20+ Chic and Practical Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

Of course, you can’t let your kitchen countertop looks messy with utensils, bags of tea, spice jars, and other kitchen essentials scattered around. For that, you have to provide enough storage stations on your kitchen countertop to keep all of the items as neat as possible.

You may find it confusing to find the right storage station to complete your countertop since you have to choose the one that fits the space well and beautifies the decor at the same time. No worries, we share with you some inspiring kitchen countertop organization ideas that you can use as an ultimate reference.

Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

Chic Earthy Tray

Kitchen Countertop Organization 1
Source: mostlovelythings.com

A rectangular tray made of woven jute is spacious enough to keep some kitchen essentials starting from spice jars to tons of utensils. An indoor plant with a similar-looking pot even beautifies the tray which then creates a nice earthy decor. Those elements beautifully juxtapose the white cabinet and glossy black countertop.

Vintage Milk Carrier

Kitchen Countertop Organization 2
Source: chateau-chic.blogspot.com

Do you want to give some vintage vibe to the decor of your kitchen? Well, this idea must be the one that you will love. A vintage milk carrier keeps some mason jars and containers to store some cutleries and utensils. You can move the carrier here and there comfortably as well.

Fresh Wire Baskets

Kitchen Countertop Organization 3
Source: elementaryorganization.blogspot.com

Large wire baskets work to keep some fruits that don’t only allow you to grab them quickly but also give a fresh touch to the nuance of the kitchen. These types of baskets are easily found in the nearby hardware store that is offered at lower prices. You can use the numbers of the baskets to suit your needs.

Cake Stand Dishes

Kitchen Countertop Organization 4
Source: natalme.com

The area close to your sink is the one that you can’t miss when you organize your kitchen countertop. Here, a cake stand keeps some Dish soaps and a sponge which becomes a unique storage station everyone will be amazed by. The cake stand also gives a nice decorative touch to the overall look of the countertop area.

Pitcher Utensils Storage

Kitchen Countertop Organization 5
Source: theartofdoingstuff.com

Instead of using common utensils storage, this kitchen uses a set of pitchers to keep them neatly. They are enough to keep various types of utensils that you can use quickly when you are cooking. The design of the pitchers adds a nice vintage touch to the decor of the kitchen that you can steal easily.

Gorgeous Chubby Jars

Kitchen Countertop Organization 6
Source: adventuresindecorating1.blogspot.com

If you have a large empty space on your countertop, you may want to refer to this idea to provide unique storage stations. Some chubby cookie jars become the storage to keep sachets of tea and coffee. Those jars allow you to store big stocks of your favorite daily drinks for months to come and enhance the beauty of your kitchen countertop at the same time.

Floating Metal Basket

Kitchen Countertop Organization 7
Source: redfarmhouse.blogspot.com

Instead of putting a metal basket on the surface of the countertop, this idea shows an alternative way that is perfect for you who have a small cabinet. The basket is hung on the rod which is installed under the wall cabinet. It provides an additional storage station that doesn’t take up the space on the countertop at all.

Gorgeous Rustic Tray

Kitchen Countertop Organization 8
Source: @paulablume

Rustic touch will never fail to enhance the beauty of your countertop area. Here, a wooden tray or box becomes the storage station to keep some wooden cutting boards, a glass jar, a candle holder, and a vintage milk jug planter. Those items are often sold at flea markets if you’d like to bring this idea to your very own kitchen countertop.

Wood Crate Storage

Kitchen Countertop Organization 9
Source: pinterest.com

In this kitchen countertop organization idea, some cutting boards, condiments, utensils, and cutleries are stored in a wooden crate which is so inspiring to copy. The crate comes in a natural finish which makes it perfect for you who love farmhouse decorating style. Of course, it’s a very cost-saving inspiration to complete the storage of your kitchen.

Two-tiered Round Tray

Kitchen Countertop Organization 10
Source: @displacedtexan

Having a two-tiered tray on your countertop will provide an ample storage station that you can use to store a lot of kitchen essentials. You can have a centered storage station that saves a lot of savings on the countertop area. You can choose the tiered tray in any design that suits your taste or the existing decorating style of the room.

