20+ Stunning Cheap DIY Nautical Decor Ideas to Steal Now

It’s surely a great idea to decorate your home with a nautical decorating style. You can always feel the vibe of vacation every single day without having to actually go to the beach.

To achieve the look, you will need to add some nautical decor items. Of course, you can always buy some from decor stores but they can be quite pricy.

In this article, we share with you tons of DIY nautical decor ideas that will totally inspire you!

DIY Nautical Decor Ideas

Rustic Nautical Drawer

DIY Nautical Decor 1
Source: 4theloveofwood.blogspot.com

A drawer that consists of some rattan baskets is decorated with rope handles which are enough to make it look beautifully nautical. You just have to add a couple of eye screws and a thick rope for each drawer to get the job done.

Cute Nautical Coasters

DIY Nautical Decor 2
Source: loveandmarriageblog.com

Cork coasters are adorable but when it comes to nautical decorating style, giving them a little decorative touch sounds more fun. Here, the cork coasters are decorated with nautical symbols in which you only need some paint and pieces of vinyl as the main materials.

Nautical Hanging Frame

DIY Nautical Decor 3
Source: wildlycharmed.com

A gorgeous frame to protect your beloved photograph like this will give such a stunning nautical statement in your living room or bedroom. The main materials that you need to prepare are easily available which include:

  • Wooden spray paint
  • Jute rope
  • Spray paint in aqua blue

The steps are not difficult at all and you can finish the tutorial in no time.

Nautical Paper Garland

DIY Nautical Decor 4
Source: therusticboxwood.com

Decorate your entryway with this nautical garland which is simply made of paper napkins. Another material that you need to prepare is some twines to hold the napkins together. This is an easy decor item to decorate your home or cheer up a party that is totally worth trying.

Nautical Frosted Jars

DIY Nautical Decor 5
Source: gina-michele.com

Of course, beach glass will bring the ocean vibe to the decor of your home in an instant but you may be difficult to find one. In this idea, some glass jars are decorated with gloss frost paint which is enough to complete your nautical decor. The jars can also work as additional storage stations to keep your flowers or utensils.

Rope for Curtains

DIY Nautical Decor 6
Source: doityourselfdivas.com

If you have striped curtains in your house, decorate them with thick ropes to make them look more nautical. It’s a very nice inspiration to give a nautical statement to your home decor that also provides a nice function in your home.

Earthy Rustic Sailboat

DIY Nautical Decor 6
Source: houseofhawthornes.com

A unique decor item made of a branch and twig to give your home decor an ultimate nautical touch. To complete the sailboat, a striped fabric is added. It’s a very clever project to add to your inspiration list.

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Chic Beach Bottles

DIY Nautical Decor 7
Source: livingwellspendingless.com

These bottles look so admirable with their aqua-blue bleach. The crocks and twines also decorate the bottles to enhance their nautical nuance. A metal tray with rustic handles filled with white sand even keeps the bottles in a very gorgeous way.

Starfish Salt Dough

DIY Nautical Decor 8
Source: blog.chickabug.com

There’s no need to actually go on a vacation to the beach to add some starfishes to the decor of your home. The starfishes are made of salt dough which sounds like a fun project to try with your friends. You can also make a garland out of those starfishes.

Fish Curtain Holders

DIY Nautical Decor 9
Source: sixtyonea.blogspot.com

These stuffed fishes surely give a nautical touch to the curtains that they hold in a very cute way. Of course, the materials that you need to gather are so cheap and easily available. This is also a good inspiration if you are planning to decorate the boy’s bedroom with a nautical theme.

Driftwood Candles Holder

DIY Nautical Decor 10
Source: kimpowerstyle.com

You can use driftwood as the main material to create a lot of decor items and one of them is a candle holder. This clever project shows how to turn driftwood into a gorgeous candle holder for your nautical living room. It’s a very quick and simple project to try right away!

