Wooden Bench For Kitchen Table | Jofran Simplicity Wood Bench Review

Are you looking for the right item to fill your kitchen and complete the theme from your kitchen? Have you got a suitable friend for your kitchen table? If not, try to use the wood bench for your kitchen table’s best friend.

Moreover, the wood bench is now being hits and many people are looking for it. There are many different types and styles and materials used to make a wood bench. So, you do not have to worry to get what the best for your kitchen atmosphere.

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Sitting on a wooden bench in your kitchen is better if you have a different experience and sensation. Especially, if you have a traditional kitchen atmosphere and back to the nature theme. There are many ways to get a sense of comfort when we work in the kitchen, it is very important for us to feel comfortable when we do some stuff around the room.

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Here we have a review of one of the great benches for the kitchen table which is the Jofran Simplicity Wooden Bench. Maybe this one goes into your favorite list to decorate your kitchen.

Jofran Simplicity Wood Bench

Jofran Simplicity Wood Bench
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The design of this Jofran simplicity wood bench is simply adorable and look so solid. The espresso finish of this wood bench can be the reason for you to have this in the kitchen because it will match easily with any of your layouts. The dark color of this Jofran simplicity wood bench makes the beauty of this wood bench increasing.

The measures of this wood bench are 14 x 44 x 18 inches, and the weight is 21 pounds. You can find the great combination between classic style elements and solid wood construction in this table.

One thing to consider, the bench perhaps a bit smaller than you’d expect, but it’s not a big deal though since it’s comfortable enough to use. Then, its espresso finish is slightly warmer than what is shown in the picture, again, it’s not a big deal.

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The materials of this Jofran simplicity wood bench is solid rubberwood. As we know that the type of this material is quite strong and sturdy, and so you will find such criteria in this product.


The durability of this Jofran simplicity wood bench is reliable. The solid rubberwood as the material also can be a reason why this bench looks so strong and durable to be used for a long period of time.


For the maintenance process, in this case, you do not have to do many things to care and clean this up. Only by sweeping it with the damp cloth and dry it. It’s just like the common wood furniture maintenance jobs.

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The price is affordable enough, you can get it by spending $76.81. If you know that material quality of this beautiful Jofran simplicity wood bench, then you will think that is really balanced to the price, a good price for the good quality product.


 Dimensions  14 x 44 x 18 inches
 Weight  21 pounds
 Style  Classic
 Materials  Solid hardwood, rubberwood

So, this product is worth it actually with that simple and adorable design. The construction is also not disappointing for a long time use.

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