Elegant Rustic Storage

Kitchen Countertop Organization 11
Source: harassedmom.co.za

This kitchen countertop organization uses a rectangular wood box and mason jars. The jars are painted in warm neutral tones which complement the whitewashed look of the box. Those tones and finishes create a rustic overall look that everyone will surely love.

Can Jute Storage

Kitchen Countertop Organization 12
Source: @jen4754

A fun DIY project that you can copy easily since it only involves simple steps and cheap materials.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • A used soup can, remove the lid carefully
  • Natural jute
  • Hot glue gun

All you need to do is simply wrap the can with jute and it’s all set. The design of the storage is good to give a rustic texture to the decor of your kitchen.

Bold Utensils Holder

Kitchen Countertop Organization 13
Source: @marieandstellar

If you want to make your rustic decorating style look more attractive, adding a bold color to the overall look is always worth considering. This can is painted black which makes it perfect to give a bold touch to your rustic countertop. It also has an artsy drawing which even makes the can look way more admirable.

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Stylish Farmhouse Look

Kitchen Countertop Organization 14
Source: @djwilson6

Of course, the first item that catches your attention in this kitchen countertop organization is the small ladder that keeps some chic napkins. If you are handy enough, you can build a similar ladder all by yourself at home. The other decor elements like the galvanized metal tray, patterned pitcher, and cutting board complement the ladder stylishly.

Corner Tray Combo

Kitchen Countertop Organization 15
Source: pinterest.com

The corner of this kitchen countertop with a neutral overall look is decorated with a combination of a black corner shelf and a pallet tray in a bold black finish. It’s a very inspiring way to improve the storage on your countertop when you have limited space left. You can see how the storage stations give a nice contrasting look around the counter area.

Minimalist Decorative Shelf

Kitchen Countertop Organization 16
Source: @ntjjames17

The shelf of this countertop comes with a sleek minimalist design which is enough to keep some small jars and decor items at the same time. In addition to the main part of the shelf, you can also store some essentials on top of it for quicker access.

Monochrome Farmhouse Look

Kitchen Countertop Organization 17
Source: @vildan0831

If you want to bring the farmhouse decorating style to your kitchen countertop but are not really into rustic stuff, this idea is a good reference for you. Black metal jars are placed on the surface of the countertop with floating hooks and metal baskets complementing them. Those elements come in a black finish, giving an elegant bold touch to the grey countertop and white backsplash.

Tiered Tea Station

Kitchen Countertop Organization 18
Source: thehappyhousie.com

Tiered trays will never fail to become a centered storage station to decorate a kitchen countertop and in this idea, the one which comes with three trays work as a tea station. The trays are spacious enough to keep a teapot, mason jars, and mugs. You can see each level keeps a set of storage which makes it look neatly beautiful. 

Chic Minimalist Style

Kitchen Countertop Organization 19
Source: @JenifaJen

For you who are looking for a simple kitchen countertop organization to complete your minimalist kitchen, this idea is a nice inspiration. A sleek oval tray keeps some containers for sugar, salt, and utensils. A couple of jars with their coasters are also stored on the tray neatly. Next to the storage station, a fake plant completes the look.

Elegant Earthy Storage

Kitchen Countertop Organization 20
Source: @olenapierce

A wooden log tray gives a gorgeous earthy tone to this grey kitchen countertop. Some storage stations and decor items in black decorate the tray which creates a more elegant overall look. Of course, it’s a nice inspiration for you who have a kitchen with a minimalist decorating style.

Colorful Rustic Storage

Kitchen Countertop Organization 21
Source: @mommysmonsters

Those rustic storage stations with a raw look may not really suit your needs and taste, but no worries, this idea shows you how to have one with a more colorful look. Some mason jars are printed in white, navy, and green with a doff style and distressed texture which look attractively rustic. The jars are then placed in a small crate with handles.

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So those are some inspiring kitchen countertop organization ideas that you can use as ultimate references. They don’t only keep your kitchen essentials neatly organized but also beautify your beloved kitchen at the same time. Just choose the one that suits your needs and taste now!

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