Miniature Spindle Lighthouse

DIY Nautical Decor 11
Source: countrydesignstyle.com/

There’s no need to go to a decor store to have a miniature lighthouse to complete your nautical decor since you can create one out of a spindle leg. Therefore, it’s a very inspiring project when you have an old table with spindle legs. Of course, this miniature lighthouse will make your nautical decor look uniquely admirable.

Nautical Candle Holder

DIY Nautical Decor 12
Source: theseamanmom.com

It’s not really a good idea to add a candle with its holder as it is to beautify your nautical decor, so why don’t you make the holders look more attractive with some simple steps? Well, you actually need one material which is some sisal rope that you will use to wrap the candle holder just like the idea shows.

Pallet Anchor Sign

DIY Nautical Decor 13
Source: thehappyhousie.com

A beautiful sign that you can hang in your nautical living room to add to your inspiration list. The main material that you need to prepare is a wood pallet that you need to cut until you have some wood planks. Then, paint the board blue and draw your very own anchor in white.

Easy Nautical Wreath

DIY Nautical Decor 14
Source: domestic360life.com

Your porch is part of your house that you can’t miss when you are planning to decorate the entire house with a nautical theme. This beautiful wreath is definitely a nice decor item that you can use to decorate your entry door. As you can see, the main materials that you need are some burlap, striped fabrics, white ropes, and an anchor toy.

Rope Table Lamp

DIY Nautical Decor 15
Source: artzyfartzycreations.com

It seems that wrapping things with rope is the most popular way to create a DIY nautical decor item. In this idea, the base of a vintage table lamp is wrapped with sisal rope which is enough to make it more nautical.

Clothespin Candle Holder

DIY Nautical Decor 16
Source: lifeovercs.com

If you are looking for a more colorful DIY nautical decor item, this idea can be the one that you’ll love. The materials that you need to prepare are so cheap which include:

  1. Tin can
  2. Blue and red clothespins that have been disassembled
  3. Candle

All you need to do is to stick the disassembled clothespins onto the can and place the candle inside!

Nautical Tea Light Holder

DIY Nautical Decor 17
Source: stowandtellu.com

Here, some blue mason jars are wrapped with twines which already makes them deserve to beautify your nautical decor. To make them look more beautiful, white sand fills the jars and you can use them as tea-light holders.

Rope Nautical Mirror

Do you have a boring round mirror in your home? Make it look more nautical by adding large natural jute around it. It’s a very easy way to add a mirror to your nautical bedroom or living room.

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Must-Have Elements for Nautical Decor

Stripes and stripes

Stripes are actually essential to achieve an ultimate nautical nuance, especially the ones which combine white and blue. It’s because the color combination represents the combination of the blue ocean and white sand. Once you add some decor elements like throw pillows, wall art, or curtains with blue and white stripes, you will instantly feel the ocean vibe around you.

Maritime patterns

Another pattern to consider is the one with a maritime look like sea creatures, waves, or corals. You can apply this element to smaller decor items like hand towels, rugs, or clocks since the pattern may create such an overwhelming nuance.

Rope elements

Rope is a very handy and cheap decor item that you can always add to a room with a nautical theme. As seen from the DIY Nautical Decor ideas above that some DIYers use the rope to complete their nautical home

Sea creatures

Of course, adding some sea creatures to your nautical decor is a really great idea. Seashells, starfishes, and corals are the most popular options. You can choose the dried sea creatures or the faux ones. Don’t forget to collect some when you are on a vacation too!


When it comes to texture and pattern, seaglass is the one that we can’t miss. It gives a stunning mosaic touch to the overall look of the room. The most favorite use of seaglass is in picture frames, wall art, or glass bowls.


Another rustic element besides the rope that you can incorporate with the nautical decor items is driftwood. There are several ways to add driftwood that are worth trying like using it as a table centerpiece, storage station, or piece of furniture.


Brass is an element that you often see in ships since it has great corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance. Therefore, decor items or pieces of furniture that come with brass hardware are so worth considering, You can find lighting fixtures, drawers, door handles, or curtain rods which involve brass as their main materials.

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