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Decorating an entryway can be quite difficult, especially when you are dealing with a small one. You should think smartly about how to make the area have enough storage stations and still look attractive.

Lucky for you, there are some clever DIYers who decorate their small entryway beautifully. You can bring the look to your very own entryway easily in no time without costing you a lot.

Check out dozens of inspiring small entryway ideas below that will totally inspire you!

Small Entryway Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 1
Source: idecorgram.com

You may think that styling a small entryway with a farmhouse decorating style can be quite difficult, but this idea shows how to get the job done easily. A big door panel made of wood with a natural finish is the room’s main focal point, which looks so stunning. Then, some buffalo-patterned linens and other vintage furniture complement it very well.

Modern Rustic Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 2
Source: simplecozycharm.com

For you who are looking for small entryway ideas with a more modern rustic overall look, this one should be on your top list. A wood backdrop in white gives a nice contrast in this entryway with grey nuance. A floating shelf with hooks and pieces of wall art decorate the backdrop which is enough to enhance the beauty and comfort of the room.

Simple Rustic Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 3
Source: itsagrandvillelife.com

Adding a mirror to a small entryway is always a great idea since it can give a wider illusion all around. In this inspiration, a mirror with multiple panels is placed on a vintage dresser which is enough to give a striking statement. To complete the decor, a candle lantern and greenery in a clear bottle vase decorate the dresser in a very simple way.

Rustic Boho Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 4
Source: lovegrowswild.com

A cozy bench with a striped cover, macrame throw pillow, and rattan tray gives a nice Boho touch with a more rustic vibe to this small entryway. To add more convenient storage, some hooks are installed on the wall as an addition to the open shelf under the bench. Thanks to the white overall look of the area which eases the tension of the decor.

Chic All-white Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 5
Source: modernjanedesign.blogspot.com

Here, a white L-shaped floating shelf and bench are the main pieces of furniture that match the nuance of the room gorgeously. The shelf fits the corner of the area and also comes with black hooks for a very convenient storage station. Those greeneries and wooden decor items give nice natural tones to the neutral vibe of the area.

It’s a very nice idea for you who love minimalist decorating style.

Playful Farmhouse Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 6
Source: the36thavenue.com

A stylish shelf with a black metal frame and wood boards is the ultimate storage station of this small entryway which is so inspiring to steal. Besides the two-level shelves, the storage station also provides the space to hang some of your favorite items. Above the shelf, a cute garland gives a nice decorative touch to the overall look of the area.

Stunning Eclectic Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 7
Source: thelilypadcottage.com

A vintage side table in a distressed navy finish pops a nice color in this small entryway with neutral nuance which combines grey and white.  Some decor items like framed photographs, a planter, crate storage, and a nautical mirror beautify the area. It’s a nice inspiration for you who want to combine several decorating styles in one area.

Easy DIY Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 8
Source: .jennaburger.com

For you who are looking for small entryway ideas that you can fully decorate all by yourself, this is the one that you will surely love. Some wood crates in the natural finish are stacked which works well to keep some boots and even a basket. You can also place your favorite items on top of the crate.

To improve the storage of the area, some hooks complete the decor very well.

Simple Farmhouse Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 9
Source: bentleyblonde.com

This small entryway looks so gorgeous with its farmhouse decor. It simply consists of a rustic bench with vintage legs, a fence panel with hooks and a floating shelf, farmhouse throw pillows, and a greeneries wreath. You can easily copy this idea all by yourself, for sure.

Earthy Rustic Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 10
Source: house-of-five.com

A side table, rattan basket, wooden box, and wooden table lamp create a beautiful rustic overall look in this small entryway. Some colorful flowers complete the decor which matches gorgeously with the wallpaper. A shiny rectangular mirror with a clean-lined look then brightens up the room stylishly.

Chic Rustic Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 11
Source: itsagrandvillelife.com

Another inspiration for you who prefer to have a simple look in your small entryway, and you will need as simple as a wood floating shelf as the main element. A 3D square sign, dry plants in a white glass vase, candles in vintage holders, and a faux pumpkin decorate the shelf gorgeously. Then, a striking big round mirror with a metal frame brings the style of the decor to a whole new level.

Simple Stylish Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 12
Source: lessandradottoriarquitetura.blogspot.hu

A small floating bench adds a nice sitting area to this small entryway and you can store some shoes and a rattan basket underneath. Above the bench, an ouval blackboard is framed with a decorative frame in gold which gives a distinctive glamour touch. The board allows you to write your favorite word or quote every single day.

Easy Simple Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 13
Source: @shegaveitago

In this idea, a floating shelf that consists of several storage stations which include an open shelf, baskets holders, and hooks is the main element of the decor. It’s enough to become a centered storage station that you can conveniently use. A chic stool then decorates the corner of the room to keep an indoor plant.

Shabby Chic Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 14
Source: jmsompolski91

Shabby chic is a nice decorating style if you want to bring a vintage vibe to your entryway. Here, two vintage window panels in a whitewashed finish are the main focal point of the decor. An antique milk jug with a gorgeous bouquet and some wall art also beautifies the decor which emphasizes the shabby chic style around.

Fresh Farmhouse Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 15a
Source: @TheDailyDIYer_Shannon

A lot of greeneries decorate this small entryway which doesn’t only give beautiful earthy tones but also freshens the area very well. A stand-alone shelf becomes the main storage station which is enough to keep some decor items. It’s a very easy and cheap small entryway ideas that is really worth trying.

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Wall Gallery Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 16
Source: ablissfulnest.com

Who says that you can’t have an exhilarating decorative entryway when you have one with limited space? The wall of this small entryway is filled with tons of framed photographs, signboards, and pieces of wall art that look so attractive. A vintage bench with gorgeous throw pillows then provides a cozy seating space and gives a more beautiful touch at the same time.

Elegant Earthy Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 17
Source: woodshopdiaries.com

A storage bench that combines a natural wood finish and black makes this small entryway with white nuance look so elegant. It becomes a nice storage station to store your low-cut shoes conveniently. Right above the bench, floating storage with several hooks improves the storage of the area.

Cozy Rustic Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 18
Source: addicted2diy.com

If adding several storage stations to a small entryway doesn’t suit your taste, this idea is a good reference for you. A wooden storage station that comes with a storage bench, floating shelves, and hooks allow you to store shoes, bags, coats, and decor items conveniently. Its natural wood finish also gives a beautiful rustic touch to the overall look of the area.

Chic Minimalist Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 19
Source: littlehouseoffour.com

This idea shows how to decorate a small entryway with a minimalist decorating style that still catches everyone’s attention. An elegant black leather bench with monochrome Moroccan throw pillows is enough to become a cozy and chic furniture of decor. A wire floating shelf with hooks in black complements the bench stylishly which works as the centered storage station of the area.

Glamour Modern Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 20
Source: @christodd9363

Some gold tones give a glamorous touch to this small entryway with an exposed concrete overall look. The mirror doesn’t only make the area look larger but also helps you to get ready. Of course, you can’t miss your attention to the floating shelf with a reindeer antlers shape which gives a stunning statement to the decor.

Monochrome Minimalist Decor

Small Entryway Ideas 21
Source: @Kirby_Krissss

A storage bench, mirror frame, and floating shelf in black decorate this small entryway with white walls and grey flooring. Those elements create a monochrome overall look that fits well for you who love a minimalist decorating style. It’s definitely a simple small entryway ideas that you can copy easily.

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So those are some small entryway ideas that don’t only look so admirable but feel so comfortable at the same time. You just have to pick one that really suits your needs and taste!

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