How to Style Up a Small Walk-in Closet in an Aesthetic Way

Those gorgeous closets on Pinterest and Instagram look so tempting, obviously, but to adapt the style to your very own closet seems really difficult. Yes, it’s because your closet is not that spacious and limits your ability to style it up.

No worries, in this article, we share with you a quick guide on how to style up a small walk-in closet that will show you how to get the job done easily in no time without hiring a pro.

How to Style Up a Small Walk-in Closet

How to Style Up a Small Walk-in Closet
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Shape your very own closet

The design of your closet is the main key to getting a style and convenient walk-in closet. It’s you who knows very well how many bags, dresses, shoes, and other items (including their sizes) you have around.

That being said, you have to be very thoughtful about building your closet. The items in your closet should have their own space properly, so you can easily grab them when you need them without creating clutter.

Avoid stacking everything

You can’t really have a stylish closet when you create high stacks of clothing. They will create a ‘heavy’ vibe which is not good at all for a closet with limited space. Besides, you will always need to dig deep when you stack everything too much.

To avoid this problem, consider installing a hidden pull-out hanging storage that can neatly organize your items and provide easy access at the same time.

Hook your purse

Turn your closet into a store-like display by storing your purse with hooks. It will keep them upright and creases-free. The hooks are also good to hang your shopping bags.

Provide space for your shoes

Your shoes should have their own space so you can have a clutter-free closet even when it’s not really spacious, so consider building shoe shelves to store them properly. Keep in mind to build the one which suits the heights of your heels, flats, sneaker, and boots to ensure that the space is used effectively.

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Consider using glass doors

A clear glass door is definitely a good way for a small closet since it can create a spacious impression. Glass doors work really great to protect your clothes from dust. To complete the look, choose clear jewelry containers which are commonly made of plastic and doesn’t cost a lot.

Hang a mirror

As you may have known, a mirror is kind of a must-have item when you are dealing with a small space. The reflection that it creates can make the room look and feel larger.

The best option is to hang a full-length mirror to make your tiny closet look bigger and provide great comfort for you to get ready. If you don’t have the space to add a big mirror, you can consider completing one of the doors with the mirror or placing small mirrors around.

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