nice dusting time!

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